Last Words.

Last day of the year. Hm.

Well, I really appreciate Aunty Sze for lending me this book, The Bait of Satan. When I read the first few pages… I was thinking what this book has had got to do with me. Haha. But I just read it somehow. And these few weeks reading it, has been a blessing.

It’s simply a great way to end “my” year two thousand eight, clearing out the messes I never knew I had. And also, this book gives a lot of Biblical references.

I mean. I like the way the author sees different perspectives of especially, David and Saul and the difference between Absalom and David.

Yeah, and it made me realise that Jesus actually said some things which I read so many times and did not realise it?

Like when He responded to John the Baptist, when John was in prison and he sent some of his disciples to ask if Jesus was the Messiah, or did he have to wait for someone else.

Luke 7:22-23
“Then Jesus answering said unto them, Go your way, and tell John what things ye have seen and heard; how that the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, to the poor the gospel is preached. And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me.

Yeap. That. Well, actually sharing what I’ve got from this book would be really really superly long. And everything inside it is. Like. Speaking into my life. So. Even if I do share, it’s like. You might as well read it on your own? Haha.

It is seriously a good book to read. And it’s kind of easy going.

So, let me just share a few lines from the book which I really found interesting. I hope it would give you some insight.

Physical growth is a function of time.
Intellectual growth is a function of learning.
Spiritual growth is neither a function of time or learning, but it is a function of obedience.

We cannot lay down our lives for God unless we know Him well enough to trust Him. We must know and understand the nature and character of God. We must have the assurance that He would never do anything to harm us… If you have given yourself totally to Jesus and are committed to His care, you cannot be offended because you are not your own. Those who are hurt and disappointed are those who have come to Jesus for what He can do for them, not because of who He is.

When we seek to correct the wrong done to us, we set ourselves up as a judge.


Aside that, I’m gonna miss some people who played a part in my life. Sometimes just so shocking to hear that they are leaving. Um. Cos it’s so sudden? Yeah.

Firstly, Hairi! My playmate? Haha. Not of the same class, but he comes over for Geography classes. And he’s really cute! Especially when he’s mischievous! Hehe!

Too bad I don’t have a good photo of him. Didn’t expect him to leave so fast. He just called me up at the end of November, saying that he’s leaving to KL to study some course related to F&B. So. Here’s him, the one in orange.

jokerjokers again?jokerssss

Secondly, my seniors! Okay, to be more specific, Mr Lee Tian Woon, my so-called brother (WTH right? HAHA.) since I entered SMKTHO. Just because of his name. But it’s okay lah. Got free protection since he was Head Prefect.

Haha. Yeah, thanks for bearing with all those stuff that washes you white. But I can say that it was fun though, washing you. Haha.

You’ve been a great senior.. and brother? Heh. All the best for what’s ahead (I know you sort of hate this). But maybe if I say it, you won’t hate it. Haha.

I can’t believe that I’m actually trying to say nice things about you now, but it all turns out to be like. Washing you man. Hah. Yeah. I better stop.

Haha. Okies. Photo of him. I’m still waiting for my Lover to send it to me. To us. Hmm.

So yeah. That’s all. For the last post of this year.

By the way, please renew your subscription. For just a fee of RM 20 yearly.


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