This song has been on my mind since last Sunday, Monday when I did my BK paper (BK rocks!), Tuesday, Wednesday when I ended my RC paper. And we sang it during Soul Survivor! Yay!

Everyone.. everyone thought I finished on Tuesday and thought they would be seeing me on Wednesday night in church. Ish. But it’s okay. Haha.

Now, some replies to FAQs:

What I would be doing during my four-month break:

1. Paint and sell at least 6 shoes.

2. Flower-ish
Read up on flowers
Learn how to do flower arrangement/bouquets
Learn how to manage flowers, the right way to handle them
Appreciate flowers

3. Read at least three books

4. Train for a 10 km run

5. Learn how to love my guitar
Speaking of it, I admit that I play the guitar for not much of a reason…
Or say, the “textbook” reason: to serve God.
But heart = not there. Or maybe that’s because of… oh, that’s another story (Hm, I think I’ve found an answer for all the “dunno’s” *hint hint*)

Anyway, while I was still sitting for SPM, these thoughts came to my mind:
The guitar is the most useable instrument of all, especially when it comes to mission work. If you go to an Orang Asli settlement, you probably might find a guitar, not a piano.
Right, right?

Anyway, I really really thank God for giving me a new insight into my purpose of playing it.
It strives me =)

6. Find and try out soft wares suitable for publishing and designing

7. Attend driving lessons and of course, sit for driving exam (Jan 9th)

8. Exercise strategy
Play monopoly or risk or checkers as much as possible (anyone want to play with me? =P)
Learn how to play chess (although I don’t really like it)

9. Mission trips

10. Work to earn back my ‘hutang lapuk’

Long-term goals:

1. View issues (or purposes of doing certain things) in many different ways

2. Be more optimistic

3. Get to know church adults and talk to them more often

4. Make you cry (hahha, kidding)

Hopes hopefully to turn into reality:

1. Visit Back Alley (http://backalley.com.sg/)
See Tai Kor’s office in Singapore (hehe… free advertisement)
Get a chance to learn a bit of graffiti
Or even, spray a wall!

(Tai Kor’s someone Cat and I met during RYLA 06. He’s the manager there)

2. Go to Malacca

3. Try rock climbing (Jeanette?)

Hmm. I don’t want to be over-ambitious… or am I?
I think this is more than enough to last me for four months and keep me from not feeling “useless”.

Oh yeah, of course, plans for December.

08-11 Dec ESPlosion

16 Dec Help up in CBC Library event

16-18 Dec SINGAPORE!! Ah, long waited!

And for the rest of the month, it would be filled with driving lessons, caroling practices and homecomings from my korkor and jiejie. Yayy-ie!

After my results…

I won’t marry you (isn’t this a relieve?)
I won’t buy you a meal (isn’t this a better relieve?)
I won’t jump down from a building (this, I assure you)

I think I’ll start flying kites.

Um okay, if I ever get Matriculation, it would be a consideration.
A big consideration ‘cause I would have to do accounts.

If I don’t get it, then SMKTHO here I come *sobs*
(Hmm. I should be optimistic. Oh wait. It’s a fact. =P)

Future possible occupations/subjects I want to work as/study after that:

1. Sociology
2. Florist designer (if I like flowers by then)
3. Photojournalist
4. Advertising
5. Anything except to do with science and numbers

Oh yeah, maybe my blog would be dry.

Um, funny right? People usually blog siao after SPM…

But I’m lazy to blog. Haha.

Yenn, sorry, I’m lazy to reply comments too =P

Anyways, anyhow…

Thank you, thank you…


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. zhihowe
    Dec 07, 2007 @ 16:31:46

    test on the 9th?so soon?

  2. ruishuang
    Dec 08, 2007 @ 14:55:26

    wow..th..you have a long list of things-to-do. so nice! 4 months is indeed a long period of time but you know what. time flies FAST. lol.not splashing cold water..but its a fact. make good use of your four months time.dun end up like me.haha. anyways. have fun during your holidays!

  3. Ry@n
    Dec 11, 2007 @ 22:02:29

    I’ll play monopoly and risk with you! We should get a bunch of people to play!

    Also, I’m willing to teach you what little I know about chess.

  4. pris
    Dec 12, 2007 @ 20:23:51

    I can play monopoly with you!!! It has been sometime since I last played it… Errmmm..Sorry lar,I can’t play risk with you cause i donno how to play it..hehee…

  5. Joel
    Dec 13, 2007 @ 00:03:36

    Ben’s songs are great!!

  6. zhihowe
    Dec 13, 2007 @ 20:55:46

    monopoly?risk?man..this is gonna be exciting!haha

  7. muffled
    Dec 18, 2007 @ 23:13:23

    Yess.. get a whole bunch of people.. like getting.. a bunch of grapes? haha.

    Pris, you can learn how to play =P

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