I can’t wait, but I’ll have to.

It's been a year since I last met Hairi. Can't wait to catch up with him, my former playmate in school! Cutely mischievous cheeky guy. Heehee!

Ain, my ex-colleague from Barney's.. Meeting up with her on Sunday! Before she leaves.. Can't waitttt!

Sighs, I miss them so so so muchie!

Was surprised they wished me all the best for exams, after not having contact with them for soooo long!

Hmm, now, let’s go study. Haha.

Btw, goodie news! Muallaf is finally showing in Malaysia on 24th December! At last! Long awaited.. Anyone want to join? Hee!

I hope they didn’t cut out/sensor anything.. That it would be just like how Kak Yasmin wanted it to be screened.

Till then, with all the i-miss-you feelings and whatnots.



Exams makes me feel dead and morbid.
Exams makes me feel that I’m just not making the world a better place to live in.

If exams were to be a person, I would slap him.


That would be cool.

Next, you know how each alphabet stand for a word?

A for Apple
B for Ball
C for Cat.

Who knows, I might teach my kids..
A for Abu
B for Bakar
C for Cacat.


I’m sure they’ll have a fun time growing up and learning things with me.

The end.

Of my blog.

2876 posts… hmmm.

Haha. Gotcha. (hopefully)

And it’s just some figure I typed there.

Well, today marks the end of school (aside from having to go back for exams).

We arranged the chairs and tables in school yesterday, and had Majlis Restu Ilmu today.
Yeah, my school’s slow in this. But in stuff like running and all, we’re like.. really fast. (That’s how a sports school works. Hahaha.)

I realised that after one and a half years of being in the same school, those typical and prefect-ish Convent girls, still can’t stand how disorderly and slow both most teachers and guy (GUY) students are.

I also realised that the most influential teachers in Form 6 are…

Pn Liew, Mr Mathew, Miss Chang, with Miss Nice Student

Yeap them! Three of them, are popular among students..

There must be a reason why they are popular among students right?

That’s because they teach well, meaning to say, that they put their students needs above themselves.

They are lovely teachers to hang out with any time, and cool people to joke around, plus, Mr Mathew who never fails to joke and laugh with us.

I’m proud to say that they are all Christians, and I believe that God is pleased with them in how they impact and play a part in every student who comes, and goes.

I really really really thank God for such teachers, especially Miss Chang, who has been supporting me, when it comes to bring others a step closer to the Light. Truly, a teacher who has such a passion for them to come to know Him.

Oh, she even prayed for the BB members and me for our coming exams! And I was given a chance to pray for them first, before she did. Hahha. It was worth calling it an unforgettable experience.

I can’t really put into words how much they mean to me, but I guess you’ve caught a glimpse of how proud I am of them, and at the same time, encouraged.

So yeah.

Rock on teachers!


Like black ink that smudges,
it spreads vastly, quietly.
And as sound travels.. it’s swifter.
It pollutes.
I breathe them in, knowingly- unknowingly.
Prickles, chokes.
Finding myself on my knees.

Arrows of evil flames
dashingly amusing.
Each time I release an arrow,
it lands not on the aimed.
Pierces the One, and many.

Dear God,
when I find myself condemning and cursing someone, or even, calling someone stupid,
am I not condemning and cursing Your creation, and calling Your creation stupid?
Am I not condemning and cursing You, the Creator, and calling You stupid?

Let me see,
the way You see the good in others.
Let me love,
the way You love the most hated.

The teacher who knows it all..

..or so it seems.

Maybe because she is single, a teacher, and managed to get master’s degree.

Yeah, the teacher who knows it all,
made us do notes and present them instead of her really teaching,
thinks that her answer scheme is supreme over all those books which have points we wrote,
made us copy corrections for tests (which is a perpetual waste of time when it can be photocopied),
was unable to finish the syllabus before our trial paper,
then scolds us for not being able to perform well.

The following two separate incidents which took place during Geography (Manusia) class.

Incident 1 (few weeks before)
Halfway while my teacher was elaborating on a point, she asked, “Mana tapak pelupusan sampah di Kluang?”

Someone answered, “Dekat Jalan Mersing ada satu…”

And thereafter, a few of them where “excitingly” responding.

I turned to my friend beside, Bao Ching, who was just hearing them talk.

I asked her in a mixture of both Mandarin and English, “Eh, what if hor, we simply make up a taman that doesn’t exist in Kluang, see whether she knows a not…”

She laughed. After having 13 months of lessons with my teacher, who wouldn’t?

“Faster… what taman?” I asked while trying to hold back my laughter.

“Um.. Taman Sentosa? Got a not?” Bao Ching asked.

I turned to another friend, Ann Ting, and asked, “Kluang got Taman Sentosa a not?”

“Taman Sentosa not in JB meh?” she answered, puzzled.

The next thing was…

“Cikgu, dekat Taman Sentosa ade satu!” I quickly told my teacher.

“Cikgu tau mane Taman Sentosa tak?” Bao Ching cheeky asked.

The teacher responded, “Hmm… Taman Sentosa… Yang dekat Lian Seng kan?”

And the two of them burst with laughter!

While I, did laugh, but also tried to hold back for laughing, simply because, I was having eye contact with her.

So I just said, “Ya.. dekat situ..”

Teacher thought for a second, and then said, “Kluang mane ade Taman Sentosa?”

I quickly looked at my book, and laughed quietly. And the other two of them continued laughing their heads off.

Conclusion: I couldn’t believe that she fell for it, thinking that she knows it all. I mean, kalau tak tau, cakap je la, tak tau.. Tak kan yang tu pun nak belagak.. Entah belagak pe pun..

Incident 2 (yesterday)
Note that all I said to the teacher was in a moderate tone, a bit serious, a bit jokingly.

She came into class, asked us to take out our Kelantan Trial Paper. Somehow, it came to the topic of a soon to come movie, 2012.

She said, “Mereka percaya 2012 ialah tahun di mana semua benda kat dunia akan musnah. Dekat Bible kata, 2012 ialah hari terakhir di dunia…”

Immediately, I said, “Cikgu, Bible tak kata tu la.. Mane ade Bible kata tu?”

She went on, “Ya, Bible kata…”

My Catholic friend, Tian Ru, asked, “Bible mane woh?”

“Bible mane? Bible ade satu sahaja..” teacher replied.

I can’t exactly remember what she was saying, but she went on and on that the Bible really said that..

I just said, “Cikgu, itu ajaran sesat la.. Bible memang tak kata macam tu.. Cikgu tak tau jangan cakap la..”

But she still WOULD’NT stop!

She said, “Ada orang yang mengkaji dan menyatakan bahawa Bible kata.. Mereka sudah buat kajian… (and a whole lot more of things)”

I was feeling so URGHHHH!

I said, “Cikgu, cikgu buktikan kepada saya la, mane dalam Bible ada.. Kalau cigku dapat buktikan, then saya percaya la.”

She continued on…

“Mereka pun percaya siapa yang baik akan hidup dan yang jahat akan mati. Bible kata, yang baik akan hidup di paradise…”

Obviously she ignored me.. cos like hello, I was talking so loud..

And like oh, she talks as if she’s a Christian who knows oh-so-much about the Bible!

After her last sentence, I was totally lost for words. Beyond my wildest imagination, she can just be so thick skin and keep on proving herself right, despite countless disagreements. I waited for her to even question if I’m a Christian, to be able to say that she’s wrong. But she didn’t.

I turned to my friends (they were looking at me all since I started defending) and in a shaky voice in Mandarin, said,

“Teacher don’t know then don’t simply say la. If its your religion, you also won’t like it what..”

They nodded and we started work.

Conclusion: With all due respect to her as a teacher, I do expect her to at least show some COMMON SENSE. People, whether teacher or not, should know that religion is a sensitive issue. You’re not of that religion, so at least be willing to learn more or correct your views about that religion. C’mon, just be open minded la!

I really really felt offended, I mean, it’s different from being offended when the offence is against me and when the offence is against my Creator, and the Bible, the very book where my faith is founded upon.

I was so tempted to make my way to the staff room after her period, confront her face to face, tell her nicely that what she said was wrong, and maybe, demand an apology from her to the whole class.

Yeah, I can go to that extreme. Hahha. But well, within me, I felt that I needed to seek a second opinion on this, ‘cos I am bad at drawing the line between a teacher and a student. So I went searching for Miss Chang! Hahha.

She told me that I was wrong in challenging the teacher (asking her for bukti) and that if I want to really correct her, do it the next day, saying that I went home and checked it out. She advised me not to attack the person, but state what the Bible truly says.

Came home, told my parents. Dad said to leave it, I’ve done my part in speaking out.

At first I felt reluctant to leave it. But thinking of it, I will, no matter how much I don’t want to.

Exams are coming, let’s work in peace, for peace.

Btw, I checked it out online about this 2012 thingy:
2012 Film
2012 Phenomenon
And I don’t know where she got the idea that it can from the Bible, cos her facts are really out!