Hmm. Eden’s Day is coming soon!

Yesterday Pek Ying and I went to Pris’ house to prepare our YF games props. Firstly, I woke up late! We were supposed meet at 10 am. And I woke up at 10 am! That’s because Pek Ying called me… Secondly, I took 20 minutes to get myself and all my stuff ready (including the styrofoam)… left the house… when I reached the round about, I realised that I forgot to bring the styrofoam along! And the styrofoam was like… the main thing!

So I ended up going to Jeanette’s house first, to get the styrofoam cutter, then back home to get the styrofoam, then to the shops to get batteries for the styrofoam cutter, and finally, to Pris’ house… which I reached like at 11 am? Hahha!

It’s like a waste of petrol going up and down because of forgetful me! =(


Hmm. My siblings will be coming back this week.

Now that I’m the only child left with two rooms to use… that simply makes more things to clear, more clothes to fold and keep away…

But it’s okay… ’cause it is nice to have them back! =D (at times it’s nice to be the youngest child =P)

I have no idea why, but these few days I just keep thinking of how great my siblings are! How I’m so different from them… Must be some sort of “sibling pressure” hahahaha.

Okay… like.. both of them were President/Vice President in Form Six Student Council.. Presidents in CF… Wahhh… And like… they can happily do office work, stay in the office… do paper work… but me, I can’t tahan loh! I’ll probably be making paper boats there… hahha. But when I think of them working like at Barney’s or some sort of that kind… hahha, it’s funny… I’ll be lucky enough not to be their customers! Hahahahaha…. =P

Well, like Mummy says, everyone is different. She can’t imagine me working in an office ’cause I’ll be sleeping there with the air-con and neither can she imagine my siblings working at Barney’s.


Hmm. JPA results are coming out, Form 6 is starting.

Pass few weeks I’ve been so gila about wanting to get JPA (even dreamt that I got it! I didn’t even dream of my SPM results! Or SPM itself!)… But now, I can say that I am prepared not to get it. I mean, I will be disappointed for sure, but I guess I’ve learnt how to accept not being able to get it. I mean, it’s better to accept it now than when the real results comes out, right. It’s less the “hassle”.

I’ve been telling God that if it is His will for me to get it, I will go. If I don’t, then it’s not His will for me to go. I don’t know if God gets tired of listening to us… I know He doesn’t lah. Hahha. But imagine, my parents pray that I will get it, and some other people pray that I won’t get it. Hahha! I wonder what God’s thinking =P

Some things I can’t wait if I go for Form 6… Getting school uniform, wearing it and orientation week! I don’t know why everyone seems to hate wearing school uniform… but I really find it nice loh!



Hmm. I have exactly 10 more working days at Barney’s.

Hahha! Are you bored my tales of Barney’s?

I am counting down to my days left!

It’s sad to leave, but oh. I will have to leave anyway. Whether then or then then.

I feel weird. When I told Mummy that I was prepared enough if I don’t get JPA and prepared enough to leave Barney’s, I wanted to cry! It’s like my heart was so “heavy”. Deep inside it’s like bleeding.

Then I decided to tie it with a rubber band to stop the bleeding. But the rubber band broke. So I put a plaster. But it wasn’t sticky enough. Then I added honey on the plaster. And Naza came.


Oh yeah, I got tipped RM 6! Gosh, it’s the most tips I’ve personally received! And yes, it’s from those Australians! Served them again last Sunday =D


Here’s the peribahasa for the week:

Tak kenal, maka tak cinta.

And here’s the chorus of the day:

KRU – Jangan Lafazkan

Jangan lafazkannya
Hasrat di jiwa
Oh kerana ia kan menambah luka
Biar ku sendiri mengubati hati
Jangan lafaz kau sudah membenci


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. yenn-ish
    May 07, 2008 @ 02:08:36

    i laughed out loud when you said you’d be making paperboats! that is so you la, tien.
    and about the uniform? i feel the same way too lor!! 😀
    and… oh, naza! haha.
    anyway tien, i think we’re on the same boat? but i wish you all the best:)!
    had fun with you today… kisses!

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