Do people have blogs to self-pity themselves

and get people’s sympathy when things don’t go right for them?

Or even in joy, do people have blogs to feel proud of themselves

and let others praise them so that they can feel good about themselves?

What would happen (a plus or minus)

if they didn’t have a blog to write on all these things?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ry@n
    Feb 18, 2007 @ 15:30:49

    Those are good questions, Tien. I’ll have to think about them! 😀

  2. pang
    Feb 19, 2007 @ 03:59:11

    In different perspectives, I think people can be just stating out their problems so that others will help them by posting comments. Perhaps they are not trying to indulge in self-pity ; maybe they just feel too helpless/sad/depressed that they had to search for advice instead? or even if to gain sympathy from others so that they know others care for them?

    On the other hand, people who post up their joy tend to do so just because they want to share their happiness with others. Sorrow shared is sorrow halved, happiness shared is happiness doubled..isn’t it less meaningful when you are happy alone without anyone to share the sentiment? They may not simply be looking for others to praise them.

    Even if they were, others may choose otherwise. But they did. For me, praising is a kind of encouragement n motivation (secara tidak langsung) that makes people go on to do something that is right/worthwhile. So what if they feel good about themselves, human beings need an external validation of that too. As long as they are not bragging (bongkak) about themselves, proud (bangga) a little bit of praise won’t be a problem. Knowing their presence is of some worth and others are happy for them is very motivating for a person. However, excessive praise may sometimes lead to high pressure (and therefore stress) being put on a person.

    “Sorry, I’m such a long-winded =P coz I like your questions”

    Other than that, blogs let people communicate with friends with whom they seldom meet. This is so that friends may know their current life situation, allow for a closer relationship and ability to keep in touch no matter when and where you are =)…and the sharing of thoughts, ideas, etc. ya, so many things can be done with a blog instead of using a handphone…hehehe~ *lame joke* Oh ya people also use blog to earn money !!

    About ur last question, I am at a loss for an answer. Just like if I were to ask you what would happen if there isn’t a doctor for u when u are sick? But there are doctors just like there are blogs.

    I hope this makes sense

    bye! 🙂

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