The craft of composing type and printing from it.

It’s amazing to see how people actually create sets and sets of fonts! And how they match them with advertisements, magazines, CD albums, etc. etc. etc.

It’s not that easy coming out with a set of font which isn’t “manipulated” by the fonts we see or use. Or say, it’s hard to come out with an “original” set of font.

I’ve been looking around for fonts.. for some project.. and the more I look at fonts, the more I realise how unique and at the same time, how detailed each alphabet, punctuation mark and number is.. Ahhh! It’s intricacy! So urgh!

It’s funny to be so intrigued with fonts…

Haha. And so I laugh of it’s funniness in me.

If interested, here’s a font site I consider best: Da Font

And some stuff of practicing typography: Planet Typography

*Oh yes, I updated my In Four Months page (by the sidebar also)



I’m back!

And I bet you miss me!

Haha. I’m showing my emotions (perasan-ing).


I just want to meet up/hang out/talk talk to a few people, namely: Meowing, Geow, Hiang-hiang, Mr K, and Mr XYZ.

*Actually Mr K and Mr XYZ doesn’t exist la. Hahaha. 

I’m gonna missy-miss the YMI people lahh.. And, I know it’s unexpected, but I miss the Lians! And El Santuary.. *sober sobs*

What am I

but mere human.

I fail, disappoint, blame people around me.

I speak without the slightest inkling in my mind.

I drive not focusing, just simply in a gaze.

Is this how I entertaint myself with life?

Oh the terrible beauty of myself.


If I knew people’s passwords to e-mail accounts or any account online, I think I would be ROFL-ing.

It’s funny when if someone uses ‘ohiamsocute’ or ‘rotibom’ as their password. But hey, no one would know if they actually use it!

Haha. It is fun!

Funner, funnest, funny.

And funnel.



All I can say is… BYE-IE!


You go to school, I go to outer space!


Will be going for YMI (Youth Mission Initiative) starting next Monday, 7th till end of this month.

By the way, the previous post isn’t just about me… It’s also what everyone does =)