Hmm. Eden’s Day is coming soon!

Yesterday Pek Ying and I went to Pris’ house to prepare our YF games props. Firstly, I woke up late! We were supposed meet at 10 am. And I woke up at 10 am! That’s because Pek Ying called me… Secondly, I took 20 minutes to get myself and all my stuff ready (including the styrofoam)… left the house… when I reached the round about, I realised that I forgot to bring the styrofoam along! And the styrofoam was like… the main thing!

So I ended up going to Jeanette’s house first, to get the styrofoam cutter, then back home to get the styrofoam, then to the shops to get batteries for the styrofoam cutter, and finally, to Pris’ house… which I reached like at 11 am? Hahha!

It’s like a waste of petrol going up and down because of forgetful me! =(


Hmm. My siblings will be coming back this week.

Now that I’m the only child left with two rooms to use… that simply makes more things to clear, more clothes to fold and keep away…

But it’s okay… ’cause it is nice to have them back! =D (at times it’s nice to be the youngest child =P)

I have no idea why, but these few days I just keep thinking of how great my siblings are! How I’m so different from them… Must be some sort of “sibling pressure” hahahaha.

Okay… like.. both of them were President/Vice President in Form Six Student Council.. Presidents in CF… Wahhh… And like… they can happily do office work, stay in the office… do paper work… but me, I can’t tahan loh! I’ll probably be making paper boats there… hahha. But when I think of them working like at Barney’s or some sort of that kind… hahha, it’s funny… I’ll be lucky enough not to be their customers! Hahahahaha…. =P

Well, like Mummy says, everyone is different. She can’t imagine me working in an office ’cause I’ll be sleeping there with the air-con and neither can she imagine my siblings working at Barney’s.


Hmm. JPA results are coming out, Form 6 is starting.

Pass few weeks I’ve been so gila about wanting to get JPA (even dreamt that I got it! I didn’t even dream of my SPM results! Or SPM itself!)… But now, I can say that I am prepared not to get it. I mean, I will be disappointed for sure, but I guess I’ve learnt how to accept not being able to get it. I mean, it’s better to accept it now than when the real results comes out, right. It’s less the “hassle”.

I’ve been telling God that if it is His will for me to get it, I will go. If I don’t, then it’s not His will for me to go. I don’t know if God gets tired of listening to us… I know He doesn’t lah. Hahha. But imagine, my parents pray that I will get it, and some other people pray that I won’t get it. Hahha! I wonder what God’s thinking =P

Some things I can’t wait if I go for Form 6… Getting school uniform, wearing it and orientation week! I don’t know why everyone seems to hate wearing school uniform… but I really find it nice loh!



Hmm. I have exactly 10 more working days at Barney’s.

Hahha! Are you bored my tales of Barney’s?

I am counting down to my days left!

It’s sad to leave, but oh. I will have to leave anyway. Whether then or then then.

I feel weird. When I told Mummy that I was prepared enough if I don’t get JPA and prepared enough to leave Barney’s, I wanted to cry! It’s like my heart was so “heavy”. Deep inside it’s like bleeding.

Then I decided to tie it with a rubber band to stop the bleeding. But the rubber band broke. So I put a plaster. But it wasn’t sticky enough. Then I added honey on the plaster. And Naza came.


Oh yeah, I got tipped RM 6! Gosh, it’s the most tips I’ve personally received! And yes, it’s from those Australians! Served them again last Sunday =D


Here’s the peribahasa for the week:

Tak kenal, maka tak cinta.

And here’s the chorus of the day:

KRU – Jangan Lafazkan

Jangan lafazkannya
Hasrat di jiwa
Oh kerana ia kan menambah luka
Biar ku sendiri mengubati hati
Jangan lafaz kau sudah membenci


Okay. It’s actually F R I E N D S .

But it makes sense right?

Friends END on FRIDAYS.

Um. Yah.

These few days, I’ve been just so hit by friends. Friendships.

Firstly, Catherine Tan Shar Ling is leaving. Like. TODAY.

She’s going to Inti, Nilai, for A levels.

She got a scholarship (actually just tuition waver).

Sigh. So fast okay.

Rashdip’s GONE.

Cat’s GONE.

Next who??

Jae-Yenn, I’m waiting for you to leave! =P

Just been thinking here and there…

We won’t be that close anymore.

We won’t be hanging out so much together anymore.

Our life’s will be different.

We’ll be mixing with different people. Different situations.

Unlike the past.

Same friends. Same surroundings.

Mutual understanding of things/problems happening.

It’ll be so so so different from today.


I hate to say this, but well.



I really treasure those great 2 and a half years of friendship!

Plus those moments we had in completing the school magazine and Interact Club!

Ah. Time does pass fast eh.

LOVE YOU LOADS KAY! *with a muacks*


I just feel as if I lost a friend. Probably a nice friend?

It’s sad when there’s a line to be drawn. A limit to deeds and words.

I thought there was no need for all that.

But as days passes. Days of just being normal friends…

It gets scarier and scarier.

When unexpected things are done and “out of the world” Invitations offered.

Words betrayed. Trust lost.

Need it be this way?

It’s just supposed to be fun! Great!

Skrg sape yg rugi ni?

Ku ke kau?

And now, even my hand sighs. (Whatever that was supposed to mean)


I’m gonna have to leave Barney’s soon.

Yes. I’m talking about Barney’s AGAIN.


JPA results will be out during the second week of May.

And Form 6 will be starting on the third week of May, 12 May, Monday.

So, if I don’t get JPA, I’ll stop work on the 11th or 12th.

If I get JPA, I might stop work at the end of May or later (JPA intake at the end of June).

I’m just preparing myself to leave Barney’s…

although I’m hoping on JPA…

It’s like.

Relationships built… can just “disappear” the next moment.

It’s different when you already stop working.



Speaking of work…

There’s been this group of like 14 orang putih (from Austrialia and Austria) from Kor Colin’s company coming regularly to Barney’s. They come in a few groups at different times lah.

They came two days before, all of them, plus Kor Colin and around 5 of his fellow workers. I am glad I got to jaga their “function”. Had a lot of remembering to do, and multitasking… I’m still learning!

Ever since they have been coming, I’ve learnt that before their cup of beer is totally empty and they ask for another can of beer, it’s better get them another can of beer before they actually ask for another can of beer.

Why? Because, in customer service, you need to provide before the customer asks’. Like… being there to take an order before the customer calls. Okay, that’s my conclusion.

It wasn’t that obvious lah two days ago.

But yesterday when 7 of them came again… I took their orders… (oh yes, they were very happy to see me =P) All of them ate a large pizza each (craziness)… Drank beer… before their cup was empty, I just gave them more beer… Like open a can and put it on the table… And when I did that, they spoke some stuff in their language about me… and they laughed… (quite obvious they were talking about me lah). Next time I passed their table, one of them showed me his cup and said, “My cup is empty..” And a few of them laughed… Hahha.

Funny a not?

Don’t pretend to laugh for the sake of it… hahhha…

Anyway… I’m just telling you that it’s nice serving them lah.

And their bill for 7 people totaled up to around RM 350 (one person around RM 50)

7 large pizza’s, 21 cans of beer, 4 espressos.

Yes, beer is super expensive.

One can like RM 5 +


You read so long…

But it’s worth it right?

Of course…

Kau x kan rugi!

Psti punye!

Oh ye, klau kau gi sane ble ku de, orderkan brownies with ice-cream, sb ku suke sgt sgt wtkn tu!



Skrg ku nk msuk tdo!

Esk de byk kje nak wt!

Some updates.

Haven’t been blogging much since.. three days ago. Haha.

Nah, actually, on hal-hal peribadi lah haven’t post.

Okies, here we go!

1. I got my first half of April’s pay with overtime! =)

2. I broke a wine glass for the first time (every waiter/waitress gets a chance to break a wine glass, and everything else, from espresso cups to saucers. To hearts. haha!)

3. I realise that being in love makes a female become more ladylike! (Oh, shut up Yennie! It’s not a hint! hahha =P )

4. My Chinese is so bad… I didn’t know how to react to the customer’s super duper surprising reaction when I couldn’t get what he was saying in Chinese… so I just said I’m not 100% Chinese! Aiyoh. But well, I’m surviving.

5. I’m not chosen for Matriculation. Yay-ie and Boo-ie. Yay-ie ’cause I don’t have to decide. Boo-ie ’cause I feel so lousy. Rubbish right?

6. I’ve watched the hangat-hangat Death Note. Both the first and second one. But the translation not very good (borrowed from Cat). I hoped L would die… haha.. so bad huh. But if he didn’t have anything to do with the Death Note, I think he’ll die of diabetes!!! Bluekk to Gid =P

Oh yeah, there’s nothing wrong with it! Aiyoh-ness.

7. I’ve finish the whole series of Yu Hee, The Witch. Hahh, yes, it’s nice. Nicer than Princess Hour. So much more! Next one to aim, My Girl.

8. I’m sad when I hear that my friends are going to leave for further study =( Like Rash and Mark… And soon, Yennie! =( *sobs a bucketful*


A simple simple little 2 alphabet can just turn someone down. Hurt. And weird.


I’m learning.


In mind lately:

I’m just going for a climb in Gunung Lambak tomorrow at 8 am with my friends from Barney’s (2 girls and 2 guys). And they can just think a whole lot of things to worry about!

1. Don’t always go out with them, you might be Islamised.

2. Go so late? I don’t think there will be anyone. If there isn’t anyone, it will be very lonely.

3. What if someone comes and rob you all?

3. Even though there will be guys, a ‘parang’ is enough to scared you.


If can, don’t go lah.

My conclusion:

1. As irritating, as patient.

2. It’s just like Yenn’s mum saying, “When you cross the road, remember to hold hands.” (Might be paraphrased)

3. No wonder kids whose parents are super rich and famous don’t get to enjoy “life”.


*double triple fourple ish, with a smack on my forehead*