Updates =)

Just a lil’ update on what has been happening in school:

1) My school principal came to my class and asked who was absent. As usual, she started looking around and asked, “Where’s Woon?” (I have no idea why she always ask that when I’m not in class). Someone said I was absent.

She told the class that I’m at home sleeping. My classmate who sits beside me (also happens to be the Class Monitor) stood up and said that I’m at home studying. That act is so brave man! Really grateful that she did that.. I don’t know why..

So my school principle started her “talk”. Again. On the same topic. Next time students of 5RCA can write a talk in our essays, entitled “Going to school is better than staying at home.”

It is not a way to insult, but just to point out reality. She can’t brainwash us with simple things like that. We are seventeen dude.

She also told the class that she will call me. But she didn’t.

Anyway, I guess that is how she scares me. But I didn’t go to school the next day too. So, yeah, my prediction came true! Yayyy!

2) Accounts paper was a slight disaster to me. I forgot lots of stuff and was so careless. Obviously, not because I did not care less. Hahha.

And a lil’ update on my feeling now:

Shoes waiting to be worn,

I was waiting to talk to you.


Xue Qi wore it,

I talked to you.


She thought it was a nice pair,

I thought it would be a long conversation.


She sort of regretted buying it,

I feel satisfied even though it was a short one.



Heee. I’m happie.

I’ve done so much Accounts today and yesterday. But still, not enough. Funny, I don’t like numbers, but I like doing Accounts. Hee!

Well, this week, I’m only having Accounts paper. Initially was Accounts and Maths, but Maths has been postponed to 8 September.

So, today I did not go to school. I predict that tomorrow I will not go to school too. I’ll wait and see if that ever comes true.. hahha.

On the side note:

For the first term, I had full attendance, even when I was sick because I was striving for 100% attendance. I wanted to get a certificate for it, becuase I never got one in my four years of secondary school.

30th of July was the first day I was absent. I could not take it any longer. Going to school was a waste of time because we’re done with all the syllabus. So instead of striving for 100% attendance, I’m trying to ‘ponteng’ as many days as possible to break my personal record.

Before the school holidays started, I found out that the Buku Kedatangan reports that I am present to school everyday. Even though I gave my class teacher love letters. Teacher must be hallucinating when I wasn’t present..

If and only if…

there was such a thing as ‘concentration pills’.

Help me. I can’t concentrate.

“Focus, Woon..” Mushroom voice echoes.

Yes, again.

And this is called peer pressure to me, boring to Jeanette and a form of relaxation to Gideon.

Name 20 persons you can think of, do this survey,

and tag 5 people:

01. Catherine Tan 02. Jeanette 03. Soong 04. Xue Qi

05. Mei Qi 06. Gideon 07. John 08. Yin Ying 09. Pek Ying

10. Priscilla 11. Yi Ming 12. Wee Yin 13. Jae-Yenn

14. Daniel Cheng 15. John Soo 16. Christopher Woon (hahha)

17. Rashdip 18. Mark Lim (don’t ask me why) 19. Paulus

20. Dawson

1. How did you meet #14(Daniel Cheng)
Hmm.. I use to go to his house to play when I was young.. so that’s where I met him..

2. What would you do if you had’nt met #1 (Catherine Tan)
I would prolly be dead by now. She really helped me in my non-existing leadership skills. Hahha!

3. What would you do if #20 (Dawson) and #9 (Pek Ying) dated?
The world would come to an end!

4. Would #6 (Gideon) and #17 (Rashdip) make a good couple?

I don’t think they even know each other!

5. Describe #3 (Soong)
Argh! She’s my lover! Yeah. Of course, she’s lovely.. hahha. Hm. She’s some girl who wants to marry a penguin.. cool right? Yeah, she’ll be cool with a penguin =P

6. Do you think #8 (Yin Ying) is attractive?
Hahha. More than attractive!

7. Tell me something about #7 (John).
He has this ‘look’ on his face and loves saying ‘whatever’ when it comes to something lame.

8.Do you know anything about #12 (Wee Yin)?
Shoots. It’s not like I wanted to know her, you know.. hahha. She goes for the same tuition as me for BM and we rock there!

9.What is #1 (Catherine Tan) favourite food?
Hahha. Lut-lut? Mamak? Roti nan? Indian rojak? I know we both enjoy them =)

10.What will you do if #11 (Yi Ming) confesses that he/she likes you?
I think she already does.. hahha

11.What language does #15 (John Soo) speak?
English, Malay, Chinese.

12.Who is #9 (Pek Ying) going out with?
Shhhhh… it’s me.

13.How old is #16 (Christopher Woon)?
A year younger than I am

14.When is the last time you talked to #13 (Jae-Yenn)?
Last Friday night…through SMS..

15.Who is #2 (Jeanette)’s favourite singer?
I forgot her name.. the Christian lady who is blind.. ah. Ginny Owen.

16.Would you date #4 (Xue Qi)?
She would die of laughter if I do.

17.Would you date #7 (John)?
That is scary.

18. Is #15 (John Soo) single?
I hope so..

19.What is #10 (Priscilla)’s last name?

20.Would you consider being in a relationship with #19 (Paulus)?
I already am. Hahha. He’s my friend. Friendship is a kind of relationship?

21.What school did #16 (Christopher Woon) go to?
I’m not sure what school he went to last time, but he’s now in SMK Damansara..

22.Where does #6 (Gideon) live?
Kampung Koh, of course. He’s the Tok Penghulu there..

23.What is your favourite thing about #5 (Mei Qi)?
I can get a lift for her? Hehhe

24.What do you think about #13 (Jae-Yenn)?
She can go crazy. Like peanuts. She’s annoyed when people don’t put a dash in between her ‘Jae’ and ‘Yenn’. I like her name.

25.What do #4 (Xue Qi) and #18 (Mark Lim) have in common?
Height! Hahha. I mean.. they both think pretty alike and sound the same way too.

26.What special qualities does #5 (Mei Qi) have?
She’s driving faster nowadays.

I tagged:

Xue Qi

Mark Lim

Catherine Tan

Yi Ming (a good stress relieve, especially when you think of people like me)

Soong (if you have one, which I think you should)

Dasein Academy of Art: Forever Hero Competition

I entered this competition. It is divided into 2 categories. One was Fine Arts, the other Mass Communication. I entered the Mass Communication one. I had to get a picture, printed 8R size, and write a caption not more than 30 words. I sent 3 entries (unlimited).

I was informed that I was shortlisted for the final round. I am asked to go to KL for a final round of competition there, on the 25 August. The event will be held from 8am to 5pm.

My parents asked me not to go.

So.. bye-bye I guess (although I want to go!).

Here is the ones I sent. All original =)

Let them discover and explore
For the future, we cannot see
but their future, we can comprehand.

Heroes will they be
As time flies.

Forever Hero.

Drawn to the unknown brightness.
Uncertainty fills her mind.
She contemplates.

Faith rises.
Doubts ceased.

Gathering sufficent strength
Hoping within,
to be next in line.
Saving humanity.

Forever Hero.

Public phone
Price: At least ten cents
Usage: Two minutes

Hero’s phone
Price: Priceless
Usage: Infinity

Hero’s always there.

Forever Hero.

And so. It ends =)

A very good morning to ….

Today, is the 11th of August 2007.

Today, marks a new milestone for SMK Canossian Convent’s Interact Club, and the Incoming Board of Directors.

This is the day where they will officially take up different responsibilities delegated to them. I truly hope that all the Incoming Board of Directors will enjoy their term as they work together.

As the Outgoing President, I would like to thank my Board of Directors for the year 2006/2007 for all their dedication and commitment. On behalf of the Outgoing Board of Directors, I would like to thank all those who have helped and served our Interact Club.

Everyone who has earnestly contributed and put in much effort,
has contributed to this club and its current status.

Through all the ups and downs, I am sure that each of them have learnt a lot and improved themselves by leaps and bounds.
May all their work, whether seen or unseen by men, be rewarded as they march on courageously towards their journey of life.

To the Incoming Board of Directors, your service here in Interact is just the beginning. By a wink of an eye, before you know it, Yi Ming, your Incoming President for this term would be standing right here, giving her speech as an Outgoing President.
Therefore, cherish every moment you have during your term!
Learn and grasp as much as you can!

For it was once said, ‘Experience is a hard teacher. The test is given first, the lessons afterwards.’

And with this, I would like to end here.

Thank you.


And there goes my speech as the Outgoing President of SMK Canossian Convent’s Interact Club 2006/2007!

Frankly, I am proud of this speech. I prepared it on Friday, straight away typed it in the computer. I think this is the best one so far. (This is only my third speech. Hahha)

Not forgetting to mention, this is the first time I prepared my speech by putting my thoughts down on paper. The last two speeches, I wrote them on that day itself.

It’s over, yeah. My term is over.

I can be called IPP (Immediate Past President) Woon Tien Hui now and PP (Past President) Woon Tien Hui for the years to come.

Bagai rusa masuk ke kampung

Yeah, that would be a great description for our BK Quiz trip!

Quiz was on 4th August (Sat) and we went on 3rd Aug (Fri).

It was held at Catholic High School, PJ.

We stayed at YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association), Jalan Hang Jebat, KL.

We took a 2 pm Satria bus there and a 6 pm S&S bus home.

We reached Pudu Raya at around 8 pm, due to the traffic jam. From Pudu Raya, we walked to YWCA. When we reached there, a Labuan team was there. John and Daniel had their own room, Pris, Deborah, Wan Jen and I shared a bigger room with two other girls from Labuan.

No tiles on the floor. Just nice smooth planks of wood!


The staircase too!

Walked back along Jalan Sultan Ismail and ate chicken rice for dinner. John and Daniel said they still felt hungry after dinner!And after dinner, we went shopping. Hahha.

Nah, it was more of let’s-go-see walk along along Petaling Street. There were so many people! The streets was crowded until I almost suffocated! Daniel commented that it is the first time in his life where he is seeing so many ang mo’s all at one night.

Unfortunatly, my camera did not have a chance to come out. I was scared of drawing uncessary attention. It was irritating because I saw a lot of weird and nice stuff.

Before we headed back to YWCA, Daniel and John packed some food back. I bought a hand towel at 7 Eleven because of my forgetfulness. (The label attached to it said, ‘Wash before use’. I thought of the worst. What did they do to it before packaging? Yucks! Had to use it anyway.)

We reached ‘home’ and found out that the Labuan aunty, Mrs Chua, had the keys in. So we had to wait for her for some time. (Mrs Chua’s kid, around 4 years old, is super duper cute! It’s a boy, of course)


YWCA at night.

John studied BK till around 2, Daniel and Deborah till 1 plus, Pris and I around 12.30 and Wan Jen fell asleep with her books on the bed at around 11.30.

KLCC before I slept.


John studying in the ‘hall’.

Morning! Birds were chirping. Beautiful place.

Walked to MBS (Methodist Boys School), waited with other people and a bus came to get us. We reached CHS (Catholic High School). Ushers greeted us at the gate. We saw so many many many students in different school uniforms!

There was around 600 students there. Wow.

Opening ceremony was cool. It is hard to describe, the atmosphere was different. The MC for that day was funny. And the opening speech was encouraging. It gave me another view of who we, Christian students are in Malaysia.

Got into classes, did the first part, the objective questions. In the same class, I met Teow Kee from Batu Pahat, we went for NSCFL.

Break time. Food was simple and yummy! A hotdog, 3 nuggets and mineral water.

Worship in the school air-conditioned hall. Argh! I love it! Although there were some technial problems with the projector, but you can just feel that unity, that one voice of Christian Malaysian students!

Toilet ayone? Well. God is always good =) Pris would agree, huh?!

Second part of quiz, oral part. Deborah and I did so badly!

The 5 teams of finalist were so cool! And maybe crazy? I salute them. So accurate. Word for word! Wahliao. Winner and 1st runner’s up was from SMK Sri Sempurna. Winner got a full scholarship(RM 12 0000) to do A-levels at Methodist College. 1st runner’s up got half the amount for the same thing.

Two teams on the left…

Three on the right.

Some participants.

Before changing to leave in CHS.


I met Mrs Heng Chan aka Mrs Tee aka Shern Ren’s mum. She helped out with our accomodation. MCSC (Malaysian Christian Schools’ Council) table thing was such a joke! The MC annouced, “Can Miss Tien Hui go to the MCSC table behind this hall?” Hahha. And they thought I was a teacher.Collected money from MCSC table, then collected BK Postal Quiz certificates. Sieh Jin approached me and asked if my school had a CF. Gave me the SCF update form, NSCFL and ZMAXcamp forms. Enquired about ZMAX camp.. He’s cool leh. Hahha.

Balik. We walked and walked and walked. Took LRT. Went to two shopping complex, but did not get anything except Turkish Kebab. Lepak-ed at KFC opposite Pudu Raya.

On our way to LRT station, near Amcorp Mall.


Some chocolate stuff.


The Turkish guy who did our Turkish kebabs. Nice friendly fella.



Taman Jaya LRT station.




At a shopping complex.


Me! Me! Me!


Joking, talking, laughing at KFC.


Seeing who is more pregant has fatter bags.

Yah. Nice.

I got the pleasure of enjoying Root Beer on a hot afternoon and Dunkin’ Donuts (yummyyy!) for dinner.

At A&W

I was too excited over my donuts until I forgot to take a photo of them before eating them. So this is prove that I ate Dunkin’ Donuts! Or you want an eyewitness? Ask Pris, she sat beside me in the bus. Hahha.


Love that trip =) with lots of smiles and memories!

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