She makes me go, “BOOM”.

It’s so so so so so so so so super duper irritating!!!!!

I’m, trying so hard to tahan her.

Her voice of bossiness!

As if she’s so damn great…

Her silly simple instructions!

When we all know what to do…


Yesterday all I kept asking myself, “How can I love her? How can it ever be possible?”

It stretches my limit. My patience. My brain.

Yet, I still have to put a smile on her, on the customers.

And talk to her.



Yesterday was so “BOOM”!

No water, and so everyone comes to Barney’s?

I worked over time yesterday because there were two functions, one with 30 people and the other with 20 people.

Speed speed speed without being careless and clumsy.

Guy who made drinks almost went crazy because there’s no water!

So susah!

And there were so many many many customers that after the 30 people function at the “VIP” side, another 3 tables of customers were waiting to be served. Just after clearing the function loh!

Kitchen people also had a pretty hard time, so busy until the dishwasher guy had to help the kitchen and the plates! Oh! You should have seen the mountains of plates! and cutlery! All piled outside the kitchen…

And the customers of course shouldn’t be seeing those piles of plates outside…

So I quickly cleared the plates, dispose of all those sisa-sisa makanan on the plates, then stack the plates and bring them to the kitchen… And I wanted to be fast since there were so many plates… but they were so damn LIGHT HEAVY! Some more I did it a few rounds! If I do it everyday I can build mussels muscles loh!

Ina saw me and told her that she’ll take over… And later on told me that she saw my muka satu macam, so she offered to take over. Haha!

Yesterday was so tiring! So crazy!

Some more had to sweep and mop the whole shop… which was so so dirty.

But funny, I felt happy and satisfied when I was doing all that =D

Yes, satisfied =DDDDDD !


Waiting for it makes me so wanna “BOOM”!

JPA results is supposed to be out this week. They didn’t even say exactly which day! And everyday I have to check their website! And I don’t know if I will still be working till this week a not because I haven’t got the JPA results! And and and and urghhhh!


This Sunday is Mother’s Day!

Surely gonna be crazy crazy crazy at Barney’s!

Thank goodness Epul is gonna work on Saturday and Sunday! =D

Phrase of the week:

Dose tau…

Song of the day:

Khafi – Fantasi Cinta

Dulu kita angankan cinta sehebat kisah lagenda
Aku laksamana engkau puteri di gunung kita bersemadi
Kau aku cinta itulah kata terakhir buat diriku
Jiwa gelisah kita terpisah akan aku tebus dirimu

Cinta kita berdua memang tiada penghalangnya
Sekukuh tembok batu pasti juga kan runtuh ku rempuh
Cinta kita berdua seluas langit tanpa hujungnya
Takkan tercari semua terletak di hati

Mereka bilang cintakan hilang sebelum kau temu yang baru
Jika tu benar tak terciptalah puisi ini untuk dirimu
Kau pejam mata fantasi cinta guna mata ketigamu
Aku pimpinmu terbang ke sana tuju istana rahsia

Hulurkan tanganmu jika kau terjatuh
Ku di sini untukmu… (ku di sini untukmu)
Kau bersedialah untuk menerima
Cinta yang takkan luntur…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jemmie
    May 10, 2008 @ 12:24:22

    wow..stressful job huh..

  2. muffled
    May 12, 2008 @ 01:25:52

    haha. stressful, but funful too. =D next time work there ok? haha!

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