In-Tech and teasing and homosexuals and not having enough time and energy but still wants to learn and try.

Today, mum asked me how come I never read In-Tech because usually my siblings reads it. Do I look like someone who reads a lot? If so, really, looks can be deceiving. Hahha. In a way, I hate reading. Right now, those books are all half-read. Say, I just read what I like and am interested in…


It hit me then, that both my siblings spend their time basically reading whatever, even when on the computer. And I spend my time making stuff, meddling with … and scribbling? Sometimes I wish I could have the interest to read like them. I’ve tried, and I’m kinda still trying.. but, oh well!

After reading a book on homosexuality (focusing on guys) and I’m reading one more (halfway true it), focusing on girls, I’m beginning to understand why people tend to be homosexuals and how they feel.


Gideon wrote “…if we tease others about who they like right, and just nice their feeling towards their crush grow right, will we be responsible for making their feelings grow even more?!”


I don’t really get him, but I think he’s asking whether those teasing will make the person’s crush grow deeper (correct me if I’m wrong).


One of the reasons why people tend to be homosexuals is due to the result of name calling and teasing from the people around and during their childhood days. I can say that it is true. It’s like an “encouragement” to go into it. Although people may say “eee…” (stuff like that), they just tend to go into it cause people are already treating them like that. So why not?


I’ve experienced misunderstanding from a friendship to lesbianship to no ship, but just pure sheep.


People said that we were lesbians (she’s 2 years younger than me). For whatever reason they had, we just tried to impress upon them that it wasn’t true. She had a tough time dealing with her classmates (that was where it all started), but we managed to get it off in a week or so. With all that teasing, yes, it was irritating to me.. I mean, I couldn’t even go for MSSD practices in peace! I just wondered at that time, imagine, if both of us had homosexual thoughts… what would happen?


I find my way of expressing this, is so like.. limited.


But anyway, the mind can go wild anytime.

Maybe the thought a deeper crush might not happen, but what if it turns to be something lustful/sexual in the mind?

So watch what you speak, and think Which means, me too.


I’ve figured out that I still don’t have enough time/energy to sit down and learn how to use certain programmes, improve my way of doing some stuff.


Am I that busy?


Busy kepo-ing kua. But I really want to learn loh.

Here’s the Athletics Club T-Shirt I drew by hand for the back, then the lady in Hexal got it done in the computer for me.


Click to enlarge…

Image isn’t sharp.. I miss my camera!!

No camera, it’s like not studying.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mich
    Mar 15, 2007 @ 04:24:53

    i like the front! 🙂 good to see the blog resurrected

  2. Meiqi
    Mar 17, 2007 @ 12:38:47

    i like the verse “dare to dream the impossible”…gd job tien..=)

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