I really don’t know why I can’t speak to people effectively. Why when I ask someone to do something they just sometimes don’t do it, or, they do it slowly. It sometimes just gets on my nerves, and I start to somehow blame myself.

Is the problem with me? Or them? Is it because I don’t understand them and I’m not sensitive enough? I’m fed up. Of thinking. Of telling people to keep on doing the same things again and again! Can they settle stuff on their own part with accountability? Or is it because I don’t give them space to do so? Tell me what you feel, tell me what you think, that is all I ask for.. because when you are silent, I speak. And you don’t like it.

I’m not perfect, I am actually an untrained leader with no natural capabilities of leading. Yet, I try again and again, different styles and ways of approaching. I will not give up. But from your side, I ask of you to help me.. I cannot do everything by myself, I need you to think of creative ideas, I need you to speak out what you feel, instead of putting on that long face without speaking. It is not run by two or three people, but it takes our teamwork and cooperation to run it. Yet, whatever we speak, including myself, may we watch our words..


Proposed timetable not fair on arts students


Sometimes I wonder, if they have missed out in a different leadership.

Sometimes I wonder, if I have missed out in the leadership they’re going through.

It both differs so much. 

Will both leaderships make us a better leader for Christ? 

Will both leaderships change our mindsets?

Will both leaderships supply the necessary exposure?

Why does mine and their’s differ much? 

This Saturday..

..our school will be hosting Pesta Bahasa Cina Peringkat Daerah and they’ll be serving pasta there to memeriahkan suasana.

I’m in the AJK for Pesta Bahasa Cina. Went for meeting during the first and second periods. Miss Wong spoke in Chinese during the whole meeting. Wen Xian helped in translation.

Wondering why I’m there??

AJK Fotogafi. Hahha.

The “younger ones” use digital cameras. I’m gonna use the video cam. Yayyy! The benefits of being “old” =P

Hm. Today, we had double periods for 3 subjects continously. Thursdays are crazy, but today, only Moral teacher came in to class. Other teachers vanished. Isn’t it magical?

1st time

Jeanette driving in Shu Hui’s Kancil.

Used Taman Delima road.

Me, sitting behind, directly behind Jeanette, sms-ing.

Shu Hui sitting in front, guiding Jeanette.

Big bumper.

Car fly.

They jumped from seats.

I jumped from seat.

My forehead hit the thing above the car window.

Ouch I said.

Shu Hui said “something”.

Jeanette laughed.

*** it still hurts…

First time experiences!




Living Home. Leaving home?

Sounds almost the same.

I was thinking on my way home about what Jit spoke in YF today.

I’m not sure about other people, but for me, I didn’t know what honoring my parents meant last time.

I think it is important that we understand who we are, why we were made or born into this earth, first before we step into truly honoring our parents.

Example: If I did not want to be born, curse the day I was delivered, what great thing would there be for me to honor my parents? After all, I did not ask for it, they did. And now I hate it. I hate this place. Why should I even honor you or obey you when you were the ones who wanted me?

Yeah. Honoring, is something to be understood, what sacrifices they’ve made. The little things they do for us just means so much. Observe. Appreciate. It’s really nice to feel loved =)

*** the article below, good. 

One Life to Live

[March 16, 2007 Edition]

"I tell you the solemn truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls into the ground and 
dies, it remains by itself alone. But if it dies, it produces much grain."
(John 12:24 NET)

Commentary: One Life to Live

She had a professional qualification in accounting and had worked in one of the 
Big 4 accounting firms for a while. But deep down she knew she was a teacher with a 
special love for preschoolers.
And so she resigned from her accounting job and became a kindergarten teacher in 
her church. The drop in salary was drastic. She had to take another job to make 
ends meet.
But her faith was strong. And her joy was real. 

In-Tech and teasing and homosexuals and not having enough time and energy but still wants to learn and try.

Today, mum asked me how come I never read In-Tech because usually my siblings reads it. Do I look like someone who reads a lot? If so, really, looks can be deceiving. Hahha. In a way, I hate reading. Right now, those books are all half-read. Say, I just read what I like and am interested in…


It hit me then, that both my siblings spend their time basically reading whatever, even when on the computer. And I spend my time making stuff, meddling with … and scribbling? Sometimes I wish I could have the interest to read like them. I’ve tried, and I’m kinda still trying.. but, oh well!

After reading a book on homosexuality (focusing on guys) and I’m reading one more (halfway true it), focusing on girls, I’m beginning to understand why people tend to be homosexuals and how they feel.


Gideon wrote “…if we tease others about who they like right, and just nice their feeling towards their crush grow right, will we be responsible for making their feelings grow even more?!”


I don’t really get him, but I think he’s asking whether those teasing will make the person’s crush grow deeper (correct me if I’m wrong).


One of the reasons why people tend to be homosexuals is due to the result of name calling and teasing from the people around and during their childhood days. I can say that it is true. It’s like an “encouragement” to go into it. Although people may say “eee…” (stuff like that), they just tend to go into it cause people are already treating them like that. So why not?


I’ve experienced misunderstanding from a friendship to lesbianship to no ship, but just pure sheep.


People said that we were lesbians (she’s 2 years younger than me). For whatever reason they had, we just tried to impress upon them that it wasn’t true. She had a tough time dealing with her classmates (that was where it all started), but we managed to get it off in a week or so. With all that teasing, yes, it was irritating to me.. I mean, I couldn’t even go for MSSD practices in peace! I just wondered at that time, imagine, if both of us had homosexual thoughts… what would happen?


I find my way of expressing this, is so like.. limited.


But anyway, the mind can go wild anytime.

Maybe the thought a deeper crush might not happen, but what if it turns to be something lustful/sexual in the mind?

So watch what you speak, and think Which means, me too.


I’ve figured out that I still don’t have enough time/energy to sit down and learn how to use certain programmes, improve my way of doing some stuff.


Am I that busy?


Busy kepo-ing kua. But I really want to learn loh.

Here’s the Athletics Club T-Shirt I drew by hand for the back, then the lady in Hexal got it done in the computer for me.


Click to enlarge…

Image isn’t sharp.. I miss my camera!!

No camera, it’s like not studying.