Application in Maths
True statement = When one of it is true.

Application in Life
“You are dead or You are alive.”

Is this statement true of false?

Application in Maths
Premise I: If p, then q.
Premise II: Not P.
Conclusion: Not Q.

Application in Life
Premise I: If you’re alive, then don’t read this.
Premise II: ………………………
Conclusion: Read this.

Complete Premise II.
Premise II: You’re not alive.


Paper 2
Sekiranya anda dilantik menjadi pemimpin Malaysia, bagaimanakah anda mengamalkan ciri-ciri kepimpinan Islam dalam pentadbiran anda.

i) Penganut Islam boleh memeluk agama yang diingini.
According to the text book, ‘faktor-faktor perkembangan Islam’ was ‘tidak memaksa ajaran Islam’?

ii) Hak istimewa yang sama kepada semua kaum.
Islam teaches about ‘keadilan’?


Pada pendapat anda….

My opinion never really existed right?

It’s the person who set the answer’s opinion!

(I’m in the midst of finding much of a reason to study.)



6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Xueqi
    Nov 16, 2007 @ 21:55:08



    Tien, u sounds like u are over-stressed… HAHA.

  2. aloysius
    Nov 16, 2007 @ 22:04:13

    hey . thought u are still SPM’ing’? den still got time blog o … study well ok ..but also dun tired up urself .. do ur best that u wun regret den ok le… GAMBATEH !!! All the best in everything o..=)

  3. enilit
    Nov 17, 2007 @ 10:01:30

    Hahahaha … Have fun Spm-ing!

  4. jemmie
    Nov 17, 2007 @ 22:24:21

    Tien, I can’t even get what you are writing lah! All the best anyway!

  5. muffled
    Nov 20, 2007 @ 17:52:54

    Hmm. Over-stressed? Or is it too relaxed? Hahh.

    Yeah, still SPM-ing I am. Need to take time off and share my good news of discoveries right? *bluekk*

    Jemmo! Um. Don’t worry just remember to read this when you hit Form 4.. if you’re young enough to remember till then. hahha!

  6. yenn-ish
    Dec 03, 2007 @ 19:56:21

    whenever they ask ‘pada pendapat anda’ questions, we should get all correct… cause it’s our pendapat-s what! even if its not right, its not wrong also ma, cause its out pendapat! what do you think la wei, w.t.h.?

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