Some things, I just find them…


I hate hate hate forwarded mails which ends with:

“If you love God, the send this to 500000 people.”

” If you want a miracle send this to 193759505 people.”

Isn’t it just like saying:

“If I kick your butt, maybe God will love me more.” 

How can sending a forwarded mail make my day so prefect?

Or give me a miracle?

Like a free gift???!!

How will sending a forwarded mail show how much I love God?


Don’t ever send them to me!

I’ll shoot you down the hill and you’ll be tumbling down the hill like Jack and Jill. Then you’ll get up and you’ll be running for the rest of your life!


Discoveries II

If you test my brain with either red or blue litmus paper, there would not be any change of colour on the litmus paper. Duh, right??

Oh, but wait.

The litmus paper wouldn’t even be wet!

Because my brains are so dried up. Like raisins evaporating.

Add Math paper 2 was. Hard.

But the paper was soft, though.

If you repeat “SPM-ing” a 100 times, you’re probably be repeating “spaming” 75.39857 times.

Round off to 4 significant figures, it would be 75.40

Now start counting the probability of the number of times you would not be repeating “spaming”.

There is light. It is whether you see it or not.

When you see a dog, and you think it’s a cat, then it is a catdog.
When you see a guy, and you think it’s a girl, then it is a human.

I throw rubbish in the computer.

You haven’t tried. You’re scared because of it’s looks.
You haven’t tried high jump. You’re scared because of the evil pole.
You haven’t tried me. You’re scared because I look nice.

“That person is so lame!!”

“And that person can still walk??! Wow.”

“Oh yeah, do you know who lame’s cousin is?”


“The magazine or the fruit?”




Application in Maths
True statement = When one of it is true.

Application in Life
“You are dead or You are alive.”

Is this statement true of false?

Application in Maths
Premise I: If p, then q.
Premise II: Not P.
Conclusion: Not Q.

Application in Life
Premise I: If you’re alive, then don’t read this.
Premise II: ………………………
Conclusion: Read this.

Complete Premise II.
Premise II: You’re not alive.


Paper 2
Sekiranya anda dilantik menjadi pemimpin Malaysia, bagaimanakah anda mengamalkan ciri-ciri kepimpinan Islam dalam pentadbiran anda.

i) Penganut Islam boleh memeluk agama yang diingini.
According to the text book, ‘faktor-faktor perkembangan Islam’ was ‘tidak memaksa ajaran Islam’?

ii) Hak istimewa yang sama kepada semua kaum.
Islam teaches about ‘keadilan’?


Pada pendapat anda….

My opinion never really existed right?

It’s the person who set the answer’s opinion!

(I’m in the midst of finding much of a reason to study.)


Something fun

Ques 1: Where can you find this road?

Ques 2: What is the name of this building?

Ques 3: Where is this building found?

Ques 4: Whose house has this water can?

Ques 5: What tuition was the photographer at when this was taken?

Ques 6: Where was the photographer when this was taken?

Ques 7: Who is behind those balloons?

Ques 8: What subject does this teacher teach?

Ques 9: What were they playing?

Ques 10: Where do you usually see this person?

Ques 11: Name the driver.

Ques 12: Name this person.

Ques 13: Who is Gideon talking to?

Ques 14: Whose shoe is that?

Don’t copy answers okay?

It’s all unanswerable if:  You attend YF, church, go for games, have common sense, live in Kluang, and remember what you see.

Hahahahaa. Weee!