What is a loss, without pain?

A loss comes with pain.

Even the smallest, and meaningless thing that is lost, causes pain.

A mechanical pencil,
a slip of paper,
an eraser,
a paper clip.

Deep deep down, we know that it may be small, but it isn’t that meaningless to us. In fact, we feel.. at a lost.

It was once ours, but now, it’s gone. Not found.
We wonder where it is, and when we can’t find it,
we wonder why such carelessness or forgetfulness exist in us.

The dissatisfaction.
And frustration.

The helplessness.

It hurts.

What more a loss of a “bigger” thing?
Or a person?

“We are a people of habits.”
We are attached to things around us, to people around us.

Losing something or someone, brings us to our senses.
Of who we are, what we have done, and how we’ve arrived there.

A million thoughts and questions run through our mind.
A million should have’s and could have’s.
A million if only’s.

But yet, deep deep down, we know, that a loss, is lost.

We shrug, and slip into escapism.

Because we know, it hurts to live after a loss.

Yes, we know that a loss of something is replaceable.
But we also know, that it wouldn’t be the same.

It’s worth, and value to us.

It becomes, j u s t a n o t h e r ‘ t h i n g ‘ .

J u s t . . like any other thing.

And yes, we know that a loss of a person, isn’t replaceable.
But we also know, that when we wake up each morning, it wouldn’t be the same.

His presence, and memories together.

It becomes, j u s t a n o t h e r d a y w i t h o u t h i m .

J u s t . . like any other painful day without him.

The lost, doesn’t struggle.
But we, do.

And at the end of the day,
we all, have a choice.
To choose, to live forward, or to live backward.
To let go, or to hold on.
To try and try, again and again, or to tell ourselves we can’t.
To take the bright hard way or the dark easy way.

Living forward hasn’t been all smiles,
but instead tears, and more tears.

To acknowledge, understand and fully accept,
this lost and this pain.

To keep focusing forward, and not dwell on this lost and this pain.

To keep moving, and not look back.

To believe Faithfulness, and not be dismayed.

To hold on to His promises, and not doubt.

May we all realise that:
A loss comes with pain,
but pain can be at lost.

They leave, and we live.