How the world…

…pulls us down.

Having much passion.. desire..

and suddenly, people around start encountering hard times.

Rough edges rubbing against each other..

Why does it take so long for them to have smooth round edges?

Rough edges that doesn’t combine into a perfect piece..

Why can’t they fit?

Oh. What a world of…


We go through the same hard times, with the same rough edges..

When will we ever reach a state of condensation? Evaporation? Sublimation? Melting? Boiling?

I mean, When will we ever reach the next stage?

Or will we ever?

The world drags us down with weights.

And downs us with Coke.

But Diet Coke wouldn’t help us float or loosen those weights.

It’s fixing our eyes on the Mediator and Perfecter of our faith.


It’s okay if you don’t get it.

You can try catching it with your net.

That would be a smarter idea.

Three cheers for the Three Blind Mice!

And three cheers for emo-ish-ness!


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