Tea Party.

tea party Walking down the stairs on a Friday afternoon, with our stomachs growling

After a trip to the canteen, which sold nothing since it was Open Day…

We saw a table, and on it were tupperwares of “hamburger kuih”, kuih koci, nasi lemak and a kettle of tea.

We were waiting for our friend who asked us for help to carry tables…

I asked, “Eh, can eat a not ah?”

Bao Ching replied, “Eat la.”


Catherine said, “Just take la, the white board’s here to cover you.”

Bao Ching and I took the hamburger kuih, it tasted good!

Tian Ru joined in, Yan Ying too.

“Wahh, it’s really nice to eat leh! Got egg inside one!”

Laughing and eating.

After years of being good disciplined Convent girls, we felt like naughty girls, so we laughed, probably to take away the guilt.

“I feel like taking the nasi lemak and eat la!” Yan Ying said.

“Take la!”

“Eiyeer, never mind la, I’ll just eat another hamburger kuih.

“Eh, ta bao for me! I go carry table! Nah, tissue, tissue!” Catherine shouted.

“You all want to drink tea a not? Got cups leh!”


“You think tea party ah?”

More laughter.

“Go up la, ten mintues till school ends. Take one for Shin Yee, in case she wants!”

Missing 5 hamburger kuihs. And 2 kuih kocis.

Mischief for the day.

I bet they were left over from somewhere.

Oh, but who cares, they rip RM 40 from us for crappy sumbangan PIBG.

Man, I love SMKTHO!

*Conversations were translated from Chinese (literally).


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  1. yen
    Jul 30, 2009 @ 21:57:33


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