Get up and walkiee

Jesus told him, “Stand up, pick up your mat, and walk!”

Somehow this phrase He said reminds me of simply: moving on.

When He healed the paralytic, the guy was no longer paralyzed but able to walk.

These few weeks I’ve been trying to leave the past as history, not dwelling on how much I have or have not done, how much I should or could have done, stay focus and look forward as a new set of challenges awaits.

I can’t keep looking behind, because I’ll miss out on what’s ahead of me. Or say, while walking or running, I can’t keep looking behind, because I might hit/bang into a pole, branch, bar, traffic light, car, balloon.

But not to say that I totally forget the past. As the paralytic was told to pick up his mat and walk, it’s just to say that I need to deal/settle with the past. Get over it and start walking.

The journey ahead is easier and would take less time to travel, because there are less obstacles and walking is faster than… not walking? I mean. He was paralyzed… Also, it calls for berdikari-ness.

Yeah. Just a little of what my mind has been storing.

Last Saturday, I met my ex-THO-playmate? Hairi, I meant. It was refreshing for me. After a pretty long while of not meeting “pleasant Malays”. And a frustrating meeting with someone with authority in school. I know I can only take that much. But I’m trying to prolong my “that much” with God’s help and wisdom. Haha.

I’m curious, what’s up with guys and smoking? I’ve heard of some guys around my age, puffing away when they leave Kluang… Okay, maybe one of the guys is still in Kluang. Haha. But it’s like. They smoke just for the sake of smoking?? Aiyo.

And one of them say that he won’t get addicted because he’s just a “social smoker”. One pack can keep for three to four days… And that’s like very minimal?

Think of it, it’s not like your friends are going to supply you with another pair of lungs.

And, if they smoke for “acceptance” or “attention”.. Then what do girls do?



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