Facing Reality?

After two long busy tiring days at work… finally!

After weeks and days of waiting for tawaran JPA… finally!


I’m done with work. I so darn miss it already! (oh, it’s like just 1 hour and 45 minutes since I left work!) It was fun though! Last two days of work. Being busy… I mean, I actually like it loh! Fellow workers my age going to Form 6 will still be working! One during the week. Two during the weekend. It’s not fair! How can I work during the weekends when I have YF and church??! =(

I’m done with JPA? I guess so. Might be appealing again. Yes, I didn’t get it.

Tomorrow.. today, in fact, I’m heading to SMKTHO. Oh my. School. They (Barney’s people) were all teasing me going back to school! Not being able to wake up! Buying my school shoes like just yesterday (Sunday)?! So last minute loh!

Trademarks of Tien Hui. Doing every important preparation last minute! It’s a super duper bad habit of mine!

Okies. I need to sleep. I need to wake up early. Hahha! That’s like… been ages!

Photos at work will be up… soon!


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  1. wks
    May 14, 2008 @ 22:38:49


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