Is there a wound?
Is there a cure?

Is there a cut?
Is there a healing touch?

I’m wondering.
Did my sorry mean anything?
You’re not telling me.
Everything to you seems fine.

But something is just not right.

It’s been emo week, hahha.
Or maybe, just been doing lots of thinkin’?
Here goes something else.

A heart beat.
You fell.

Did I fall?

It doesn’t hurt,
but I can see it bleed.

Red. Scarlet.

How we’re grown.

A p a r t .


Long weeks.

Exams drained my brains, and of course, sleep.

Straight after exams, headed to KL for Korkor’s wedding: lots of travelling, suffering in that killer shoes (high heels), and lots of eating.

After wedding, went for ESPlosion VIII.

Back from camp, carolling practice, YMI video, shirt, and 24th candles.

Towards the end, I feel down, knowing that the YMI stuff just isn’t as what I wanted them to be. Lousy.

I can say that it’s prob because of tiredness and lack of time. But then again, what’s up with the excuses? (I wonder what would happen if I’m working.)

And I’ve been having this habit of being late. Not estimating time well. Poor planning. Bad me.

Sighs. To better days ahead.

cerita kedai kopi!

Okays, while I’m away, lemme introduce to you this song, that is, if you’ve not heard it before.

It’s been playing on XFresh FM so frequently.. Or at least almost every other time I’m in the car. Hahhaha.

Other than that, I likeeeeeyyyy this song very muchiiieeeee!

A local scenario, turned into a song!

A simple song.. Yet, it’s also a song which can be interpreted in many different ways.

So here’s it! The niceeeey song! (Which kept playing in my mind during my last paper today. Hahaha.)

i’ve gotta feeling..

..that tonight’s gonna be a good night
that tonight’s gonna be a good night
that tonight’s gonna be a good good night

And so that irritating song which is kinda meaningless (in terms of the principles of life I live by) is stuck in my head.

Well. Exams are unofficially over.
Left with one more paper, Pengajian Am 1 (objective), next Wednesday.

Today is supposed to be the day where I rejoice that it’s all going to be over, burden lifted off my shoulder..

But you know what?
Instead of feeling all nice and happy and jumpy, I feel lousy.
I feel as if I’ve not given my best into my exams.
I’ve not done much of my best.

In the midst of this week’s craziness, I wonder what I’ve been doing over the past one year.
How come I’ve never seen this thing before in my book one?
Why now only I fully understand this concept?

What have I been doing?


SPM, I knew it all.
Well, at least 80%?

STPM, it’s like 20% I know?
Hahha. No la. Not that bad right?
Maybe 40% la.

Oh well.

I know I can’t do anything, I can’t change anything,
but you know,

words are just words that are sometimes repeated too often until it makes no sense.

I guess it would take some time for my thoughts and all to settle down,
I know they will, but when, I don’t.

And if my results suck..
You know why, I know why.
We all know why.
And we all say why.