Last Words.

Last day of the year. Hm.

Well, I really appreciate Aunty Sze for lending me this book, The Bait of Satan. When I read the first few pages… I was thinking what this book has had got to do with me. Haha. But I just read it somehow. And these few weeks reading it, has been a blessing.

It’s simply a great way to end “my” year two thousand eight, clearing out the messes I never knew I had. And also, this book gives a lot of Biblical references.

I mean. I like the way the author sees different perspectives of especially, David and Saul and the difference between Absalom and David.

Yeah, and it made me realise that Jesus actually said some things which I read so many times and did not realise it?

Like when He responded to John the Baptist, when John was in prison and he sent some of his disciples to ask if Jesus was the Messiah, or did he have to wait for someone else.

Luke 7:22-23
“Then Jesus answering said unto them, Go your way, and tell John what things ye have seen and heard; how that the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, to the poor the gospel is preached. And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me.

Yeap. That. Well, actually sharing what I’ve got from this book would be really really superly long. And everything inside it is. Like. Speaking into my life. So. Even if I do share, it’s like. You might as well read it on your own? Haha.

It is seriously a good book to read. And it’s kind of easy going.

So, let me just share a few lines from the book which I really found interesting. I hope it would give you some insight.

Physical growth is a function of time.
Intellectual growth is a function of learning.
Spiritual growth is neither a function of time or learning, but it is a function of obedience.

We cannot lay down our lives for God unless we know Him well enough to trust Him. We must know and understand the nature and character of God. We must have the assurance that He would never do anything to harm us… If you have given yourself totally to Jesus and are committed to His care, you cannot be offended because you are not your own. Those who are hurt and disappointed are those who have come to Jesus for what He can do for them, not because of who He is.

When we seek to correct the wrong done to us, we set ourselves up as a judge.


Aside that, I’m gonna miss some people who played a part in my life. Sometimes just so shocking to hear that they are leaving. Um. Cos it’s so sudden? Yeah.

Firstly, Hairi! My playmate? Haha. Not of the same class, but he comes over for Geography classes. And he’s really cute! Especially when he’s mischievous! Hehe!

Too bad I don’t have a good photo of him. Didn’t expect him to leave so fast. He just called me up at the end of November, saying that he’s leaving to KL to study some course related to F&B. So. Here’s him, the one in orange.

jokerjokers again?jokerssss

Secondly, my seniors! Okay, to be more specific, Mr Lee Tian Woon, my so-called brother (WTH right? HAHA.) since I entered SMKTHO. Just because of his name. But it’s okay lah. Got free protection since he was Head Prefect.

Haha. Yeah, thanks for bearing with all those stuff that washes you white. But I can say that it was fun though, washing you. Haha.

You’ve been a great senior.. and brother? Heh. All the best for what’s ahead (I know you sort of hate this). But maybe if I say it, you won’t hate it. Haha.

I can’t believe that I’m actually trying to say nice things about you now, but it all turns out to be like. Washing you man. Hah. Yeah. I better stop.

Haha. Okies. Photo of him. I’m still waiting for my Lover to send it to me. To us. Hmm.

So yeah. That’s all. For the last post of this year.

By the way, please renew your subscription. For just a fee of RM 20 yearly.


Risking School

Well. School’s starting.

And I’m trying to tone down. Which I think I’m really failing terribly. Haha.

By the way, since we do not have Lock-Down this year, a few of us (Yosh, Jonathan, Zhi Howe, Caleb and I) headed over to the Nair’s residence to play RISK just this afternoon.

For the first round, a total of 2 hours and 45 minutes, the communists, led by Caleb, won. Heh.

It was nice playing RISK again. I mean. It always has been =) But unfortunately, I couldn’t join them for the second round. Haha.

Okay. Um. This holidays… I can’t say that I’ve utilize my time very well. But I am glad that I’ve managed to read a couple of books:

Meena, Heroine of Afghanistan by Melody Ermachild Chavis

Disappointment with God by Philip Yancey

Lady Windermere’s Fan by Oscar Wilde

The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

And, hopefully I’ll finish the Bait of Satan: Living Free from the Deadly Trap of Offense by John Bevere by the end of this year.

Oh yeah, in one of my posts, I remember mentioning that I was working on a pair of shoes. Well, it’s for sale now. Just click here to view them.

Yeah. I want to play more RISK.


What makes a good design?

When it comes to shirts, newsletters, magazines and who knows what else, all we want to see are good designs. Nice ones… Works which capture our eye, our attention. Works which are worth our very precious praises.

And when those works do not meet our expectations, we seem to be in an illusion. We pull back all encouragement. We say things without even knowing how much time, effort and sacrifices those works took the creator.

Wait a minute. What is a good design?

Does a good design mean:

1. Cut and paste?

A designer takes another designer’s work, and copies it onto his own work. Okay, maybe add in some words with fonts that suits that piece of work… Edits and crops here and there… Or even, doesn’t do anything at all, straight away copying it onto his work… And ta-da! His work is done!


I forgot to mention, 80% of his work actually isn’t his.

Well, the good thing is, when he displays his work, viewers all around gather applauding of his creativity. Yes, they like his work. But they fail to realise that it wasn’t his work per say.

2. Much effort?

After a designer is given a task, he thinks through what elements should be used in his work. He knows that it is fairly significant for each element to fit into the purpose of the given task.

As he thinks through, bits of ideas start to appear. Sometimes when his thoughts run dry, he views other designer’s work to stir up, at least, a tiny winy idea in him.

Bit by bit, ideas would run through his mind, for days and nights. And bit by bit, each idea comes to place.

As soon as he feels that the whole thought process is overwhelming enough for him, he starts to translate his ideas from his mind to soft copy.

He searches for suitable fonts, and picture fonts (typography?). He rotates them, enlarges them, crops them. He chooses suitable colours, and at the same time wonders why colours are overly colourful.

He takes a look at his soon-to-complete work. Ah! He sees a flaw. He fixes it.

It goes on and on. Sometimes, he spent so much time looking at the computer screen, he’ll have headaches. Sometimes, when the dateline is approaching, he would expect late nights/early mornings. That’s when he’ll start agreeing with the computer (as in, he falls asleep in front of the computer).

And yes, at last. It is completed. A sigh of relief.

But, a sigh of uncertainty and disappointment comes. Viewers just don’t seem to like it. Even though 80% of it is his work.

So, back to the question. What makes a good design?

Is it:

A. A cut and paste, 80% clone, greatly viewed.


B. An inspired idea, 80% original, poorly viewed.

Well, notice that I did not add in the third category; a design inspired and greatly viewed, because it would be redundant?

I don’t know. I am feeling so like. Lost?

Because. Well. I believe that an inspired original idea or work is always great. No matter how it is received by people. A benefit of doubt to them, maybe they had limited resources (including experience) to translate their thoughts and ideas.

I what I believe isn’t what other people believe. Maybe they do not even bother. Haha. But I don’t blame you (if you terasa lah). And let me say, don’t underestimate a “lousy” design. Look into it. There’s always a story behind every design.

Let me also say:

One. I’m getting sick of the same old type of designs you see on shirts every clothing outlet you go to. Circles. Curly patterns. Distorted fonts. Etc. Etc. Although some of them are really nice. Haha.

Two. People who create and design stuff are funny. They want honest reviews, yet, they want encouragement. Well. Give them both? Hahha.

Three. I’m sorry if I made you wear shirts you didn’t like, or maybe, still do not like. I have to say that some of them (especially those I did in Convent) are really worth a sigh.

Four. I am not a designer? I don’t think I am yet fit to be called one. Haha. Well. I’m still learning. Sometimes I doubt myself. Until I am not exactly sure of how I will turn out in future. Or if I’ll survive. Haha. But on the other hand, I’m really glad and honoured to say that God is an Inspirer. My Inspirer. Weeee!

Five. To all fellow battle men out there! Whether you are doing shirt designs, logos, newsletters, videos, PowerPoint, etc. Have fun falling asleep in front of the computer! Secreting out your creative juices! Rushing because of last minute changes! Redoing because your computer committed suicide (hanged)!

Yeah. And YOU. You made it to the end, fellow reader. Or. Did you just skip till the last few sentences?


Don’t worry. Confessions can be made through commenting.

Words can mean so much.
Words can be so mean.

Ah Hah.

It has been two weeks since I blogged.

You missed me right?
You don’t have to tell me, ’cause WordPress has this special sensor where Yaroq can sense it one kay…


Well, during the first week of absence, I was busy painting shoes… Um… There’s no buyer, mainly because it’s not done yet. Hahha. Going to, soon. And will post them up for sale.

Then for the second week, together with Pek Ying, we were busy with ESPlosion Camp the Seventh’s registration. I can say that it was a really good experience working with 80% of the Nairs, Pek Ying and of course, Microsoft Excel and PDF. Hahha.

But really, thanks a lot lot lot (not forgetting Abraham) Ryan and Chris, for helping me and Pek Ying out! =D

Oh yeah, and it’s fun knowing people’s names… Then go to camp trying to agak their names… Waiting for the arrival of Shaggy… Hmmmmmm……

Something about camp now… I guess this must be the dunno how many hundredth post you’ve read about ESPlosion Camp the Seventh. So should I wish you “Congratulations!” or “Condolences!” ?

Anyhow, you’ll just get 100 BONUS points! PLUS, a FREE read to my experience during camp!

Hmmm. Let’s begin with my fall the day before camp. I’m not sure who I fell for, but surprisingly, instead of my heart hurting, my ankle did. I limped my way through the first day of camp. But it was good on the second day. And I really thank Him! =)

Maybe I had more faith when people started calling me OKU. Hahha!

Um. Well, God mainly spoke to me about facing my fears. I guess it is one of the common problems hindering Christians from doing what they should. It made me wonder, how God can actually tahan people like me.

I mean. Even before this, God already told me and showed me how He is going to use me. But I just swept it under the carpet, although I knew that God uses magic carpets, ones that cannot hide all my fears.

And. It was surprising that when God told me to face my fears, it wasn’t like Him shouting at me, telling me off. Instead, it was in a soft, gentle way, comforting me.

I guess I saw a different view of how God is Love. Because, if I myself get irritated and angry at people when they get it but don’t do it, then how can God tahan when I get it but don’t do it?! And some more He revealed to me what He is going to do!


I really salute God loh.


Also, during camp, I got to know some people better and meet new people. Both, it’s encouraging to see how God works in their lives, especially Jonathan Si’s life (the one who played mafia), how he found God on his own effort.


And when I got home, I was waiting for the arrival of my new RM 26 4GB Kingston DT Mini Slim, my parents were bringing back from KL.

Well, the story behind it: Dad memang wanted to get one for me, so I did some research… I know it’s kinda funny to do some research for just one thumbdrive, but it was going to be mine, so use the opportunity to get one wisely, right?

Anyway, I found out that DT Mini Slim was somewhat new. And I wondered why no one has it here in Kluang. The next day, I went to Uncle Ven’s house, and he showed his new DT Mini Slim to us… I was like. Wow. It’s nicer than in those photos. Hahha. So yeah.

Image Hosted by


It’s mine! =D