Sharing Day

Never heard of this?

It’s special. I have bever felt so close before.

Basically it is ‘Anugerah Cemerlang’ and a farewell for all Form Fives.

I did not expect to tear, but half way when they were singing,

thinking that I will not be able to see them anymore,

thinking of how I will face next year,

thinking of all the times we share,

I’m sad.

I only get to know them this year!

Tears, tears.

It shows much.

How precious they are to me, to us.

It shows how much they have contributed,

how much they helped.

“Form Five, we love you!”

The shout from the Form Four’s after they sang (last minute idea).

We truly will miss you dears.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. meow
    Nov 10, 2006 @ 08:20:48

    thats the sobbing sound!!!!!!!!
    she cry
    i cry
    we cry
    tunes of sobbing>>>>>>
    miss all of u all>>>>



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