Kopi! Kopi! You cheetahs!!

A role of every student, as everyone knows, is to study.

But what is a student’s role when they see things not supposed to be happening… happening?

Follow the trend of wrong doing?

Report to the teachers?

Advise their friends?

Here’s some of what John and Xue Qi wrote on their blogs:

“My classmates have been cheating and copying answers here and there, some went to the toilet to meet up and exchange answers. It makes me angry. And I admit, I nearly wanted to cheat. But I did not. It makes me angry, it irritates me, it’s even sickening when the person pass and here you are mourning over your results.”

“I think, you guys should stop cheating!

Now, for some case study.

Case 1:
F is 18 years old. He has been copying during exams since he was 16. Copying for him has become such a norm until his face does not show guilt when he copies. During SPM, he even tried to copy. He almost succeeded, until the invigilator caught him bringing notes inside the hall. That was his first warning.

Still, he managed to enter to Form 6. After the first Form 6 test, news about him copying during the test was spread everywhere by students of his class. They of course, saw it unfair and wrong for such doing. Now all the Form 6 teachers know that he copies.

When it was closer to the final year exam, the teachers warned the students against copying time and time again. Yet, when the final year exam was going on for two weeks, F had his ways of copying. This time, not only F, but a few of his friends too copied.

All the teachers knew who copies. They had two weeks to gather a least one proof that F copies. Today, after the final year exam, F still is free to go around, copying.

Case 2:
E is 17 years old. He has never copied before during exams. He knows that copying is wrong. SPM trials were around the corner. He tried his best to stuff in as much knowledge he cans into his brains.

As almost every student does, E worried a whole lot. Whether he was going to be able to finish all his studying in time, whether he’ll be able to answer all the questions well, and whether he’ll get a good satisfying results at the end. When E talked to people, all he seemed to talk was about studies. It just seemed as if studies were the only thing on his mind.

SPM trials have started. It was Additional Mathematics paper that day. E’s favorite subject. As usual, E would keep working on those math’s problems from the time they started until the last minute of the exam. This time, it was different. Halfway through, E was disturbed by his friend, J, sited behind him.

J asked him how to solve number one. It was a linear equation. How was E supposed to tell J how to solve it? So E decided to leave him alone. But unfortunately, J doesn’t give up easily. J kept pushing E’s chair with his leg, begging E to pass him E’s answer sheets.

E couldn’t stand J anymore. It was not only disturbing him, but also irritating him, no matter how many times he told J to stop. E could not inform the teacher because she would not care less either. In the end, as the last resort, E gave most of his answer sheets to J.

Other cases:

G takes out his thick Physics reference book (combination of Form 4 and Form 5), puts it on his table and starts copying. The teacher, who was getting ready to get out of the class, saw it. Period.

L sits right behind in class. He passes his answer sheet to his friend. But guess where it lands up? Right in front.

When I heard and encounter of such cases, it comes to my mind:

1. What are the teachers doing?
2. What is the principal doing?
3. What can students who see do?
4. What’s happening to schools?

Here’s my thought:

1. What are teachers doing?
Turning a blind eye to a wrong doing? Because they do not want too much hassle?

Simply getting a nice pay with a half day job and with lots of holidays?

And forgetting what it means to educate a child holistically?

2. What is the principal doing?

Sitting in his nice comfortable air-conditioned office everyday?

Asking school teachers to sit outside the classroom to invigilate? I mean, sit outside the classroom?

Talking crap during assemblies? Asking if they miss school? Continue talking about perpaduan kaum? And not warning and lectures on misbehaves of the two boys standing in front of the whole assembly?

3. What can students who see do?
Report to the teacher?

Endanger your life? No one will hang out with you? A goodie guy as a nickname?

4. What’s happening to schools?
Like Trojan eating up your computer?


There’s so much to blame on the school.

I just can’t stand it. (yes, go get me a chair)

It irritates me like crazy!

How can principles to start with, be such useless leaders of the school?

I mean, it’s half a year in that school. And I have not even, for once seen the principal just taking a walk round the school! The only time I got close to the principal was when I was upstage for MPPPU installation. That’s it. C’mon. Where’s that personal interaction with your students?

Okay. I use to hate it when Pn Tan kept coming to my class last year. Complaining about every single thing in my class. From the noise we make to the speck of dust on the windows. But, isn’t that the way? At least I know that my principal CARES.

And if cheating comes to the knowledge of Pn Tan, it would mean that the whole school would know what happened from A to Z. Lectures, warnings would be given. Not only by the principal, but by every other teacher who stands in front and leads assembly (we have assembly every morning).

Everyday the same lecture by different sources for two weeks before it cools down. If the culprit is in your class, thanks to her. Lectures would be every period in one same day. Class teacher would even purposely come to class and shoot us.

Teachers get punishment when we have our exams in my current school. They have to sit outside. How can they watch the students when they’re sitting outside? They can even start talking with the teacher from the next class outside. And then blame that students copy. Oh yeah. Maybe if they didn’t talk so much, they would be able to stop them from copying.

I really hate it when teachers blame the students 200% for copying. Yes, it’s part of the student’s fault. But as a teacher, you’re supposed to prevent it from happening! And by the way, when you talk, it not only gives a chance for them to copy, but you’re disturbing the rest of the students sitting for exams!

If I get low marks, can I please blame you for disturbing me? Oh, you righteous teacher?!

A student, H, was caught for bringing his handphone during exams. Teacher caught H even though he was sited at the next class (in the exam hall). Great achievement, teacher! But the thing is, H also copies. Oh, it’s a real wonder that you caught H for bringing his phone and not copying! I truly am… amazed!

“Doing the right thing will always cause you something.
So what can I do?
Report to teacher? I would love to, so that they can get a piece of what’s coming.”

Can a student tell a teacher that so and so copied?

Should we give grace to cheaters? A second chance?

Do we dare to tell, knowing what can happen to us if we do?

And, can a teacher be trusted?

I mean, even when the teachers knew, the copying still when on. Without the cheaters been caught in action. I tell you; those cheaters must be so so so so damn skillful!

Yes. I can keep going on and on. Save that for next time okay?

I’m just trying to get this off my chest.

I’m so damn fed up with the school.

“Why do you go to school?”

A frequent question people ask.

It seems to be that all replies to that question are the same,

“To study.”

And maybe that’s something called: Textbook answer.

Korkor believes that we go to school because we have money. True enough?

Yeah. Very true indeed.

Aside from that, is there any other reason?

I mean, do we go to school

to get frustrated with our classmates?

to become disappointed with our teachers?

to curse the whole education system?

How can our reason of going to school be: to study?

When principals do not stress on what’s necessary?

When the teacher’s don’t enter class?

When textbooks are undependable?

When all the A’s are because students study at home themselves?

And therefore to satisfy myself, let me echo my Dad:

When there’s a strict and displined head, everything would have to be strict and orderly.

Yeah. Feel free to voice out.

Tom, Dick and Harry

Which Tom, Dick and Harry would say that everything is easy?

Even Tom finds it a hard time to catch Jerry…

Dick’s trying his best to accept that his name is continued with an ‘ens’…

Harry on the other hand, struggles to earn a living as a potter…

Oh well.

I guess some time or another we need to learn how to cope when:

We’re lost in a crowd of

people who can achieve better than we do.

people who can put their thoughts and ideas in a visible form.

I guess too, that we all need maps in a crowd.


I don’t know why I got so nervous and panicked during Thursday’s paper, Makroekonomi. And I don’t know why the whole school is so noisy even when PMR and Lower 6 examinations are going on.

Yes, it reminds me of Puan Tan who sends a letter to each house behind Convent, asking them to tone down during PMR and SPM.

A world of difference.

I’m not complaining. I’m just informing you that there’s another world behinds your own world; a different world.

And by the way,

if TNB is a person, he would be living in Bandar Raya Elektri.

(Hope you get me. But please, don’t catch me with a butterfly net. Inter net might help instead.)

Kiddy Meal.

Exams have started. Marks the end of lower six.

It’s sometimes crazy when what you’ve studied is imparted into day-to-day jokes in school.

I guess those are simply what you call: Survival skills.

As for kids…

I’m somehow “shocked”.

I mean. Like. It’s nice to play with them and manjekan them…

But when it comes to disciplining and controlling them, I’m lost.

I can’t understand why they do certain things, or react in such a way.

Instead of telling them what they ought, I end up staring at them with a “my goodness”.

Times in CBC now are just so different than when I was in CBC.

Well, the big difference is me?


I hope I’ll be able to handle my kids.

Under my rule.



One of the positives of having kids:

When you go to Barney’s for a meal, the Kiddy Meal has the equal amount of food with a normal portion. And for a cheaper price, the Kiddy Meal comes together with a iced lemon tea and ice cream!


My friend who worked in Barney’s last time came back for Raya. So I went out with her just a few hours ago. And yes, after that, we dropped by Barney’s.

Hehhe. Somehow, our hearts are still there =D

Great to see some of them there.

Ranjit’s even back! Like. Since a month ago? Wow.

The rest.. we haven’t met for like. A long time?

Just a simple drop by can bring so many memories back.

And so does the teasing. And inside jokes.


Oh well.

Know what?

I’m really really super duper thankful and glad that I have a group of Malay friends. And not just that. A group of friends whom I feel comfortable with. I mean, they’re so down to earth! I can just talk to them about anything and everything, there’s no need to set a status or a standard. They don’t act as if they have class, they are just who they are! Open and friendly and simple.

I bet you’ll understand what I mean when you’ve met people who set a standard for themselves. Like who they can talk with and who they can’t.

Hahha. Yes, I menghargai them now. Since. Experiences in Form 6 =P

As for studies…

You know they say that: It’s the thought that counts.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way with studies.


One week of holidays…
It’s not how many hours I have…
It’s how much I put into those hours.

But my brain’s slow. I take ages to do a chapter.

Like. From stone age to pendekatan kontengensi.



Someone’s a [muffled] fraud on my msn.


(I’m not a cry wolf)

(but a sob wolf)