What if

God does not speak when you go for a camp?Must God say something? Touch us? I’ve never heard of anyone going for camp and then say, “God didn’t speak to me/touch me.” Well, maybe yeah, you do learn something.. but must God give a personal touch when at camp? What if He doesn’t? Does He choose not to?

For me, God does not necessary have to speak at camps. He can choose not to, after all, He sometimes is silent.

Speaking of camp, Soul Action. There were things I regretted doing. And why, I thought so much about myself. Anyways, during Project Day, I helped out in “doing henna” for the kids. One thing I’ve learnt: Never do what you know you cannot do (the extreme?). This 12 to 13 years old boy came along, asking me to draw Manchester United’s logo on his hand.

Huh? You sure ah?


But you’re wearing Arsenal’s jersey and you want me to draw Manchester United’s one?

This one my mother bought for me, she bought wrong one.

Um, okay, you have the logo or something?

*takes cap* Here.

But if ugly the how?


I can’t draw that devil and this thing *points at the crest*

It’s okay, just draw the rest.

*starts drawing in worry*

Just a lil’ something I went to find out from Wikipedia about Manchester United:

The Manchester United crest has been altered on a few occasions however its basis remains the same. The badge is derived from the crest of the city of Manchester. The devil on the club badge stems from the club’s nickname “The Red Devils”, which was adopted in the early 60s after Sir Matt Busby heard it in reference to the red-shirted Salford rugby league side. By the end of the ’60s, the devil had started to be included on club programmes and scarves, before it was finally incorporated into the club badge in 1970, holding its unmistakable pitchfork. In 1998, the badge was once again redesigned, this time removing the words “Football Club”. To many fans, this was seen as an act of moving the club away from the footballing side and becoming more of a business, and was met with great anger by many fans.

The past and present crest:



Yeah. I drawed, and it really looked ugly. Hahha.

But it wasn’t enough for him, he asked me to draw Arsenal’s crest on his other hand. Inside, I really, really didn’t want to do it. But I did it anyway.

Now here’s one about Aresenal:

Royal Arsenal’s first crest, unveiled in 1888, featured three cannon viewed from above, pointing northwards, similar to the crest of the Borough of Woolwich. These can sometimes be mistaken for chimneys, but the presence of a carved lion’s head and a cascabel on each are clear indicators that they are cannon. In 1922, the club adopted its first single-cannon crest, featuring an eastward-pointing cannon. This crest was only used until 1925 when the cannon was reversed to point westward, its barrel was slimmed down and the club’s nickname, The Gunners, was inscribed to the left of it. In 1949, the club unveiled a modernised crest featuring the same style of cannon, the club’s name set in blackletter above the cannon, and a scroll inscribed with the club’s newly adopted Latin motto, Victoria Concordia Crescit (meaning “victory comes from harmony”). For the first time, the crest was rendered in colour – red, green, and gold – which varied slightly over the crest’s lifespan.

Because of the numerous revisions of the crest, Arsenal were unable to copyright it; although the club had managed to register the crest as a trademark, and had fought (and eventually won) a long legal battle with a local street trader who sold ‘unofficial’ Arsenal merchandise,[5] Arsenal sought a more comprehensive legal protection. Therefore, in 2002 they introduced a new crest featuring more modern curved lines and a simplified style, which was copyrightable.[6] The cannon once again faces east and the club’s name is written in a sans-serif typeface above the cannon. Green was replaced by dark blue. The new crest received a mixed response from supporters; some claimed that it had ignored much of Arsenal’s history and tradition with such a radical modern design, and that the club’s fans had not been properly consulted on the issue.




I wonder if football fans know much about how these “stuff” came about.

Well, Soul Action was fun. Painting walls, Joshua and Daniel playing with some paint, and break dancing. Joshua learning the 6 step dance? Me recording them on video. Pek Ying tasting paint, maybe that’s why she got sick.  Mun and I *aheming* early in the morning. Wei Ling and I trying to bare the cold. Hahha. Yeap.

Oh yeah. The long awaited photos and videos can be viewed at:





Looks like tomorrow I’ll be bathing without any doors! I’m staying in Cobra Sports Complexs, the same place I stayed when I was in Form One, young and innocent, while attending Impact Your World. Had very good memories there: Made nice friends, was left across the street once, was the only girl among 6 guys (I can’t believe I went even though I was the only girl), walked a lot!

Haha. Yeah, heading to Soul Action and all I hope is that no one will remark “eee.. this” and “eee.. that”. Sometimes it’s okay to me, but overdoing it.. wahh.. I can go deaf. But I don’t blame them.

I actually love going for camps (so-called) like this. Take LRT, walk walk walk, wahh.. but we’ll be going by a charted bus this time because there’s a lot of us going from Kluang. Yeahh… quite sad, but nevermind.

If I decided to go to NSCF, I wouldn’t be typing this now. Somehow, I miss it. But, nevermind.

Blessed. Use it. Know it.

Today Interact Club did our first community project, visiting the Coronation Estate (beside Taman Saujana). Last year, we just gave food supplies (like rice, cooking oil, onions..) to three families there. They were the poorest and needed-more-help families there. The visitation was for a short while, just gave the food, talked a bit, then off we go.

This time, as a follow up, we didn’t want to just give food then leave. So I gave the idea of sculpturing balloons for the kids, gather a few of them to play some simple games with us. I volunteered to teach my board how to sculpture the balloons, just simple ones like a doggie, sword, hat, etc. Two days before the visit, I taught them. It was fun teaching and sharing my knowledge with them.

Today was simple great. Although we planned for the kids to play some games with us but it did not turn out, things were better than expected. After we gave the food supplies to each family, we sculptured balloons for the children. They are so super cute and kiddish! Hahha. Really attracted them, and also neighbourhood kids.

One thing good was on Thursday, we informed the Interactors of 4Sc1, 4Sc2 and 4RCA (only these classes had school) about this visit and asked if they wanted to join. I’m glad they came (around ten of them) ’cause almost every project we do just involves the board. Fortunately, there were Indians! The families we visited were all Indians. So communication was not much of a problem.

We listen to each family’s story. One of the families we visited, she’s old, all her nine children some are well off, some tak tau mana pergi, but they do not care less about her. So now she lives with her grandchild. This grandchild lives with her because his mother ran away (she even showed a photo of her!) while he was still young and his father (the auntie’s son) I do not know where he is or what he is doing. One of her children lives in Taman Saujana. If you didn’t know, Taman Saujana = big big houses.

Her husband passed away two years ago of diabetes. He was already blind then. Another one robbed her of her husband’s and her savings, about RM15000. When her husband passed away, she could not even have a proper funeral for him. Basically she does not know the whereabouts of all her children. And she cried while telling us about her children. 

Yeah. We sculptured a lot of balloons the kids and they were so excited. We spent about two hours there. When we were leaving, the kids kept saying bye to us.. I love their happy faces, their simplicity. It really showed how much they appreciated us.

I’m slowly realizing and thanking God:

– how fortunate I am, not in physical things, but in the skills that I got a chance to learn and improve on.

– how blessed I am with much experiences through different Christian fellowships, events.

To me now it’s like, “Hey, you’ll never know how useful anything could be from what you have now until circumstances/events/chances occur/happen.”

I also thought, how can true Christian organizations stand out among other organizations while doing community work? Put aside the Truth that Christian organizations bring. They both have the same attitude while doing community work. Maybe it comes back to the question of what makes a Christians glow within darkness.

If one Christian can stand out in a organization involving non-Christians and he can impact much, what more a whole bunch of Christians in a Christian organization? How much more brighter can they be?


questions in the end

I have one more year in school, one year without seniors, one year being seniors! We will survive, even without Potato (Mr.Foo). Why do I keep thinking about the seniors?

The more I grow (older), the more things around me (physically) seem to become unimportant. Like the way of dressing, getting nice things, etc. Makes me feel sick, giddy (like Mei Qi does when she enters a girly shop). The things I see in a shop, I want them, but only for a while.I really no longer care how often I wore a piece of clothing, or what people say about me, as long as I do what I have to do right. Things that I use to care so much does not worth a single cent to my soul now. Is it a good sign or a bad sign?

How can people back-stab me? I can’t understand this term used often in school now.

Exams are over. But I still have sleepless nights (nights where I cannot sleep because I have to do stuff) and I still have heavy days in school. How can some people not get involved?

Form Three’s are asking about RC (Reka Cipta). And I got first for Aliran Sastera. But you know, people there are not that stupid one.

I earned RM25 in two weeks from my dad. What will I work as after SPM? Plan to go Saudi after SPM to understudy my uncle who has an advertising company there.

Can I be a loner? Do loners survive in the world?

Why do I feel lazy to talk to people? And in the end couldn’t be bothered about them? So natural, I do not do what I want others to do for myself.

I think I belong to a ‘some-one-weird-unkown-kind’.

Head PrefectMr ChengTorturing camerasSoong’s bday

Sharing Day

Never heard of this?

It’s special. I have bever felt so close before.

Basically it is ‘Anugerah Cemerlang’ and a farewell for all Form Fives.

I did not expect to tear, but half way when they were singing,

thinking that I will not be able to see them anymore,

thinking of how I will face next year,

thinking of all the times we share,

I’m sad.

I only get to know them this year!

Tears, tears.

It shows much.

How precious they are to me, to us.

It shows how much they have contributed,

how much they helped.

“Form Five, we love you!”

The shout from the Form Four’s after they sang (last minute idea).

We truly will miss you dears.

here it comes

I want, or at least desire to spend my holidays to the full usage. Not regretting a moment, if possible. A lil’ bit will be okay too. Do not want to simply waste my time.

I will be having extra Add Maths classes during the holidays. Because I failed Add Maths. Yeah, I did. I can’t believe that tears dropped when I told my friend my marks, ten minutes after I got my paper back. First time in my entire 12 years of education tears actually dropped because of marks.

I hope I’m not too ambitious.

Wondering: How can people not be grateful about the marks they receive? How can people say that 98% is not good enough and that person could have tried harder? What irony. What irritatingness. It’s hard to thank God for something I failed. But yet, at least, I can thank Him that I can study and go to school.

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