Work-ie-ing at Barney’s

It truly has been a journey!
And it hasn’t ended yet =)
 Ain (one the left) has really been a great friend at work..
Heh, and all those “bullying” with her other partner in crime:
 Yes, this is Ina. She’s small, cute, but a cili padi.
And because she’s small, she was to walk faster when there’s a lot of customers.
 Ika! The cashier.. The way she handles work, situations, wow. It is really amazing. And she really doesn’t look the same age as me, but she is!
 Epul, his laughter is a bit high pitch.. hahha.

 Naza (the guy wearing a cap), the drinks maker..
He is one naughty, playful, joke-ish guy!
But he does his work well! Really well.
These people  above mentioned were the ones who taught me everything, since I started.. Wahhaha. Appreciate them, I really do =)
Now, for some people…
we met, we talked, we shared, we laughed.
And we parted.
Syafiq (the guy) stopped work two weeks after I started.
He looks so innocent right? =P
 Harjit, one of the “chefs” stopped work beginning of March.
He’s someone who has a really different, yet, interesting experience in life. I admire him for all he has been through.
 Kak Ent (the one in red), she was sort of asked to stop work, she came 3 weeks after I started.
 Kak Ent and Aini (the one in brown)
 Epul and Aini
 Epul, Aini, Ika, Kak Ent
Some work in progress:

Ina, wiping the cutlery.

Ika, fixing the phone line for the credit card.
Epul, waiting to give the customer back the credit card.
I wrote this board!! Hahha.
One of the things I like doing there..
 One of our pastimes, filling up the “tissue cups”.
Working in Barney’s..
wah, can meet a lot of people *duhh*
Okay, people I know lah =P
 Schoolmates, YFers, churchie people, friends, etc.
 Oh yeah, especially Ah Ma. Like so many times..
And she helps me willingly on her own accord to do some work.
 Some random shot. Hahha.
That’s the place we sometimes sit down and hang out.
Well, last week was the most disguising week..
I had to clean someone’s vomit in the SINK.
And it was left overnight because the one supposed to wash the toilet the night before didn’t clean it up.
Of all things, vomit in the sink?
Don’t ever vomit in the sink!
The poor, dirty, yucky sink will get blocked =(
 I saw a little baby mouse, trapped in between the mirror and the brown brush, in the worker’s toilet.. It was so so so super cute! I mean the mouse! It was like blinking its eyes and breathing. And because its stuck, I could see its stomach going up and down while it was breathing.
If only I could have taken a photo of it..
Or, catch it and keep it as my pet!
But it won’t be for long lah.
Ever since I started to work, I find that there are much more things of better priority than to just go online and blog.
 That’s why.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. yenn-ish
    Mar 23, 2008 @ 01:30:23

    haha, those last few sentences really make me laugh!
    anyway, that ‘special menu’ board is nice and very you… kinda, anyway;)!
    and i envy you having such a fun job. except for the vomit and mouse part. haha! c u when i come back? miss you already!! hahaa.

  2. Peiling
    Mar 24, 2008 @ 09:13:55

    So proud of u lover 😛 Am sure tat its gonna be a fruitful journey which will make u grow [which u already are in the process of it :)]

  3. catzmeow
    Mar 27, 2008 @ 07:49:00

    hmmm the mouse might ended up to be meals!!!

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