Ah Hah.

It has been two weeks since I blogged.

You missed me right?
You don’t have to tell me, ’cause WordPress has this special sensor where Yaroq can sense it one kay…


Well, during the first week of absence, I was busy painting shoes… Um… There’s no buyer, mainly because it’s not done yet. Hahha. Going to, soon. And will post them up for sale.

Then for the second week, together with Pek Ying, we were busy with ESPlosion Camp the Seventh’s registration. I can say that it was a really good experience working with 80% of the Nairs, Pek Ying and of course, Microsoft Excel and PDF. Hahha.

But really, thanks a lot lot lot (not forgetting Abraham) Ryan and Chris, for helping me and Pek Ying out! =D

Oh yeah, and it’s fun knowing people’s names… Then go to camp trying to agak their names… Waiting for the arrival of Shaggy… Hmmmmmm……

Something about camp now… I guess this must be the dunno how many hundredth post you’ve read about ESPlosion Camp the Seventh. So should I wish you “Congratulations!” or “Condolences!” ?

Anyhow, you’ll just get 100 BONUS points! PLUS, a FREE read to my experience during camp!

Hmmm. Let’s begin with my fall the day before camp. I’m not sure who I fell for, but surprisingly, instead of my heart hurting, my ankle did. I limped my way through the first day of camp. But it was good on the second day. And I really thank Him! =)

Maybe I had more faith when people started calling me OKU. Hahha!

Um. Well, God mainly spoke to me about facing my fears. I guess it is one of the common problems hindering Christians from doing what they should. It made me wonder, how God can actually tahan people like me.

I mean. Even before this, God already told me and showed me how He is going to use me. But I just swept it under the carpet, although I knew that God uses magic carpets, ones that cannot hide all my fears.

And. It was surprising that when God told me to face my fears, it wasn’t like Him shouting at me, telling me off. Instead, it was in a soft, gentle way, comforting me.

I guess I saw a different view of how God is Love. Because, if I myself get irritated and angry at people when they get it but don’t do it, then how can God tahan when I get it but don’t do it?! And some more He revealed to me what He is going to do!


I really salute God loh.


Also, during camp, I got to know some people better and meet new people. Both, it’s encouraging to see how God works in their lives, especially Jonathan Si’s life (the one who played mafia), how he found God on his own effort.


And when I got home, I was waiting for the arrival of my new RM 26 4GB Kingston DT Mini Slim, my parents were bringing back from KL.

Well, the story behind it: Dad memang wanted to get one for me, so I did some research… I know it’s kinda funny to do some research for just one thumbdrive, but it was going to be mine, so use the opportunity to get one wisely, right?

Anyway, I found out that DT Mini Slim was somewhat new. And I wondered why no one has it here in Kluang. The next day, I went to Uncle Ven’s house, and he showed his new DT Mini Slim to us… I was like. Wow. It’s nicer than in those photos. Hahha. So yeah.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


It’s mine! =D


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. christina_san
    Dec 16, 2008 @ 16:15:06

    I think you miss me more than I miss you.. But I too miss you larh Tien =P *shyshy blushing* XD

  2. Joel
    Dec 16, 2008 @ 20:30:35

    You should blog more, I like to read stuff here because you write very well.

    Very special thumbdrive leh… never see before de? Show me, show me! =D
    Please… thanks!

  3. yenn-ish
    Dec 17, 2008 @ 19:38:45

    cannot help but laugh at the way you write some stuff. haha. anyway, hmm cool thumbdrive. didn’t know it was that cool when you mentioned it leh!!!! hahaha means your decriptions of it were very bad hahaha.

  4. muffled
    Dec 19, 2008 @ 17:21:32

    Christina: Wahhaha.. you miss me.. hmm.. that’s… um.. expected? hahh. yeap yeap, i missing you too =D

    Joel: Thanks. Haha.

    Yenn: My descriptions of it was bad. Sobs. Haha. Well, too much of a nice thing gets one lost for words =P

  5. christina_san
    Dec 22, 2008 @ 22:04:20

    btw! your pendrive T_T its cheaper and nicer than the one I got and guess what?!? its also kingston! T_T when I got then i think its 36 -.- grrr.. so not fair T_T

  6. muffled
    Dec 23, 2008 @ 01:31:34

    Maybe that’s why you’re encouraged to go to PC Fair.

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