I really don’t know why I can’t speak to people effectively. Why when I ask someone to do something they just sometimes don’t do it, or, they do it slowly. It sometimes just gets on my nerves, and I start to somehow blame myself.

Is the problem with me? Or them? Is it because I don’t understand them and I’m not sensitive enough? I’m fed up. Of thinking. Of telling people to keep on doing the same things again and again! Can they settle stuff on their own part with accountability? Or is it because I don’t give them space to do so? Tell me what you feel, tell me what you think, that is all I ask for.. because when you are silent, I speak. And you don’t like it.

I’m not perfect, I am actually an untrained leader with no natural capabilities of leading. Yet, I try again and again, different styles and ways of approaching. I will not give up. But from your side, I ask of you to help me.. I cannot do everything by myself, I need you to think of creative ideas, I need you to speak out what you feel, instead of putting on that long face without speaking. It is not run by two or three people, but it takes our teamwork and cooperation to run it. Yet, whatever we speak, including myself, may we watch our words..


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  1. jing
    May 04, 2007 @ 14:54:34

    tien…..dun be upset..u r doing gud in many thingss…u lead us well…u know? gambateh !!~~

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