BOOM! *glass shatters*

When close, there were times we squealed with joy. But I just don’t know why, I exploded today.

boom. shatter.

I even shouted at her in front of them.

Was and am so mad at her.
I’ve had enough.

Her words seemingly amusing, has been hurled with insults.
Hey, I have pride too, you know.
Why must you embarrass me?
Aren’t you supposed to protect your friend, after knowing me well enough?

I can’t seem to get you.
Why do you do keep proving me wrong, as if you know them all?
C’mon. I have my own views, and they’re not as wrong as yours.
Respect what I have to say and don’t keep jumping into conclusions?

Irritated. Irritated.
And yet, I have to see you everyday.

Why can’t you just get out of my sight?


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