Calling for reinforcements!

Spacing out, cutting down.


i get fed up

when people can’t deal with simple things on the computer. i try to teach them step by step. but they still can’t get it! i mean, go spend more time on the computer lah. explore. click here and there. will die meh?

or some people were really meant to be like that?


how much time have you spent on the computer?

it is enough, when you can remember naturally details of a page or html.

if you want it, go find it out your own way. google it or something.

if really cannot, then ask.

but the whole point is, asking shall be the last resort!

trial and error.



Do people have blogs to self-pity themselves

and get people’s sympathy when things don’t go right for them?

Or even in joy, do people have blogs to feel proud of themselves

and let others praise them so that they can feel good about themselves?

What would happen (a plus or minus)

if they didn’t have a blog to write on all these things?

When it comes…

…it arrives.


Funny, yet, I think there’s quite a lot of truth in it.

Sports Day was on Thursday.. I was the bunga mangga girl.. Imagine, perbarisan practices just for that one fine moment. And getting ready all those bunga mangga, banners, clothes, seemingly endless disagreements over pom-pom girl’s clothes.. just for that short moment. Is it worth it??!

To me, although it may be leceh and stuff, but I believe there is joy during the process (maybe except for the disagreements). The joy of staying back, eating lunch together, changing clothes together. And yeah, doing things together. Although everyone’s physically tired after school, but I guess this is when we really get to know more, of who and how a person is.

Sometimes, after knowing people, and maybe, knowing them again, this still remains: A person either changes for the better, or for the worst. I doubt no one can remain stagnant, because each level higher is a level to improve for the better. So if you’re not moving, then you’re disappearing.

Each level comes with a higher sense of responsibility too. A person who changes for the worst, it is really disappointing. To remember how the person use to be, and now, to see how much a person has changed to be seen as someone irresponsible. Selfishness in them? Is that the cause? But a person can turn back to his own good ways too. Some do not. Or have not. Although advice has been given from many, it is all just plain words that do not enter the mind, soul and heart.

I’m not sure about the others, but sometimes I feel rather disappointed with the “supposedly-leading-examples”, basically the seniors. What shame it is when the younger ones produce better results than us.

Why can’t we have a core group? Why can’t we bond together and work as a team as well as friends? I’ve been asking myself this few questions for a very long time. I do know it may be useless thinking about this but sometimes I just wish we could have a core group.

A core group does wonders. Even if it doesn’t, it at least acts as a benteng pertahanan for the whole school, head prefect and assistant head prefects, and even, the different societies in school. It’s like a ground and foundation for a person to grow stronger. How to know whether there is an existing core group? For example, when a Head Prefect achieves something, people just don’t see her. They see those who contributed in her live. And. When the Head Prefect and Assistant Head Prefects are unable to control a situation, there will be people to take their own initiative to help. I guess it’s very hard to say it here.

Well. I prolly just can’t blame it on the core group. It’s just us and our own selfishness, lack of experience and confidence and knowing your responsibilities. And of course, many do not have this, opening your eyes, see something not done or something wrong, go and do something! Even though you’re not supposed to do it, or it’s not your job. But thing is, do we even know what is right and wrong? Do we know what has been done and what has not been done?

My whole perspective of things have changed. It’s either me or Form 5. Rules and regulations, punishments set by teachers, words say by them, things we odd to do even how much we hate it. It all has a reason. And I can say that they all have very reasonable reasons. I use to membangkang a lot of rules before becoming a prefect. Even after being a prefect, I find things somewhat ridiculous.

All that the principal and teachers say, sometimes it is because it’s their job and they have to do it. Besides, the pressure put on them, who knows how great it can be? Rules and regulations in school, may not make much sense, but they teachers, again, they are doing their job! Same goes to the prefects too. Because at the end of the day, the prefects will have to answer to the teachers, the teachers will have to answer to the principal.

Sometimes people say or do things not on their own accord, but because they just have too! There are much more to all these than what you actually just see. So don’t critise teachers for implementing some rules you don’t agree with without even knowing why they even implement it!

Back to Sports Day, I reached home at 4 plus. By the time I finished clearing everything, helped teacher to clean the Bilik Jamuan, it was 2pm. Wen Xian kept me company till 3pm, when Korkor came. Then we picked Mum from work and went to Giant. Reached home, bathed and slept till 6.50pm. Woke up, ate dinner, watched a movie. Felt weak, whole body was aching as if I was having fever, so I took my temperature, it was 37.5 Mum said it was slight fever. Took 2 panadols, slept. Next morning, got up and went to school (I just want to get kedatangan penuh for once!). Cat and Syarifah didn’t go to school because they were sick! Ah Meow and I concluded: Orang rajin are the ones who get sick. Hahha.

Yeah, in relays, sometimes it’s not just the fast/good runners. It’s also good strategy. Mine was good strategy. All the second runners for other houses except ours were kinda good runners (my level). But all the third runners for other houses except ours were not very good runners. I ran too fast in the beginning, 150m left I pancit ady. Hahha. But anyway, I was the third runner and we got first!!! Yayyy!

I skipped

BM tuition yesterday night.

I have been physically tired after using my physical self every time, going out and sport practices.

My daya tahan has evaporated. Is there ever such a thing as daya tahan? How can a student sleep only 5 hours a day and use the rest of his time for studies and sports? How come he got so much daya tahan one??

Yesterday, I was supposed to take a bus back home or get a lift from someone home after our Young Chirstian Students Annual General Meeeting. But, I did not know there was going to be sports practice for acara akhir (last events??). So I ended up following Catherine for lunch with her mummie and back to her house, to bathe and change clothes. After sports practice, I waited for daddy to pick me home.

I’ve always been waiting. Some people just gets crazy when the person who is suppose to pick them comes a little late. And they start to call that person, which I do like 2 times out of 8? Well, the reason why I say that I’ve always been waiting is because it’s true! Hahha.

Sometimes I wait up to 45 minutes. But that’s very seldom. Anyway, I waited for 30 minutes yesterday. Dad just got back from JB with granny. I don’t have a problem of waiting. It’s just that sometimes I feel so tired and I want to sleep while waiting. I can close my eyes only for a while then.

I skipped class because I was too tired.