Puny Island

Haha. That’s what a lot of people call it.

To think of it, ‘Singapura’ actually means ‘singa yang berpura-pura’.

Anyway, let me start off with this:

Who will not get ‘saman’ when they spit?


The Merlion!Hahha.

Well, a visit to Singapore was nice. I doubt I would live there. Haha.

Hiang, Cat and I started our journey at around 6.30pm to JB. When we reached the causeway link, everyone was like squeezing to get into the bus to Singapore custom. We reached Singapore, oh, what a world of difference! So systematic!


Sunday night:

Some shopping mall in Jurong (I forgot the name)


Bread Talk at Jurong Point (yummy! that lasted till 6pm)

Science Centre (Nano Technology was the best one.. although I prefer the set up/stations/presentation rather than the things to play/press.. hahha)

Clementi MRT Station (the waiting.. hah. Tai Kor came into the scene)

Esplanade (first saw water polo in Singapore)

Marina Square (Lunch + Dinner)

Suntec City (Bookfest) (I found my long-lost notebook!)
Somerset (skateboarding site) (Tai Kor exited the scene)

Orchard Road (Starbucks) (let tired leggies rest)

Clarke Quay (Boat Taxi) (cool pubs!)


Chinatown (hm.. Spiderman? =P)

Waiting at the bus stop for 246.

Outside the flats.. I wonder what this is..

Bicycles outside Jurong Point.. the MRT station there

Our first breakfast… Bread Talk

Science Centre!


with Mr President…

Nano Technology area

Playing with shadows

Then realised that the “ball” can move using our hands and legs

Living with Viruses.. really good information for the public

They’re on TV broadcast! And I’m the cameraman =P

The Mummie station

First time walking through an underpass

Workers on top of the Esplanade


Suspicions one…

Skateboarding/Graffiti site

Orchard Road

Hippo bus thingy.. a free ride around Orchard (somethng like that). We couldn’t go cos didn’t know we had to book seats.

Clarke Quay

Boat Taxi

Lights everywhere

Most interesting pub, called Clinic. Every chair = wheelchair. Saw someone drinking some stuff using drips! And utensils are surgical instruments. Lights are surgical lights. Cool right?


I took this in a MRT station.. and an officer came towards me and told me that I couldn’t take photos there.. If I wanted, there must be someone in the background. Woops! Call 999!

Cat and I on the bus back to Kluang =)

Lao Da and Wei Dong on the bus too

I realise that…

One: Singapore has nice toilets! Yeah. Every toilet is different and unique. The style, the structure.. Haha. Too bad we couldn’t compare them to Tai Kor’s toilet =P

Two: Sat on double decker bus! It’s a wider view at the top *duh..

Three: It’s scary when you hit the MRT stations (especially interchange) on a pick hour. You can see ants everywhere.. Ants rushing up and down.. so kan-chong.. so fast paced! And an interesting tip when taking MRT taught by Tai Kor, walk either to the end or front of where the MRT will stop. Less people coming out, less people going in, more available seats. Smart right? (I never thought of that)

I came to this conclusion that Singapore can be summed up by…

One: “Ticc ticc ticc ticc”

Everywhere you go you hear this. In the MRT when the doors are about to close, going to MRT platform, coming out of MRT platform, walking on the zebra crossing, going in the bus, going out of the bus…

Two: “999”

Posters at MRT stations and the custom, announcements in the MRT, displays in the MRT station, “TV” in the MRT…

Oh yeah, we saw suspicious people! Haha.

Three: “Queue queue queue”

They make you queue! Not just queue queue, but queue queue as in systematic queue! When you want to take a bus, those railings.. metal bars.. When you want to pay at Bookfest.. just queue and they’ll direct you to a available counter. So orderly! (sometimes can’t tahan)

Embarrasing events I experienced…

One: In the bus to Singapore custom (oh, long story.. view Cat’s blog)

Two: I tripped and fell.. LOUDLY on the way, as we were walking into Marina Square. My camera was in my hands and was scratched a lil’!

Three: I drank water in the MRT two times! And thought why that guy was looking so weirdly at me.


Thanks a lot to Hiang, Tai Kor and Lao Da for being our tour guide! And Meow for teman-ing =) 

Well, to end, let me ask you this:

Do you look suspicious?

Call 999.

That’s all folks!


11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jemmie
    Dec 19, 2007 @ 17:23:40

    IT’s called Jurong East, right?

    Hey, my sis thought me the MRT tip too. Always go right to the end..
    Looks like you had fun. I wanna go to that clinic pub. Looks so cool..

  2. enilit
    Dec 19, 2007 @ 22:38:06

    LOL. What a tourist-y trip. Aku kat sana for so long also tak pernah jenguk some places you went to. Btw, drinking water in MRT’s perfectly fine. 😉

    See you soon!

  3. catzmeow
    Dec 19, 2007 @ 23:37:20

    heheh just keep on smilling and laughing while reading ur blogs>>>>>cool men …hope get to travel with u every year!!ahahha by the way can we find anymore susPiCious looking ppl??
    hahhaha:P let continue our search!!

  4. koocheekoo
    Dec 20, 2007 @ 22:40:24

    tien, i wonder.. hmmm.. hehehehe

  5. LAoda
    Dec 20, 2007 @ 23:49:16

    hope u enjoy ur trip to sg!!! haha.. merry X’mas!!!=)

  6. zhihowe
    Dec 21, 2007 @ 04:28:19

    laoda..i go sg oso u din entertain me..girls go den u be guide wor..
    tien..so nice..i wish i can go sg again..argh!!!!!

  7. koocheekoo
    Dec 21, 2007 @ 21:03:44

    laoda, hmmm…!!

  8. muffled
    Dec 22, 2007 @ 10:45:53

    mr tan, you didn’t ask him to entertain you mahh haha.

    gid.. apa hmm hmmm ni??

  9. aloysius
    Dec 23, 2007 @ 19:31:16

    ya lo .. u come also din call me out …

  10. Xueqi
    Dec 25, 2007 @ 18:35:32


    EH, sounds SO fun hor. more fun without me lah!! HEHE. ehh. why cant frink in the MRT.and hor, i went to Chinatown and Orchard road b4 tooo lor!!! BLEH!!

    i think the jokes very funny leh! HAHA.

    oh! and i didnt know Fruit Fly and Human have 45% of genes in commone leh!!! HAHA!!! and tat pic hor… very funny leh…..

    I want to go tooooooooooooo…. BLEH!

  11. yenn-ish
    Jan 02, 2008 @ 00:13:59

    heyyy, haha, i went to clinic pub on christmas eve too;)
    and i don’t know if you listened carefully but when the ”mrt lady” say 999 in tamil, it’s damn… cute=)
    see you tmr=DD

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