Updates =)

Just a lil’ update on what has been happening in school:

1) My school principal came to my class and asked who was absent. As usual, she started looking around and asked, “Where’s Woon?” (I have no idea why she always ask that when I’m not in class). Someone said I was absent.

She told the class that I’m at home sleeping. My classmate who sits beside me (also happens to be the Class Monitor) stood up and said that I’m at home studying. That act is so brave man! Really grateful that she did that.. I don’t know why..

So my school principle started her “talk”. Again. On the same topic. Next time students of 5RCA can write a talk in our essays, entitled “Going to school is better than staying at home.”

It is not a way to insult, but just to point out reality. She can’t brainwash us with simple things like that. We are seventeen dude.

She also told the class that she will call me. But she didn’t.

Anyway, I guess that is how she scares me. But I didn’t go to school the next day too. So, yeah, my prediction came true! Yayyy!

2) Accounts paper was a slight disaster to me. I forgot lots of stuff and was so careless. Obviously, not because I did not care less. Hahha.

And a lil’ update on my feeling now:

Shoes waiting to be worn,

I was waiting to talk to you.


Xue Qi wore it,

I talked to you.


She thought it was a nice pair,

I thought it would be a long conversation.


She sort of regretted buying it,

I feel satisfied even though it was a short one.