How do you spell ‘urgh’?

Why do we say nevermind, but inside us, we actually mind a lot?

Why do we choose to take on more hurt and disappointment for ourselves and enlighten the other?

Why do we feel terrible when people do that to us?

Why do I feel terrible when they kindly say nevermind?


That’s how you spell it.



Cmas Service

I don’t know about others, but to me, if someone attends Christmas service and ends up talking while the speaker is speaking, that person might as well not come at all. It makes no difference, maybe just disturbing others.

It does not show any respect to God’s annointed, the Pastor of the church, when he’s preaching God’s Word, and someone talks.

If I did that, wouldn’t I be just like a Jewish leader in the synagogue who simply despised Jesus, God’s annointed?

After all, all those who stand before the pulpit brings forth God’s Word. Their messages/sermons/sharings may seem to bore one, or may seem as if it were insignificant to one’s life. They may even do “funny” things when they preach.

One may laugh, joke.

I hope that I myself will remember that they are God’s annointed ones and are not to be made fun of (no one should be made fun of!). Remove all negative mindsets on leaders of the church!

In Acts 17:10-15 simply speaks of how open-minded the first Christians were in Berea. It even says, “They listened to the message with great eagerness and everyday they studied the Scriptures to see if what Paul was said was really true.”

Isn’t this cool? I’m amazed by how the Christians in Berea reacted!

They are God’s annointed ones.

We serve the same God, past, present, future!

And that’s why there is no Goded for the past and Goding for the future.

How the world…

…pulls us down.

Having much passion.. desire..

and suddenly, people around start encountering hard times.

Rough edges rubbing against each other..

Why does it take so long for them to have smooth round edges?

Rough edges that doesn’t combine into a perfect piece..

Why can’t they fit?

Oh. What a world of…


We go through the same hard times, with the same rough edges..

When will we ever reach a state of condensation? Evaporation? Sublimation? Melting? Boiling?

I mean, When will we ever reach the next stage?

Or will we ever?

The world drags us down with weights.

And downs us with Coke.

But Diet Coke wouldn’t help us float or loosen those weights.

It’s fixing our eyes on the Mediator and Perfecter of our faith.


It’s okay if you don’t get it.

You can try catching it with your net.

That would be a smarter idea.

Three cheers for the Three Blind Mice!

And three cheers for emo-ish-ness!

Puny Island

Haha. That’s what a lot of people call it.

To think of it, ‘Singapura’ actually means ‘singa yang berpura-pura’.

Anyway, let me start off with this:

Who will not get ‘saman’ when they spit?


The Merlion!Hahha.

Well, a visit to Singapore was nice. I doubt I would live there. Haha.

Hiang, Cat and I started our journey at around 6.30pm to JB. When we reached the causeway link, everyone was like squeezing to get into the bus to Singapore custom. We reached Singapore, oh, what a world of difference! So systematic!


Sunday night:

Some shopping mall in Jurong (I forgot the name)


Bread Talk at Jurong Point (yummy! that lasted till 6pm)

Science Centre (Nano Technology was the best one.. although I prefer the set up/stations/presentation rather than the things to play/press.. hahha)

Clementi MRT Station (the waiting.. hah. Tai Kor came into the scene)

Esplanade (first saw water polo in Singapore)

Marina Square (Lunch + Dinner)

Suntec City (Bookfest) (I found my long-lost notebook!)
Somerset (skateboarding site) (Tai Kor exited the scene)

Orchard Road (Starbucks) (let tired leggies rest)

Clarke Quay (Boat Taxi) (cool pubs!)


Chinatown (hm.. Spiderman? =P)

Waiting at the bus stop for 246.

Outside the flats.. I wonder what this is..

Bicycles outside Jurong Point.. the MRT station there

Our first breakfast… Bread Talk

Science Centre!


with Mr President…

Nano Technology area

Playing with shadows

Then realised that the “ball” can move using our hands and legs

Living with Viruses.. really good information for the public

They’re on TV broadcast! And I’m the cameraman =P

The Mummie station

First time walking through an underpass

Workers on top of the Esplanade


Suspicions one…

Skateboarding/Graffiti site

Orchard Road

Hippo bus thingy.. a free ride around Orchard (somethng like that). We couldn’t go cos didn’t know we had to book seats.

Clarke Quay

Boat Taxi

Lights everywhere

Most interesting pub, called Clinic. Every chair = wheelchair. Saw someone drinking some stuff using drips! And utensils are surgical instruments. Lights are surgical lights. Cool right?


I took this in a MRT station.. and an officer came towards me and told me that I couldn’t take photos there.. If I wanted, there must be someone in the background. Woops! Call 999!

Cat and I on the bus back to Kluang =)

Lao Da and Wei Dong on the bus too

I realise that…

One: Singapore has nice toilets! Yeah. Every toilet is different and unique. The style, the structure.. Haha. Too bad we couldn’t compare them to Tai Kor’s toilet =P

Two: Sat on double decker bus! It’s a wider view at the top *duh..

Three: It’s scary when you hit the MRT stations (especially interchange) on a pick hour. You can see ants everywhere.. Ants rushing up and down.. so kan-chong.. so fast paced! And an interesting tip when taking MRT taught by Tai Kor, walk either to the end or front of where the MRT will stop. Less people coming out, less people going in, more available seats. Smart right? (I never thought of that)

I came to this conclusion that Singapore can be summed up by…

One: “Ticc ticc ticc ticc”

Everywhere you go you hear this. In the MRT when the doors are about to close, going to MRT platform, coming out of MRT platform, walking on the zebra crossing, going in the bus, going out of the bus…

Two: “999”

Posters at MRT stations and the custom, announcements in the MRT, displays in the MRT station, “TV” in the MRT…

Oh yeah, we saw suspicious people! Haha.

Three: “Queue queue queue”

They make you queue! Not just queue queue, but queue queue as in systematic queue! When you want to take a bus, those railings.. metal bars.. When you want to pay at Bookfest.. just queue and they’ll direct you to a available counter. So orderly! (sometimes can’t tahan)

Embarrasing events I experienced…

One: In the bus to Singapore custom (oh, long story.. view Cat’s blog)

Two: I tripped and fell.. LOUDLY on the way, as we were walking into Marina Square. My camera was in my hands and was scratched a lil’!

Three: I drank water in the MRT two times! And thought why that guy was looking so weirdly at me.


Thanks a lot to Hiang, Tai Kor and Lao Da for being our tour guide! And Meow for teman-ing =) 

Well, to end, let me ask you this:

Do you look suspicious?

Call 999.

That’s all folks!

ESPlosion VI


 Dear God, I thank You for all of them.

For making me realise how much I lack knowing and applying.

 For making me experience what it means to sacrifice.

For enabling me to speak and clarify and reason.


Read up.


Know my believes and where I stand and why.


God will be faithful, in His timing. 


Galatians 6:9 (NLT)

“So let’s not get tired of doing what is good.

At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.”


This song has been on my mind since last Sunday, Monday when I did my BK paper (BK rocks!), Tuesday, Wednesday when I ended my RC paper. And we sang it during Soul Survivor! Yay!

Everyone.. everyone thought I finished on Tuesday and thought they would be seeing me on Wednesday night in church. Ish. But it’s okay. Haha.

Now, some replies to FAQs:

What I would be doing during my four-month break:

1. Paint and sell at least 6 shoes.

2. Flower-ish
Read up on flowers
Learn how to do flower arrangement/bouquets
Learn how to manage flowers, the right way to handle them
Appreciate flowers

3. Read at least three books

4. Train for a 10 km run

5. Learn how to love my guitar
Speaking of it, I admit that I play the guitar for not much of a reason…
Or say, the “textbook” reason: to serve God.
But heart = not there. Or maybe that’s because of… oh, that’s another story (Hm, I think I’ve found an answer for all the “dunno’s” *hint hint*)

Anyway, while I was still sitting for SPM, these thoughts came to my mind:
The guitar is the most useable instrument of all, especially when it comes to mission work. If you go to an Orang Asli settlement, you probably might find a guitar, not a piano.
Right, right?

Anyway, I really really thank God for giving me a new insight into my purpose of playing it.
It strives me =)

6. Find and try out soft wares suitable for publishing and designing

7. Attend driving lessons and of course, sit for driving exam (Jan 9th)

8. Exercise strategy
Play monopoly or risk or checkers as much as possible (anyone want to play with me? =P)
Learn how to play chess (although I don’t really like it)

9. Mission trips

10. Work to earn back my ‘hutang lapuk’

Long-term goals:

1. View issues (or purposes of doing certain things) in many different ways

2. Be more optimistic

3. Get to know church adults and talk to them more often

4. Make you cry (hahha, kidding)

Hopes hopefully to turn into reality:

1. Visit Back Alley (
See Tai Kor’s office in Singapore (hehe… free advertisement)
Get a chance to learn a bit of graffiti
Or even, spray a wall!

(Tai Kor’s someone Cat and I met during RYLA 06. He’s the manager there)

2. Go to Malacca

3. Try rock climbing (Jeanette?)

Hmm. I don’t want to be over-ambitious… or am I?
I think this is more than enough to last me for four months and keep me from not feeling “useless”.

Oh yeah, of course, plans for December.

08-11 Dec ESPlosion

16 Dec Help up in CBC Library event

16-18 Dec SINGAPORE!! Ah, long waited!

And for the rest of the month, it would be filled with driving lessons, caroling practices and homecomings from my korkor and jiejie. Yayy-ie!

After my results…

I won’t marry you (isn’t this a relieve?)
I won’t buy you a meal (isn’t this a better relieve?)
I won’t jump down from a building (this, I assure you)

I think I’ll start flying kites.

Um okay, if I ever get Matriculation, it would be a consideration.
A big consideration ‘cause I would have to do accounts.

If I don’t get it, then SMKTHO here I come *sobs*
(Hmm. I should be optimistic. Oh wait. It’s a fact. =P)

Future possible occupations/subjects I want to work as/study after that:

1. Sociology
2. Florist designer (if I like flowers by then)
3. Photojournalist
4. Advertising
5. Anything except to do with science and numbers

Oh yeah, maybe my blog would be dry.

Um, funny right? People usually blog siao after SPM…

But I’m lazy to blog. Haha.

Yenn, sorry, I’m lazy to reply comments too =P

Anyways, anyhow…

Thank you, thank you…