So near, yet so far.

My Thunderbird on the back streets of Jeddah

My Thunderbird on the back streets of Jeddah

This is a photo posted on my uncle’s Facebook.
This Australian uncle of mine, is in the advertising industry.
Used to work in KL, under a company which did advertisments for Sony.
After some time, he quit and worked in Saudi Arabia.
If not mistaken, he started an advertising firm there with a few others.

Few years back, I found some of his paper work for the advertisements he did (so super cool!), in my Granny’s house back in Kulai.
And that made me consider going into this industry.

Well, he’s now into photography (, and he did an exhibition on his works in Australia.

So cool right!
The car he owns shows much. And I actually find his car nice? Hahha.
But sad thing is, I don’t know him (aside the fact that he is my uncle..)
He comes back to Malaysia even now and then, but doesn’t visit us.
The last time I saw him was when I was a kid, 3-4 years old?

So near, yet so far.
It would be nice, fun, cool, interesting if I really know him…