Two more weeks to IU Day.

Three more weeks to mid year exams.


How much?

My heart hurts.

So much until my eyes are tired of crying.

I’m letting go, for His name sake.

I now know how hard it is – sacrifice.

So many things can happen in a day!

walking her.


Today I walked a blind lady who came, selling chocolates and asking for donations. I walked her to seven classes. I helped her to collect the notes, so she didn’t have to keep getting them out from her plastic bag of coins.

Her professionalism (in the aspect of speech towards teachers and students) surprised me.

I wondered if she could see.

As I walked her to the canteen, after going round the classes,

she asked me if I donated.

I said yes.

And said to myself, “I’ve donated my time and energy.

I’ve sacrificed masa Pembelajaran & Pengajaran (P&P).”



We’ll never know if they are genuine.

But people need money to live.

Students need a chance to donate money.


Let God be the judge.

playing with Corel Painter IX