What I call… SChOOl??

I’ve been trying to be more organised lately. Like they say, “Do things do properly.” Being well organised, disciplined. Wah. Gila siut. It takes so much effort and so much don’t-be-lazy-ish stuff.

Teachers are so busy. Encik Ali said, “Sekarang, cikgu-cikgu semua kena buat headcount lah, itulah, inilah, banyak sangat paperwork ni eh. So bila masuk kelas, 70% sahaja dalam kelas semasa mengajar, bukan 100%. 30% tu masih dekat paperwork tu…”

One of the good points about Encik Ali, which I like is his frankness. Today I pointed out the answer my friend said was huraian, not kata kunci. He told the class that sometimes he doesn’t exactly know which one’s kata kunci for Sejarah. Actually most of the teachers too.

Another thing about Encik Ali, he’s so forgetful! Last year when he started teaching again, he lost his pencil. He didn’t have a pencil case yet. So he went class by class (the ones he taught) asking if anyone saw his pencil. And hey! The next day Encik Ali came in with a bright yellow pencil case! Hahha. A few weeks ago, he left his notebook in my class. Today, he left his pencil case….

“Tengok, Encik Low, relax saja eh.. ah, baguslah tu..” He sort of admires Mr Low ’cause he doesn’t bring his buku teks to class. Just walk in and start teaching. Free and easy. Encik Ali has been trying to do that.. he didn’t bring his book to 5Sc1 and for my class, he didn’t open it. Funny?? And he’s out Prefect’s Teacher, took over Mr Foo.

Hmmm… there has been some changes lately in out school.

Firstly, Dr Rehka (I hope it’s spelt correct) is our Guru HEM. Pn Noorjan got transfered back to Paloh. Mr Puran pulak, is the Ketua Bidang for English.

These changes only started yesterday. Mr Puran wore a tie during assembly, sat in front. Wah. Two tall teachers standing in front.. one one the left, another on the right. Like guardian angels for those in between. Hehh.

Mr Puran came into class, told us that he got his tie for free. Started with his money thingy. We asked him to belanja us since he got promoted.. as usual lah, he gave some excuse.. Hahha. He and his money thingy. Fun teacher to play with.. hehhe.

Today he came to school, he parked his car under the shelter for Ketua Bidang. Seems so weird. He came out of the car, and wohh.. his hair! Too neat.. hahha. I think he gelled it up of something. Looks so weird. So not Mr Puran??

Merenats desa is on coming Friday. Somehow, I feel kind of bored after four years of running the same track. Mana semangat?? Last year ady… Why do I keep reminding myself?

Till then.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. enilit
    Jan 17, 2007 @ 15:36:39

    *laughs* Dear ol’ En. Ali!

  2. Meiqi
    Jan 18, 2007 @ 15:52:08

    i wish encik ali cud teach me…haihz~~ i wonder wht is it like to be his student…must be fun and stress-free…hahaha…
    hope Mrs Rekha is doing fine now…
    I miss Mr Low too err…
    I miss sch~

  3. muffled
    Jan 20, 2007 @ 12:29:10

    stress free?? emm.. but he sometimes looks very stressed… hahha.. especially when almost the whole form fails sejarah…

  4. yilian
    Jan 20, 2007 @ 14:04:42

    hehe, u gals r lucky to hav such a good teacher to be your new HEM. btw, her name is Dr. Rekha, not Dr. Rehka. not pn.norjan not good, she very good, but very good till lots of things to do ar. miss school, miss the prefects, miss the teachers. *sigh*

    p/s: mr. puran very cute leh

  5. Jean
    Jan 25, 2007 @ 15:30:22


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