Blessed. Use it. Know it.

Today Interact Club did our first community project, visiting the Coronation Estate (beside Taman Saujana). Last year, we just gave food supplies (like rice, cooking oil, onions..) to three families there. They were the poorest and needed-more-help families there. The visitation was for a short while, just gave the food, talked a bit, then off we go.

This time, as a follow up, we didn’t want to just give food then leave. So I gave the idea of sculpturing balloons for the kids, gather a few of them to play some simple games with us. I volunteered to teach my board how to sculpture the balloons, just simple ones like a doggie, sword, hat, etc. Two days before the visit, I taught them. It was fun teaching and sharing my knowledge with them.

Today was simple great. Although we planned for the kids to play some games with us but it did not turn out, things were better than expected. After we gave the food supplies to each family, we sculptured balloons for the children. They are so super cute and kiddish! Hahha. Really attracted them, and also neighbourhood kids.

One thing good was on Thursday, we informed the Interactors of 4Sc1, 4Sc2 and 4RCA (only these classes had school) about this visit and asked if they wanted to join. I’m glad they came (around ten of them) ’cause almost every project we do just involves the board. Fortunately, there were Indians! The families we visited were all Indians. So communication was not much of a problem.

We listen to each family’s story. One of the families we visited, she’s old, all her nine children some are well off, some tak tau mana pergi, but they do not care less about her. So now she lives with her grandchild. This grandchild lives with her because his mother ran away (she even showed a photo of her!) while he was still young and his father (the auntie’s son) I do not know where he is or what he is doing. One of her children lives in Taman Saujana. If you didn’t know, Taman Saujana = big big houses.

Her husband passed away two years ago of diabetes. He was already blind then. Another one robbed her of her husband’s and her savings, about RM15000. When her husband passed away, she could not even have a proper funeral for him. Basically she does not know the whereabouts of all her children. And she cried while telling us about her children. 

Yeah. We sculptured a lot of balloons the kids and they were so excited. We spent about two hours there. When we were leaving, the kids kept saying bye to us.. I love their happy faces, their simplicity. It really showed how much they appreciated us.

I’m slowly realizing and thanking God:

– how fortunate I am, not in physical things, but in the skills that I got a chance to learn and improve on.

– how blessed I am with much experiences through different Christian fellowships, events.

To me now it’s like, “Hey, you’ll never know how useful anything could be from what you have now until circumstances/events/chances occur/happen.”

I also thought, how can true Christian organizations stand out among other organizations while doing community work? Put aside the Truth that Christian organizations bring. They both have the same attitude while doing community work. Maybe it comes back to the question of what makes a Christians glow within darkness.

If one Christian can stand out in a organization involving non-Christians and he can impact much, what more a whole bunch of Christians in a Christian organization? How much more brighter can they be?



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Meiqi
    Nov 18, 2006 @ 15:53:42

    yeah..i agree tien…if we christians stand out together..we can impacts the lives of many ppl..
    haihz~ so sad to hear bout their stories..i guess before we complain bout out lives and stuffs we’re going through..we shoudl always remember the less fortunate ones and always be thankful…thanks for sharing…
    Urmm..I guess..Christian organizations should really focus more on community work gua..lots of ppl outside there need the Gospel and our help…

  2. enilit
    Nov 18, 2006 @ 18:45:14

    I think what makes Christians stand out would be our response to the question of why we’re doing what we’re doing.

    Apa pandangan anda?

  3. Jean
    Nov 21, 2006 @ 11:42:07

    Hey, good job on Interact. You’re working on the right path. Full steam ahead!

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