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I haven’t gotten all the RYLA photos I took during RYLA..

I guess you’ll just have to wait until I get them before I continue my stories..

If you’re like really desprate to know what’s happening in my life, hit the ‘Sidebars’ thingy.. but not too hard, Yaroq will scream.

Okie dookie?

till then.


RYLA intro

Okay, here’s Siraj Sharma Punj (STK),

Catherine Tan Shar Ling and Woon Tien Hui (SMCC):

the only representatives from Kluang

sponsored by Rotary Club of Kluang

we’re sitting on our favourite spot!



We reached the campsite at around 11am,

everyone else came at around 12-1pm.

So we had to wait and explore the place.

While doing so, we met Mr Tycoon (the one in black).

He’s the owner’s son of that place.

And he’s 15 not other age =)



Cat and I with the 5 girls from JB Convent

I only know 2 of them, from the left, Sharlene and Melaine.


Melaine was my roommate, 15 years old.

Sweet and out-going.

Hahha. No, I wasn’t quiet there dear.




let me introduce to you

Song the Tai Kor (Big Bro) and Edmund Twohill

both from Singapore, one 23 the other 22.

They chose us..

as in when all the campers got together the Singaporians were supposed to stand up and choose a partner (opposite sex).

So Edmund choose Cat, Song choose me? Hahha.


The view there..

*hint hint* I stood in the middle while taking these 3 photos


The meeting place (can see the brown plastic chairs?)

and dining place too..


View when sitted at ‘makan’ table..


Early morning.. taken as I was sitted on the dining chair too.



More to come


Lost for Love?

There’s a line, where she stands, and where they stand.

I’ve crossed the ocean, I know how it feels.

But when this fails, when the line breaks, I remain stable.

Not too emotional, I’m experienced.

Is it worth the time? Money? Thoughts? Feelings?

With crossed fingers.

We hold on together. Not knowing how far more.

But hope pushes us!

With hands held together, thanks for the security.

The warmth I feel, when sometimes I move my head towards your body. And there, I rest silently.

Once again, I feel loved.

No more fears when I’m with you.

All I know for that moment, you know.

Sharing them all, this my love for you.

How much love of it all is true?

When will you know what eros really means?

Written in thoughts, of time spent with Siraj Sharma Punj during RYLA and lunch and smses =) Wonders of mine, thinkings/views of his, and maybe her thoughts.

At Granny’s

My parents are away in Cheng Mai (not sure if the spelling’s correct) and I’m staying in my granny’s house (which is near my house). Frankly, this is the first time I felt lonely and didn’t like it.

Hahha. I actually like being alone, but dunno why..

Anyway, I’ve been depanding a lot on other people for transport.. It’s not like I have a choice, right? If only I was born three years apart from my sis, then it would be so nice.

Why? My bro and sis are three years apart from each other. When my bro got to university, my sis could drive by then. And now, my sis has gone to university, and I’m four years apart from her. That makes me still unable to drive and unable to hope that my sis can fetch me here and there (which that never really happened anyway. hahha). But at least she goes to places I’m going.. or.. whatever.

One year just makes so much difference.

I’m actually afraid of next year.. ahhh.. I know I shouldn’t, but I just sometimes can’t help it, thinking about leaving school? Exam? Sports? What???


I think you might think that I’m really feeling lonely now.. haha

My sis is coming back today.. and I don’t know why at times I feel like, “If only she didn’t come back..”

And I don’t know why. Would I know want to know why in the first place?

Happy BK-ing people!

Try not to fail… hehhe

not a g a i n .

Looks like we’ve to do the school magazine again, but not exactly the whole thing. See, we used the A4 size margins on Publisher. Boon Hwa will be printing our magazine with the size of 10.25″ by 7.25″ which is smaller than A4 size. So we’ll have to resize everything. And it’s just so sensitive! Move one thing, the other gets affected and the photos might turn out blur when printed (resize too much). If that’s the case then, we’ll have to change the photos too! Insert, resize, put them in black and white. Oh yeah, we’ll have to set all the photo resolutions to 150 for black and white and 600 for colour. I think that’s correct, ’cause I lost the paper I wrote down those stuff. Which really helps me in my craziness now.

Driving me crazy. Knowing that there’s four more weeks to school holidays, one week full of camp (9-12 ESPlosion, 14-18 RYLA). And books? Haven’t laid a finger on them!

Just don’t want to do it again. I mean, it felt so good when we handed in the magazine, a burden lifted off. Now we start wondering: How come Jeanette’s year they had the right size? How come we don’t know about the right size one leh? Teacher also dunno one..