Who wants a rotten apple?

the rotten apple

When someone comes across a rotten apple, a normal human being’s response would be something like these:


“Oh my goodness…”


“Throw it away!”

I mean, no one would say…

“Gimme gimme! I want!”


…and start drooling, right?

Well, maybe some would say…

“Eee… so cool!”

But the point is that our normal reaction would be something negative.. whether we say it out loud or just stare in disgust, at any rotten food. And in this case, a rotten apple.

What good does a rotten apple bring?

What do you mean by ‘What good does a rotten apple bring?’
Obviously, it is ROTTEN!

Like helloooo, open your eyes… wipe your lenses (unless you’re wearing contacts – not the ones in your phone directory though)… can’t you seeeee, there is no good at all in this yucky icky ishy cacat-ed epal!

You can’t eat it, lick it, bake it, taste it or even contribute to the making of an apple pie!

Berambus kau, Epal!

Flee from me, and let me rest in peace.
(Dying for the sake of a rotten apple? Hmmm.)

Well, let me ask again, what good does a rotten apple bring?

Rotten apples bring life!

And joy to the pengurai!

Like in a food cycle, apabila pengguna tertier mati, ia diurai oleh pengurai dan menambahkan nutrien dalam tanih. Tanah menjadi lebih subur, menggalakkan pertumbuhan tumbuh-tumbuhan iaitu pengeluar dan kitaran makanan yang baru akan bermula.

Without a rotten food or creatures, you’ll probably be starving now because there wouldn’t be any food cycle.

And rotten apples, contribute to the food cycle in one way or another.

To relate with live here on earth, many a time we (even myself) chuck all the people we think are bad, evil, or even people whom we hate/have wronged us, as rotten apples.

How many times have we spoken negative of them or stared at them in disgust, just like how we reacted with a rotten apple?

Do we still believe in those around us?

That fella who murdered…
That fella who keeps stealing your erasers…
That fella who swears like after every 5 seconds…
That fella who keeps kicking your chair…
That fella who made you embarrassed…
That fella who cheated you of your money…

If we believe in a God of the impossible, do we still see the good in them?

But still, why should we?

Think of it… If within your school, the stuff done in there is considered bad, what would happen in future?

Say, when Bad Guy 1 does really bad stuff in school, when he leaves school, he does worst stuff… Say if he has a child born out of the wedlock, broken family, there’s a higher risk of his child being Bad Guy 1 Junior. The cycle of Bad Guy 1.

Or say, there’s Bad Guy 2, 3 & 4, who does really bad stuff in school. Compare to the days of your parents, there’s like only negative (-) Bad Guy 2. I mean, as the years go by, the more Bad Guys start appearing.

Anyhow, it’s “obviously sure” that the future is gonna be bad (based on observation). When you start to have kids, crime rates are increasing, and the age group of crimes committed are getting younger.. you don’t even know if it’s safe for your kids to go to school or play in the playground (in case they might be kidnapped)…

I don’t know about you, but I’m still learning how to see yummy juicy rotten apples… Not only because I choose to believe in the God of The Impossible, but also because if I don’t start seeing yummy juicy rotten apples now, in future, what do I have to live for? There is no more hope.

Believe, pray, hope.

So near, yet so far.

My Thunderbird on the back streets of Jeddah

My Thunderbird on the back streets of Jeddah

This is a photo posted on my uncle’s Facebook.
This Australian uncle of mine, is in the advertising industry.
Used to work in KL, under a company which did advertisments for Sony.
After some time, he quit and worked in Saudi Arabia.
If not mistaken, he started an advertising firm there with a few others.

Few years back, I found some of his paper work for the advertisements he did (so super cool!), in my Granny’s house back in Kulai.
And that made me consider going into this industry.

Well, he’s now into photography (http://www.ultravision.com.au/), and he did an exhibition on his works in Australia.

So cool right!
The car he owns shows much. And I actually find his car nice? Hahha.
But sad thing is, I don’t know him (aside the fact that he is my uncle..)
He comes back to Malaysia even now and then, but doesn’t visit us.
The last time I saw him was when I was a kid, 3-4 years old?

So near, yet so far.
It would be nice, fun, cool, interesting if I really know him…

Aku tak sukeeeee!

Not feeling very well, after two weeks.

First week had tests, where I had to burn midnight oil. Sleeping for 3 hours in the afternoon and 3 hours at night.

Not so good, I know. But I promised myself this will be the last round of last minutes.

Second week, preparation for our Pre-U Annual Dinner a.k.a. Prom Night. It’s not easy working with a headless head. Or a tailess tail.

Stayed back in school for everyday for class presentation practice. Till like 3 or 4 pm. And 5 pm once.

Slept at 9 or 10 pm every night.

Now, I’ve got a pile of homework, but I still can say that it’s not as much as those in Maths class or in Science stream. Haha.

Only thing that makes it uneasy is me not feeling well. Slight fever, headache and sore throat.

Thank goodness for apple cider! 😀

Thoughts for the week…

I am/will be a girl/women/lassie/lady.
So I really really really hope that one day, I’ll…

1. …like putting lip gloss
Which it’s sticky and keeps making me want to lick my lips.

2. …am able to bear the pain while wearing those shoes/heels
Halfway through the dinner I took my shoes out and started walking bear footed.

3. …enjoy putting make-up
Which I think it’s a waste of time putting make-up and money paying for cosmetics that will go off once you sweat.

That’s all the hopes for now.

When it comes to dressing…
Guys are simple.
Girls are “complicated” and sometimes torture themselves, whether by cracking their heads on what to wear or time management while dressing up…


Something I am learning how to appreciate.

Sometimes I wonder why guys can’t put make-up too. Then fair right?