I’ve always wondered, what if I were living during Jesus’ days, which part of the crowd would I be? What would my thoughts be? Would I understand what Jesus’ saying? Would I remember that He said He would die and rise again, when He takes upon Himself the cup of suffering?

I’ve watched clips and clips of Passion of the Christ, even the movie itself. And today, I watched one of the clips again during YF.

There was one part before Jesus said, “It is accomplished.” Mary, the mother of Jesus, went in front of Jesus’ feet, and kissed His feet.

I’ve never realise that scene, and that scene really struck me today. Mary kissed His feet!

Ah. It doesn’t seem much. But, she kissed His feet, even though His feet was like bloody. Dry blood, wet blood… she still kissed His feet. Oh wait, not to mention dirty dirty feet as well.

Before she kissed His feet, she made a choice to go in front of the cross. Imagine, people were around her. The Roman soldiers were definitely there. The crowd that mocked Him would have been there. As she walked up to the front, there was a cost. It was a risk. Who knows the discrimination she had to face?

As I think of it, maybe Mary, being the “mother of Jesus” (sort of), how much love she poured out for Jesus, as her son and as her God, her Saviour. And I think she probably went through rejection, or even, the topic for the gossips.

Like when Jesus started His ministry, He went to towns, performing miracles, preaching, rebuking. Some tried to stone Him, some told Him to leave, some praised Him. News about Jesus is like everywhere.

Maybe when Mary went to the market, she could hear other women talking about Jesus. About her. About her family. And what if they were talking something bad? Sure it would have pierced her heart. Or maybe, people started asking her if the things they heard were true. How would she have answered?

Did she doubt at times? Of who Jesus is? Like when He was away doing ministry. He didn’t get to meet her. And He was on news everywhere. Or did Jesus/God prepare her before He went off?

Uh. Okay. Just some thoughts passing through my mind as I just think and thought-ing on this…

Anyway, I don’t know really how I would be, if I were to live during Jesus’ days. Cause, I have not experienced their way of life at that time.

Ya lo.

Happy Easter! 


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