Like… hello??!

1. It’s not a norm to walk and eat during recess.
No one does that, except Convent girls!
Hahha, and our friends (from our other schools) even gave remarks, like, “Makan sambil jalan boleh kenyang ke?” when they saw us.

2. Co-ed schools are sexist? Hahha.
I mean, why do they always have to ask the guys to carry stuff?
Or maybe I should ask, why are most girls from co-ed schools weak? =P

And, why do guys always get a free haircut?
Not fair right, girls don’t get a chance… Never gets a chance?

3. Is it necessary to have so many discipline teachers in a school?
It’s not as if the school is more strict also…

4. Urgh. Announcements through the speakers when class is on?
*deep beep sound* “Assalaimulaikum dan selamat sejahtera. Maaf menggangu. Di sini ada beberapa pengumuman… Ulang lagi sekali…”
Hahha. At least it would wake someone who’s falling asleep in class.

5. School so big…

…facilities so hebat, and so hard to use a Makmal Ciber after school.
…teachers so many, and so hard to find them.

Can actually ulang-alik from the class to the Staff Room starting after recess, 10.10 pm until 1.15 pm and they are no where to be seen! It’s incredible I tell you! Like… Magic! *a big wahhh… and drools*

Oh my. It’s not that I have cultural shock or anything lah
Just some funny observations to amuse my day in school. Hahha.

And yeah, I just started school (masuk kelas) and I feel so stressed!
So many things… It’s not just studies… I mean, that’s just 40% loh.

Anyways, where was that berhenti sign again?

Oh yeah, I forgot, I can’t find a person who uses sign-language.



It’s an irony when we suddenly find ourselves having compassion on people when natural disasters happen.

Where does our compassion go when we read the newspapers or hear little news of a child being raped?

A foreign worker wrongly acused and has to pay a heavy penalty for it?

A wife stabbed to death by her husband?

Everyday hearing and reading of such.

Has it blinded us and made us deaf?

Have we lost our true feelings?

Or are we just moved by images we see?

They may have lost their possesion. Others may have lost their dignity.


Some moments i justĀ  wish it could last forever

and some moments i just wish it could end right then.

Wanting forever, it ends like snapping my finger

wanting endings, it prolongs.

Would I find an end, like how one suffocates to death?

Is it unknown to keep doing and being and loose one’s self?

To pretend not knowing that what you feel isn’t real at all?

To imagine tears but not actually crying?

I want everything to stop.

I want to hold up “BERHENTI” signs all over my life and right in front of people’s faces.

Please stop.

Please stop me from stopping?