So much, for CHANGE.

Yeah, the who-ha(s) about the voting for the change of time of church service is “da” hottest topic of today.

Not to look down on anyone, or criticize, or be sarcastic on anyone, or making this a big big fat issue, but just some thoughts that we (including myself), could think about, how we can go from here, and lessons we ought to learn through this for the future.

Just a little flashback of events before this:

The church leaders gathered for a leader’s retreat. During that retreat, it was suggested by a young working adult that our church service time should be changed for a later time, 10.30 am. Then, it was announced to the congregation about this suggestion. Today, a vote was taken.

The main reason for this suggestion was because the young working adults found it hard to invite their non-Christian friends/colleagues to church.

“Working six days a week, having only Sundays as their rest day, being able to sleep in a little more, and yet, having to go to your church service which I don’t even know for what?”

Okay, maybe their friends didn’t say it that straight forward, but a simple “Huh, so early ah?” gives a hint.

Well, you might be thinking, why must we give way just for the young working adults? And then me leh? How? What about LYPG, CG, games? So rushing…

Relax, relax, rolex, rolex…

Put aside your worries a little while, take a deep breath and read on.

Why must we give way just for the young working adults?
1. To be relevant to the community.
If changing the time can touch lives and impact communities and lead people to the Light, then why not?

2. Cos it’s not just for the young working adults!
Hahaha. It’s also to cater to young families with kids (who sometimes are just so hard to wake them up), for those in the band, and for us, youth, to invite our friends to church. We don’t want “too early” or “I want to sleep” to be the reason for them not living in the Light.

3. Sustainability.
We, youth, come and go. But the ones that will stay put are the adults and young adults. The change of time is not just your our period of stay here, but it’s for a long run. Well, we wouldn’t want our church to be an aging society in God’s Kingdom, do we?

Back to the worries of our tight Sunday schedule..

There’s a reason why Jesus told His disciples, “O ye of little faith.”

If by faith we can move mountains,
by faith, we can make adjustments.

And yes, we have the right to vote,

we have the right to decide,
we have the right to make our stands,
we have the right to blame the leadership for poor planning,
we have the right to be disappointed by how some people reacted.

We can have all the rights we could ever think of in this world.
But how right, are our rights?

Jesus, had every right to condemn those who spat on Him, whipped Him, mocked Him, and nailed Him to the cross.

But yet, He chose not to have that right.

He chose not to have that right.
And He was right, not to have that right.

(I know you had to read that twice, right? :P)

To conclude,
what happened today was just a reminder for me (and maybe you) that I may have the right. But I need to ask the Right One if my rights are really right.

And, if I want to change the world, or change Kluang, I need to change the way I think, react, and… change church service time? Hahahaha.

That’s all folks!

Do feel free to correct my thoughts and words and add your thoughts! 🙂


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Peiling
    Oct 12, 2009 @ 14:52:31

    Hmm *in deep thoughts*

    Haha, i have heard all this first-hand in church, beside u 😛

    Yeah, sumtimes it does take so much for a change, out of wat we are so used to and comfortable with.
    I almost make the choice for myself too at that moment, but thanks to “someone” that reminded me of what that first came to my mind when the leaders were announcing about this months ago, to cater for those whom let time and sleep to take just one more step nearer to God, which makes me chg my mind last min.

    So thanks to that “someone” lo 😛

    No changes now, doesnt mean God is not in for a change in His plan right? Take heart lo. For those who are disappointed with the results *pats*

  2. Joel Yap
    Oct 12, 2009 @ 20:40:30

    I’m convicted and convinced.

    Thank you.

  3. Xueqi
    Oct 19, 2009 @ 23:43:06

    WAH.. reallllllly a good post lu!!!!=P
    agreeeeee liehh.. =)

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