Back! Back! Back!

Wahh.. After days of waiting for Yenn-ie to be back in Kluang…

Yayy! Finally got to see her. Hear her voice.

What a privilege! Hahha =P

Well, since I didn’t get to post about her going off to Singapore..

I’ll just say something about her back in Kluang.

First of all, the waiting. Don’t know why everything seems to be associated with her coming back… Like. Eating waffle stick. Cat wanting to eat mash potato. Watching movie. And, a conversation between Cat and I on the way to tuition after passing by BCB:

“What kind of fashion people have nowadays?”

“Ya loh, wah, imagine Jae-Yenn having her own clothes line.”

“Ya ya, then open her own boutique.”

“Then her boutique and clothes line can be named ‘Yenn-ie’.”

“Wahh… I help her settle all the paper work and laws to abide. Then you help her design her shop.”

“But what I can do she also can do. Ah, I know. I help her advertise!”

“Ya, okay okay… So cool right? Three of us…”


Secondly. There isn’t secondly. Hahh.

Yes. Miss you we do. I do.

Okay. Better stop talking about her before she becomes perasan pulak =P

Next up.

Shaiful Nazreen. My ex-classmate who sat beside me.

He left during the first week of July. Sad loh. No one who bersemangat when ucap-ing teacher and no one to play lame teka-teki with!

Miss him lah. Still remember the day he left Kluang (after a week he stopped school), during his journey to KL we played teka-teki lehh! So nice after not having him in class for like so long! Wahhaha…

Yeah. Met up with him after meeting up with Yenn-ie (supposedly with Syafiq too, but his relatives came that day so he couldn’t join us).


Guys in my class… So look so cool… And we just had to call all of the guys to tangkap gambar, and they just stand where they are and smile!

Us and Shaiful

Malay classmates

Bao Ching’s Bday

Cat’s Bday

Class photo for school magazine.

Picture taken using Deshon’s handphone to set as wallpaper secretly =P

Berceramah-ing during MPP Elections

After elections


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. yenn-ish
    Aug 19, 2008 @ 00:29:25


    ha ha. perasan banyak. hearing my voice – a privilege! HAHAHA! but can you put the better picture or not??? HAIHYO.
    eh, i didn’t eat waffle when i went back!!!!1!!1!! the waffle here is like, $1.80 can?? so insane. cis!

    anyway, pity we couldn’t meet here that day;D haha, next time!


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