Two Weeks of School.

One week of orientation.
The other week of scoldings.

Orientation week was fun! I enjoyed it.
Besides listening to all those talks given, we did group activities everyday.
We even got to sit in an air-conditioned hall!

Though we had to wear those big manila-card-tied-with-raffia-string name tags around our necks the whole week through, it didn’t matter to me, but it mattered to some of my friends… Which I found it a bit irritating when they kept complaining about that tag! Hah.

We did group persembahan, my group did an Indian dance. Simple one lah. We got number 6 or 7 (out of 12 groups), but we could have got top 5, if we wore outside clothes. I mean, the dance was in a classroom scene, so we just wore school uniform and seledang to perform. We scored highest for kerjasama kumpulan and zero for pakaian.

Other than that… we created our group name, motto, logo, group tepukan and lagu.

Left down to right down: Amirul Ariffin (leader), Bao Ching (was laughing cos she heard the Chicken Dance music), Renuka, Sheila, Hazirah, Me, Pathma, Shazereen.

Name: Dream Team (Amirul’s idea)

Motto: The more we dream, the better we are (My idea, but I was actually joking when I gave that idea. Hahha!)

Logo: (My idea too)

Tepukan: (Shazereen’s idea + NS influence)

Lagu: (Joined effort)

Dad keep saying, “Pre-U already still do this kind of things ah…” Hahha. Sheila and I even went to Amirul’s house in Sunrise Park to finish up the logo together! But too bad we didn’t win anything. There was only one prize anyway. Haha.

Second week was freaky and ridiculous!

Hari Selasa aku kena tegur oleh cikgu dua kali! Kali pertama waktu rehat. Guru kelas suruh saya hantarkan senarai nama pelajar lelaki dan perempuan bila semua dah habis tulis nama kat kertas. Jadi waktu rehat saya ngn member pegila cari mane bilik guru. First kita pgi pejabat tanya mne bilik guru. Kerani kat sane pun tau kita 6 Bawah baru masok, tpi muka pun muram btul! Dhlah x bg direction yg jelas. Hanye ckp, pegi tgok blok sane. Blok sane blok mane?! Wahhliaooehh…

Okay. Bila dah hampir kat bilik guru, 2 org guru keluar. Kita smua tgah mkn. Saya jln last skali. Guru pertama lalu kita saje. Guru kedua tegur sy! Die tanye, “Haiwan mane yg mkn sambil jln?” Aku terkejut! Mane ade guru tiba-tiba tanye mcm tu? Sy senyap je la, kata xtau. Guru tu kata, “Ayam kn, ayam saje yg mkn sambil jln…” Lepas die ckp ngn saya, die terus jln saje.. Entahle knape… Mkn sambil jln pun salah ke? Mane ade peraturan sek mcm tu? Ishh…

Lepas rehat kat dewan, guru kaunseling panggil smua ketua kump sb nk berikn tajuk-tajuk pidato. Masa tu ade 2 org guru lain kat dewan. Smua ketua kump kat depan catatkn tajuk… sambil menunggu ketua kump, kita smua pun cakap la… Then seorg guru ambik mike, suruh kita cakap slow skit.. Tapi smua pun wt bodoh xdgr… sambung wt bising.

Tiba-tiba guru tu dtg ke arah sy… ingatkn die nak lalu je… tapi die tanye aku kuat-kuat, “What are you talking about? Is it so important that you need to speak so loudly?” Pd hal masa tu member tgh tanye knape harga kiddy set kat Barney’s mahal sgt… Xtau nak jawab cikgu tu ke x… Xkan nk bg tau sy tgh ckp psl Barney’s.. pelik.. Tapi die mcm tunggu je jwpn sye… So sy jwb je la, “I was talking about Barney’s.” Muka die pun mcm xtau pe tu Barney’s. Hahha..

Die mula la kata, “I was watching you since just now and you just can’t stop talking.. Do you need to talk so loud… (dah lupe die kata pe lg)” Masa tu aku fikir, ade ke sy ckp x henti-henti? Ade ke sy ckp kuat sgt? Klau kuat pasti de org yg kn senyapkn ku ni… Bukannye ku ckp kuat sgt sampai die kt depan tu blh dgr… Atau.. mungkin reaksi aku tu besar, jd nmpak ku tgh ckp kuat-kuat…

Malu btul! Smua org masa tu tgok ku! Best la klau jd penontonnye… Haihh… Dewan senyap je… Hanya blh dgr suara guru tu ngn aku! Smua ahli kump ku yg duduk tepi-tepi ku pun kata sy x ckp kuat-kuat! Fed up btul la!

Hari Khamis pulak, kita org kena marah sb msk kelas dulu sblm lagu Negaraku dimainkn dan doa dibacakn. Dahla tingkat 4 xdpt dgr ape-ape sb xde speaker. Pengumuman smua hari-hari sblmnye pun xdpt dgr sb smua org kat luar bising je. De hari yg kita dgr lagu, de plk hari yg xdgr langsung.

Smua 6 Bawah kena turun ke pentas kat carpark dan nyanyi lagu Negaraku. Tiba-tiba guru yg marah pun kata kuat-kuat, “Hey girl, why are you talking? Convent didn’t teach you manners is it?”. Pd hal, bukannye bdak Convent yg ckp! Entah bdak sek mane… Pe ah!!

Yes, I don’t like people insulting my alma mater!

Anyways, here’s some photos of school:

In the hall…

Keat Kang with the name tag during recess.

Persembahan Kumpulan

Group that won first place.

Group that won second place.

We had a simple jamuan during recess.

Teacher’s Day. Sitting by the cover walkway.

Teacher’s performing as a band. Not bad lah.

By the way, that’s Encik Selamat, who was our SPM Ketua Pengawas.

Lee Tian Woon, Ketua Pengawas.

Hahha. Sorry, no decent photo of him.

Well, this photo actually proves that he’s doing his job =P

He knows me ‘cos “all” the teachers say that his inversed name reminds them of a good student named Woon Tien Li. Haha. And fortunately or unfortunately, I am her sister.

Zarena and I

Zarena, Faten, Nellie

Group presentation

SMS-ing =P

Phrase/Line of the two weeks:

S.M.K.T.H.O… teguh megah sekolah kami…

Besides being tegur-ed, I’m finally enjoying my freedom from “discipline”.

Yes, I’m actually enjoying it.

After two long suffering years.


*phew* akhrnye siap jugak!

Smua gmbr2 yg diambik kat Barney’s blhle dilihat bila tekan SINI!

It took me so long just to compile all those photos! But it’s worth my patience =)

Sbnrnyekn, sye nk crita dlm BM… tapi lpas fikir2 byk kali… sori, xjd!

Here’s an overall view of what I’ve got from work…

1. Malay Lifestyle (speaking of the other side, what I’ve never seen before)

– Slow and easy, cukup mkn cukup. Which actually explains why most of them never make it big when they open a shop. Keep opening late, closing early (not to condemn, but it’s a fact). 10 minutes to closing time can really make a huge difference! Within that 10 minutes 2-8 customers can walk in the shop!

– All the guys smoke. At such a young age they start smoking! Some even start at 12 years old! This is the most bothering issue to me! If they live up to 50 years old, that would be 38 years of smoking! Imagine their lungs! Imagine how much $$ wasted! One pack per day, maybe more than just one pack (one pack consists of 9 cigarette buds, costs around 5-6 bucks). On the side note, I never got a chance to hold a cigarette bud! They don’t even let me hold the cigarette box? Hahha. In school I was wondering, how many lower six has already started smoking… how can they tahan not smoking during school hours?

– Payroll. Money come, spend. It’s normal to take advanced pay. We get our pay every half a month and end of the month. And yet, they still have to take advanced pay? Oh, not enough? Have to borrow from people? Hahha.

– Education. Most of the kitchen people (I think all of them), after Form 5 they straight away start working. Wah, the jobs they had last time… so many different jobs.. hoping from one job to another… When I got my SPM results, one of them asked, “Ade fail x?” Which means that failing is common to them. After they heard that I got 9A’s for SPM… two of them asked, “Tien, cita-cita nak jdi ape? Doktor eh?” Haha. It’s weird, ’cause it’s like sooo good for them… and when I’m in the midst of those going for JPA interview… it’s like nothing compared to theirs! Hahha. But anyhow, I am satisfied with my results.

Ah. There’s so much more to say, but the rest are just “work politics”. Hahha.

2. My Chinese has improved!

Going back to school… speaking Chinese… all my friends say that my Chinese has improved! Yayyie! =D

3. I’ve learnt how to read Malay text messages!

It’s not that easy ‘cos they type following the way the word sounds.

4. History on the Today’s Special Menu board!

Writing it everyday can really make me run out of ideas. Hahha. But I enjoyed it anyhow. And it’s sometimes different from the usual (it’s a fact). Hahha! During Mother’s Day, I was privileged to work on a brand new board with Abg Najib =) He’s good too!

5. Time

I don’t know why Barney’s punch card machine is 5 minutes faster.

Conclusion: If you don’t want to continue studying after high school, make sure you have enough skills to work a job that will pay you a real degree holder’s pay. If you can only earn less than 1000 a month, forget it. Go study. And study hard!

Facing Reality?

After two long busy tiring days at work… finally!

After weeks and days of waiting for tawaran JPA… finally!


I’m done with work. I so darn miss it already! (oh, it’s like just 1 hour and 45 minutes since I left work!) It was fun though! Last two days of work. Being busy… I mean, I actually like it loh! Fellow workers my age going to Form 6 will still be working! One during the week. Two during the weekend. It’s not fair! How can I work during the weekends when I have YF and church??! =(

I’m done with JPA? I guess so. Might be appealing again. Yes, I didn’t get it.

Tomorrow.. today, in fact, I’m heading to SMKTHO. Oh my. School. They (Barney’s people) were all teasing me going back to school! Not being able to wake up! Buying my school shoes like just yesterday (Sunday)?! So last minute loh!

Trademarks of Tien Hui. Doing every important preparation last minute! It’s a super duper bad habit of mine!

Okies. I need to sleep. I need to wake up early. Hahha! That’s like… been ages!

Photos at work will be up… soon!


She makes me go, “BOOM”.

It’s so so so so so so so so super duper irritating!!!!!

I’m, trying so hard to tahan her.

Her voice of bossiness!

As if she’s so damn great…

Her silly simple instructions!

When we all know what to do…


Yesterday all I kept asking myself, “How can I love her? How can it ever be possible?”

It stretches my limit. My patience. My brain.

Yet, I still have to put a smile on her, on the customers.

And talk to her.



Yesterday was so “BOOM”!

No water, and so everyone comes to Barney’s?

I worked over time yesterday because there were two functions, one with 30 people and the other with 20 people.

Speed speed speed without being careless and clumsy.

Guy who made drinks almost went crazy because there’s no water!

So susah!

And there were so many many many customers that after the 30 people function at the “VIP” side, another 3 tables of customers were waiting to be served. Just after clearing the function loh!

Kitchen people also had a pretty hard time, so busy until the dishwasher guy had to help the kitchen and the plates! Oh! You should have seen the mountains of plates! and cutlery! All piled outside the kitchen…

And the customers of course shouldn’t be seeing those piles of plates outside…

So I quickly cleared the plates, dispose of all those sisa-sisa makanan on the plates, then stack the plates and bring them to the kitchen… And I wanted to be fast since there were so many plates… but they were so damn LIGHT HEAVY! Some more I did it a few rounds! If I do it everyday I can build mussels muscles loh!

Ina saw me and told her that she’ll take over… And later on told me that she saw my muka satu macam, so she offered to take over. Haha!

Yesterday was so tiring! So crazy!

Some more had to sweep and mop the whole shop… which was so so dirty.

But funny, I felt happy and satisfied when I was doing all that =D

Yes, satisfied =DDDDDD !


Waiting for it makes me so wanna “BOOM”!

JPA results is supposed to be out this week. They didn’t even say exactly which day! And everyday I have to check their website! And I don’t know if I will still be working till this week a not because I haven’t got the JPA results! And and and and urghhhh!


This Sunday is Mother’s Day!

Surely gonna be crazy crazy crazy at Barney’s!

Thank goodness Epul is gonna work on Saturday and Sunday! =D

Phrase of the week:

Dose tau…

Song of the day:

Khafi – Fantasi Cinta

Dulu kita angankan cinta sehebat kisah lagenda
Aku laksamana engkau puteri di gunung kita bersemadi
Kau aku cinta itulah kata terakhir buat diriku
Jiwa gelisah kita terpisah akan aku tebus dirimu

Cinta kita berdua memang tiada penghalangnya
Sekukuh tembok batu pasti juga kan runtuh ku rempuh
Cinta kita berdua seluas langit tanpa hujungnya
Takkan tercari semua terletak di hati

Mereka bilang cintakan hilang sebelum kau temu yang baru
Jika tu benar tak terciptalah puisi ini untuk dirimu
Kau pejam mata fantasi cinta guna mata ketigamu
Aku pimpinmu terbang ke sana tuju istana rahsia

Hulurkan tanganmu jika kau terjatuh
Ku di sini untukmu… (ku di sini untukmu)
Kau bersedialah untuk menerima
Cinta yang takkan luntur…