The 4 letter word of LOVE

Yesterday a father, his daughter and son who were probably Standard 3 and below walking into Barney’s. They sat down, I gave them the menu. Then the father signaled me and I walked towards his table, took their orders. His son ordered fish, his daughter ordered chicken, both with their father’s permission. And the father just ordered a chicken sandwich for himself.

Maybe he wasn’t hungry. Or maybe he already ate. But, maybe he didn’t want to spend so much on just a meal. Maybe he couldn’t spend so much on a meal. Well, he knew eating at Barney’s would be expensive, but maybe not as expensive as he thought it would actually be.

He knew the risk he was taking before he entered Barney’s. And he took the risk! Maybe all he wanted after his pay day was probably to give a little once-in-a-while treat to his children. Take them on to some place they have never been. Some place where the father himself did not have a chance to go when he was young.

It melts my heart. To think of how much a parent can love a child. Just by their simple acts, yet, so much sacrifice and risk.

Who knows? He might be struggling to pay off some bills this month. Though it may not be very good planning of money usage, but if he is willing to sacrifice money for the love of his children, how much more willing will he be able to sacrifice other things, maybe even his life, for his children. Just because of LOVE.

And how much much much more love, our Heavenly Father pours out to us. Sometimes, in simple ways and acts we just don’t seem to appreciate, or even, take notice of.

Before I left work yesterday, I was talking to one of the chefs. And it really made me a little dishearten when he said, “To me, my view of live is: There is no such thing as love. It’s just an illusion.”

To end this post, let me just say that a parent’s love is simply amazes me. And when a child is taken away, wow. Having to let go is not easy.

A young boy was killed in an accident. He is my colleague’s son – the only son. I felt sad for him. As a parent myself, I know that the pain of losing a child is too much to bear.”

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Are you pregnant?

Oh, what a question to ask!

Here’s the procedure:
1. Wake up at 2.30 am on Monday.
2. Head to the toilet.
3. Open my mouth.
4. Use some force.
And hey!
5. A flowing fountain of veggie, rice, brownish liquid, etc.

Observtion 1:
It ended. Or so, I thought.
Straight after the first flow, came the second one!
Oh, what abundance!
When back to bed. But couldn’t fall into deep sleep.

6. Now instead of 2.30 am, use 3.30 am on Monday.
7. Repeat steps 2 to 4.
8. Repeat step 5 using something that tasted sour, but also looked brownish, no sight of veggie.

Observation 2:
I slept the rest of the night in an upright position.
No, I did not sleep well.
Yes, the next day I had to wake up at 8.30 am.

My stomach was churning the next day.
I felt nauseous for the whole day.
I went to work at 3 pm.
Yes, I know I shouldn’t have.
I went home from work at 6 pm.
I couldn’t tahan anymore.

On Tuesday I awoke thinking that I was well.
After eating a few homemade biscuits,
I felt like vomiting.

Therefore, I didn’t go to work.
Slept the whole day through.
Couldn’t read, watch TV or use the computer.
After a while I would feel giddy.
And porridge I ate.
Yucky porridge is for sick people!



Well, there is a different between a salon and a saloon. Someone pointed it out to me (can’t remember who) and I checked it out.

Taken from my favourite… Wikipedia!

Salon, a word derived from the French for “large room”, has taken on various meanings:


  • Beauty salon (or hair salon), where people receive haircuts, manicures, and facials.
    • The Salon, a popular British reality TV program where people get their hair cut.
    • The Salon (film), a 2007 dramedy film about a hair salon


Visual art


Other uses

To view the rest of the meanings for each, click here

Saloon may refer to:

  • Saloon (car) or sedan, an enclosed four-to-six seat car body style with four doors and a separate boot
  • A Western saloon, an American Wild West bar
  • A part of a British traditional pub
  • The principal room of an 18th century mansion, at the centre of a suite of state rooms, also called salon
  • The main cabin in a small boat or yacht, where the crew live, eat, and, depending on the size of the boat, may also sleep

Yes. There are quite a number of “saloons” in Kluang. Haha.

As of now, for me, there is  simply a super duper need for alertness, clarity/volume in speech, quick memory, good enough/able to speak Chinese and kecekapan.

It’s just two days and WTH!!



(I’m calling myself lah *bluekk*) 

When it comes to…

1. Chinese New Year…

I feel so not Chinese!

Can not wear black.. Hahha.

Oh well, the festive mood for me this time is simply this:

A chance to get to hang out, catch up, meet up with relatives and friends.  

Got to meet up with a lot of people, really enjoyed meeting my Form 4 & 5 gang: Wai Ting, Shey Hui, Huey Gee, Tian Ru, Bao Ching & co.

Somehow it’s like everyone is leaving. I repeat, everyone is leaving. Man. When we were in Form 5, everyone seemed as if they were going to Form 6.  Yes, silly me to actually believe that.

As for the infamous question when I was in kindergarten: What am I going to study?

I’ve been here and there in thoughts, asking people, searching, seeking and seeking… And like all roads leads to Kluang Parade rivers leads to Rome, all the stuff I got back leads to Form 6. Leads me to staying in Kluang for the next one and a half years.

Don’t look so sad at me lah when I say that I’m doing Form 6.. I have my reasons why I want to stay… And it’s not easy seeing other people leaving… Like, “Hey, I want to go too..” 

So far, there is only 3 people I know of who has confirmed to stay for Form 6: Shu Hui, Hui Sze and Lee Hong.

Oh yeah, and the other 3 people: Me, myself and I.

Wow. That makes 6 people already!  *claps hands*

2.  L.O.V.E.

(from the perspective of teenage lovey-dovey) 

It sometimes amazes me how guys can be so passionate about the things they like doing… and when it comes to they being “passionate” about a girl… Blehh. How they “woo” the girl… Like being willing to sacrifice anything, anything for the sake of getting the girl. Wahliao! 

And when a couple starts dating, whenever they enter a shop to makan, they will sit extremely far from everyone else, in a secret secret place…

Catherine said that it’s because when they are in love, they tend to isolate themselves from the world.. (On the side note, looks like as if she has much experience huh..) 

But then again, if it is that way, then that love they have would just be like an emotion, feeling. It wouldn’t last long! How can they not be aware? Funny right.. Love shouldn’t just be based on emotion loh…

Aiyoh. I got headache ady lah. Hahha.

I so can’t wait to get my SPM results!

End of February! End of February! 


Pictury today =)

Ah well.

And she told us not to put any hand sign or make funny faces *muahahha*

At least, he smiled =)
I mean, really smiled.

Yes, much much much thanks to him for standing up for me, fighting his way through for me, just for that award!

I know it’s kinda… very gone and done with already… Sharing Day. But I simply can’t help the thought of “I’m going back to school on Tuesday!”

Seeing teachers who made a mark in my life. Inspired and encouraged me. Cheered me on. Corrected me. Told me my limits. Gave repetitive advice *hint hint* but yet, in a fatherly manner. Ah, and all the lameness and funniness of jokes! And the never ending sarcastic remarks… Hahha. I miss them!

I may have made wrong decisions. Now that I see a different light of it, the urgency of it. I may even regret for maybe even “setting the example”. And that’s why I am responsible.

For all that I have been through.