Yes, again.

And this is called peer pressure to me, boring to Jeanette and a form of relaxation to Gideon.

Name 20 persons you can think of, do this survey,

and tag 5 people:

01. Catherine Tan 02. Jeanette 03. Soong 04. Xue Qi

05. Mei Qi 06. Gideon 07. John 08. Yin Ying 09. Pek Ying

10. Priscilla 11. Yi Ming 12. Wee Yin 13. Jae-Yenn

14. Daniel Cheng 15. John Soo 16. Christopher Woon (hahha)

17. Rashdip 18. Mark Lim (don’t ask me why) 19. Paulus

20. Dawson

1. How did you meet #14(Daniel Cheng)
Hmm.. I use to go to his house to play when I was young.. so that’s where I met him..

2. What would you do if you had’nt met #1 (Catherine Tan)
I would prolly be dead by now. She really helped me in my non-existing leadership skills. Hahha!

3. What would you do if #20 (Dawson) and #9 (Pek Ying) dated?
The world would come to an end!

4. Would #6 (Gideon) and #17 (Rashdip) make a good couple?

I don’t think they even know each other!

5. Describe #3 (Soong)
Argh! She’s my lover! Yeah. Of course, she’s lovely.. hahha. Hm. She’s some girl who wants to marry a penguin.. cool right? Yeah, she’ll be cool with a penguin =P

6. Do you think #8 (Yin Ying) is attractive?
Hahha. More than attractive!

7. Tell me something about #7 (John).
He has this ‘look’ on his face and loves saying ‘whatever’ when it comes to something lame.

8.Do you know anything about #12 (Wee Yin)?
Shoots. It’s not like I wanted to know her, you know.. hahha. She goes for the same tuition as me for BM and we rock there!

9.What is #1 (Catherine Tan) favourite food?
Hahha. Lut-lut? Mamak? Roti nan? Indian rojak? I know we both enjoy them =)

10.What will you do if #11 (Yi Ming) confesses that he/she likes you?
I think she already does.. hahha

11.What language does #15 (John Soo) speak?
English, Malay, Chinese.

12.Who is #9 (Pek Ying) going out with?
Shhhhh… it’s me.

13.How old is #16 (Christopher Woon)?
A year younger than I am

14.When is the last time you talked to #13 (Jae-Yenn)?
Last Friday night…through SMS..

15.Who is #2 (Jeanette)’s favourite singer?
I forgot her name.. the Christian lady who is blind.. ah. Ginny Owen.

16.Would you date #4 (Xue Qi)?
She would die of laughter if I do.

17.Would you date #7 (John)?
That is scary.

18. Is #15 (John Soo) single?
I hope so..

19.What is #10 (Priscilla)’s last name?

20.Would you consider being in a relationship with #19 (Paulus)?
I already am. Hahha. He’s my friend. Friendship is a kind of relationship?

21.What school did #16 (Christopher Woon) go to?
I’m not sure what school he went to last time, but he’s now in SMK Damansara..

22.Where does #6 (Gideon) live?
Kampung Koh, of course. He’s the Tok Penghulu there..

23.What is your favourite thing about #5 (Mei Qi)?
I can get a lift for her? Hehhe

24.What do you think about #13 (Jae-Yenn)?
She can go crazy. Like peanuts. She’s annoyed when people don’t put a dash in between her ‘Jae’ and ‘Yenn’. I like her name.

25.What do #4 (Xue Qi) and #18 (Mark Lim) have in common?
Height! Hahha. I mean.. they both think pretty alike and sound the same way too.

26.What special qualities does #5 (Mei Qi) have?
She’s driving faster nowadays.

I tagged:

Xue Qi

Mark Lim

Catherine Tan

Yi Ming (a good stress relieve, especially when you think of people like me)

Soong (if you have one, which I think you should)

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jean
    Aug 21, 2007 @ 05:41:56

    eh…my “favouritest singer” is not Ginny Owens! >.<

  2. muffled
    Aug 21, 2007 @ 06:00:01

    hahha. okay. who then? Edison?

  3. muffled
    Aug 27, 2007 @ 14:16:39

    it’s JAY CHOU!

  4. SPL
    Aug 27, 2007 @ 14:50:20

    Oh,im so touched………Haha :p

  5. muffled
    Aug 29, 2007 @ 23:22:08


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