Pictury today =)

Ah well.

And she told us not to put any hand sign or make funny faces *muahahha*

At least, he smiled =)
I mean, really smiled.

Yes, much much much thanks to him for standing up for me, fighting his way through for me, just for that award!

I know it’s kinda… very gone and done with already… Sharing Day. But I simply can’t help the thought of “I’m going back to school on Tuesday!”

Seeing teachers who made a mark in my life. Inspired and encouraged me. Cheered me on. Corrected me. Told me my limits. Gave repetitive advice *hint hint* but yet, in a fatherly manner. Ah, and all the lameness and funniness of jokes! And the never ending sarcastic remarks… Hahha. I miss them!

I may have made wrong decisions. Now that I see a different light of it, the urgency of it. I may even regret for maybe even “setting the example”. And that’s why I am responsible.

For all that I have been through.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. jemmo
    Feb 05, 2008 @ 19:19:12

    i like the last photo =)

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