My friend who worked in Barney’s last time came back for Raya. So I went out with her just a few hours ago. And yes, after that, we dropped by Barney’s.

Hehhe. Somehow, our hearts are still there =D

Great to see some of them there.

Ranjit’s even back! Like. Since a month ago? Wow.

The rest.. we haven’t met for like. A long time?

Just a simple drop by can bring so many memories back.

And so does the teasing. And inside jokes.


Oh well.

Know what?

I’m really really super duper thankful and glad that I have a group of Malay friends. And not just that. A group of friends whom I feel comfortable with. I mean, they’re so down to earth! I can just talk to them about anything and everything, there’s no need to set a status or a standard. They don’t act as if they have class, they are just who they are! Open and friendly and simple.

I bet you’ll understand what I mean when you’ve met people who set a standard for themselves. Like who they can talk with and who they can’t.

Hahha. Yes, I menghargai them now. Since. Experiences in Form 6 =P

As for studies…

You know they say that: It’s the thought that counts.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way with studies.


One week of holidays…
It’s not how many hours I have…
It’s how much I put into those hours.

But my brain’s slow. I take ages to do a chapter.

Like. From stone age to pendekatan kontengensi.



Someone’s a [muffled] fraud on my msn.


(I’m not a cry wolf)

(but a sob wolf)



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