Okay. It’s actually F R I E N D S .

But it makes sense right?

Friends END on FRIDAYS.

Um. Yah.

These few days, I’ve been just so hit by friends. Friendships.

Firstly, Catherine Tan Shar Ling is leaving. Like. TODAY.

She’s going to Inti, Nilai, for A levels.

She got a scholarship (actually just tuition waver).

Sigh. So fast okay.

Rashdip’s GONE.

Cat’s GONE.

Next who??

Jae-Yenn, I’m waiting for you to leave! =P

Just been thinking here and there…

We won’t be that close anymore.

We won’t be hanging out so much together anymore.

Our life’s will be different.

We’ll be mixing with different people. Different situations.

Unlike the past.

Same friends. Same surroundings.

Mutual understanding of things/problems happening.

It’ll be so so so different from today.


I hate to say this, but well.



I really treasure those great 2 and a half years of friendship!

Plus those moments we had in completing the school magazine and Interact Club!

Ah. Time does pass fast eh.

LOVE YOU LOADS KAY! *with a muacks*


I just feel as if I lost a friend. Probably a nice friend?

It’s sad when there’s a line to be drawn. A limit to deeds and words.

I thought there was no need for all that.

But as days passes. Days of just being normal friends…

It gets scarier and scarier.

When unexpected things are done and “out of the world” Invitations offered.

Words betrayed. Trust lost.

Need it be this way?

It’s just supposed to be fun! Great!

Skrg sape yg rugi ni?

Ku ke kau?

And now, even my hand sighs. (Whatever that was supposed to mean)


I’m gonna have to leave Barney’s soon.

Yes. I’m talking about Barney’s AGAIN.


JPA results will be out during the second week of May.

And Form 6 will be starting on the third week of May, 12 May, Monday.

So, if I don’t get JPA, I’ll stop work on the 11th or 12th.

If I get JPA, I might stop work at the end of May or later (JPA intake at the end of June).

I’m just preparing myself to leave Barney’s…

although I’m hoping on JPA…

It’s like.

Relationships built… can just “disappear” the next moment.

It’s different when you already stop working.



Speaking of work…

There’s been this group of like 14 orang putih (from Austrialia and Austria) from Kor Colin’s company coming regularly to Barney’s. They come in a few groups at different times lah.

They came two days before, all of them, plus Kor Colin and around 5 of his fellow workers. I am glad I got to jaga their “function”. Had a lot of remembering to do, and multitasking… I’m still learning!

Ever since they have been coming, I’ve learnt that before their cup of beer is totally empty and they ask for another can of beer, it’s better get them another can of beer before they actually ask for another can of beer.

Why? Because, in customer service, you need to provide before the customer asks’. Like… being there to take an order before the customer calls. Okay, that’s my conclusion.

It wasn’t that obvious lah two days ago.

But yesterday when 7 of them came again… I took their orders… (oh yes, they were very happy to see me =P) All of them ate a large pizza each (craziness)… Drank beer… before their cup was empty, I just gave them more beer… Like open a can and put it on the table… And when I did that, they spoke some stuff in their language about me… and they laughed… (quite obvious they were talking about me lah). Next time I passed their table, one of them showed me his cup and said, “My cup is empty..” And a few of them laughed… Hahha.

Funny a not?

Don’t pretend to laugh for the sake of it… hahhha…

Anyway… I’m just telling you that it’s nice serving them lah.

And their bill for 7 people totaled up to around RM 350 (one person around RM 50)

7 large pizza’s, 21 cans of beer, 4 espressos.

Yes, beer is super expensive.

One can like RM 5 +


You read so long…

But it’s worth it right?

Of course…

Kau x kan rugi!

Psti punye!

Oh ye, klau kau gi sane ble ku de, orderkan brownies with ice-cream, sb ku suke sgt sgt wtkn tu!



Skrg ku nk msuk tdo!

Esk de byk kje nak wt!


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. yenn-ish
    Apr 24, 2008 @ 04:06:39

    ‘Jae-Yenn, I’m waiting for you to leave! =P’

    after i read that, i couldn’t concentrate on the rest of the post okay! tienhui! you really want me to leave??? WAAAAA… ;'( and i thought you loved me so!!!

    but anyway, after like, playing around with facebook, i returned. and oh yes, i continued reading your freaking long post and oh my god. so crappy la you! i mean. it’s not crap. but just… so full of shit hahaha. which is good and funny. more funny than good you know? cause it’s so crappy. okay so i’ll stop here, i know no one wants long comments. i mean, they’re just comments! i’m like starting my own blog here. but it’s you who made me like this. and friends end on fridays don’t make sense to me la. make sense meh!

    still love you! if you stop wanting me to leave.

    take care bye see you nights bye take care see you bye nights

  2. muffled
    Apr 24, 2008 @ 11:15:21


    Could you be any worst? Hahha!

    Kidding kidding… But got a bit of truth there la.

    I was being sarcastic lah when I said I couldn’t wait for you to leave. ‘Cause like everyone leaving mah. Hahh!

    Oi, crap and shit is the same meaning la!
    Adakah kata-kata anda satu repitasi?
    (Oh shoots! I’m starting to sound like you.)

    Anyway, it’s not my fault you’re starting a blog… it’s your brother’s idea that made you do it! Your travel blog… omgosh. I bet everyone will be LOLing so hard till they tear a bucketful =P

  3. aloysius
    Apr 24, 2008 @ 15:27:05

    hmmm.. haha.. jae yenn leaving … den klg will be more quiet .. opss.. jkjk.. hee..

  4. yenn-ish
    Apr 24, 2008 @ 20:54:34

    tien: what’s so funny, huh!? HAHAHA.

    aloysius: HAHAHA, so i shouldn’t leave kluang right? if not the place become more not happening, man! haaa.

  5. catzmeow
    Apr 25, 2008 @ 18:07:09

    hmmm i AM ON YOUR BLOG again!!! yeah! i wonder how much will i have to pay you for the advertising huh??? heeeee hey sad la dont want to leave but have to leave….hmmm friend end on friday??!! jae i sopport u ITS CRAP !!!! hahahaha ooops:X heee tien u dont want to friend us is it?? jae she dont want us la…..hmmmm lets gang up and pinggirkan woon tien hui!!!oooops:X heee

  6. catzmeow
    Apr 25, 2008 @ 18:14:12

    hey ya wat is jae yenn blog add ah?

  7. yenn-ish
    Apr 27, 2008 @ 20:46:30

    cat: hahaha, this reminds me of the time when we went out and she liked all the ‘ugly’ stuff, like those 90s jeans… btw, i do not have a blog! what makes you think i do man. haha.

  8. muffled
    Apr 29, 2008 @ 03:13:45

    “i’m like starting my own blog here.” Jae(dash)Yenn wrote… you were meaning the long comments is it?

    if you leave Kluang.. haha.. Singapore population will drop.. people will start dying of Jae(dash)Yenn’s disease =P hahaha

    i like all the “ugly” stuff?? when?

  9. muffled
    Apr 29, 2008 @ 03:15:19

    oh yeah, cat, you just have to pay me for a nice(dash)y nice time of grape(dash)ing!

  10. yenn-ish
    May 07, 2008 @ 02:13:11

    yes, i was.
    what’s the name of my disease la? what are the symptoms? heh heh.
    there… like when you like something. then me and cat think it isn’t nice. then when we think it’s nice, you don’t think so. therefore… you like the ”ugly” stuff! hahaha!

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