Looks like tomorrow I’ll be bathing without any doors! I’m staying in Cobra Sports Complexs, the same place I stayed when I was in Form One, young and innocent, while attending Impact Your World. Had very good memories there: Made nice friends, was left across the street once, was the only girl among 6 guys (I can’t believe I went even though I was the only girl), walked a lot!

Haha. Yeah, heading to Soul Action and all I hope is that no one will remark “eee.. this” and “eee.. that”. Sometimes it’s okay to me, but overdoing it.. wahh.. I can go deaf. But I don’t blame them.

I actually love going for camps (so-called) like this. Take LRT, walk walk walk, wahh.. but we’ll be going by a charted bus this time because there’s a lot of us going from Kluang. Yeahh… quite sad, but nevermind.

If I decided to go to NSCF, I wouldn’t be typing this now. Somehow, I miss it. But, nevermind.


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