this week..

Everyone (including me) squeezing in to fill up the tutorial slots

Yeap, I joined the squeeze too!
For the thrill of it! Hahha.
But yeah, partly, also cos I was there earlier than the rest, and when they came, they just started squeezing!

part of me table

Went for medical check-up at Pusat Sejahtera (clinic in campus).
Heard from people to go early, like at 5pm, cos there’ll be lotz of people..
So I did, went after class at 4.45pm (ended earl), and there were people waiting there already!
Well, was early enough, completed it in 1.5 hours =D
Some of my friends took 3 hours or so, cos mesin panas (prob the x-ray) and they had to wait.
It was basically x-ray, weight, height, urine test, eyesight, blood pressure, brain..
The interesting part of all these was meeting people while waiting, talking about how “apex” USM is. lol.
And also the x-ray! Me first time!

where i've been living

Me room!
Have you been curious how my room looks like? hehe.
It’s pretty big, I must say.. compared to some others..
I’ve got space to walk, a pretty big writing table..
Actually when I first came I was kinda surprised at how okay-ly furnished it was.
Cos I remember entering my brother’s room when he first entered USM.. so narrow and small and dark!
Grateful, grateful!


Few of us tried some meatball spaghetti near my hostel, and it’s not bad!
Me likey the meatballs!

on a gloomy Tuesday

Tuesdays are a urgh.
Firstly, have to wake up soooo early for TITAS (Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia) class..
It’s a compulsory subject for everyone..
Dah la boring, so early in the morning some more!
Secondly, there’s 2 more i-dun-really-like classes after that..
Another 4 hours! ahhha..

waiting for 4.50pm haha

Today’s only lecture..
I had to try to keep myself awake.. and interested?
Look at their faces.. hahha..


The rain + wind + epals

ahhh! it's been raining! and the wind has been blowing kuat-kuat!

Rain, rain, go away..
Come again, when I don’t have class..
Come again, when I don’t have class and am not going out..

Come again, when I ask you to!

Yesterday it rained heavily at 2.30pm, when I was about to leave for class at 3pm.
So I decided to wait for a while in my room till it rained less..
Waited for 10 minutes, and then left.
Waited for the bus, everyone else was too!

Bus came at 2.45pm, left at 2.55pm.
The bus driver was wayyy too good at the wrong time (for me), cos he kept asking people to squeeze in the bus at each stop..
I kept looking at my watch.. Some more my lecture hall (DK Z) was kinda far.. But anyway, managed to reach at 3.06pm.

So scared started dy, but *phewww* haven’t!
Lecturer had some problems with her slides..

I think I need better time management!
Although rainy days are sometimes exceptional, but on the whole.. I’m just on time for classes..
Leaving 20 minutes earlier isn’t exactly a good idea.. lols.

my lovely apples.

This are my lovely apples, which cost 70 cents each for a red apple, and 60 cents for a green apple.
The week after orientation, I bought 5 red apples for RM 3.50..
This week, I realised that the green apples were cheaper!
By 10 cents!

I said to myself: Woww. Eat green apples can save $$$!
But on the other hand, I can’t eat green apples on an empty stomach..
Okay, let’s just buy 3 red apples and 2 green apples. Still can save some $$$ right?

Feeling that I’ve managed to achieve some great discovery, I brought them to the uncle, and he said, RM 3.30.

I went: Whattt. Not much difference also!
And laughed at myself. Hahhaa.
Then only I thought, even if I bought 5 green apples, I would only save 50 cents.
Oh, wow.

Haha. Call me a blur case , I have to admit I am! -_-“

sampai sini..

Some little things I’ve been amusing myself with:

For thing ah... for thing..

1. Program Penghayatan Lestari was a bore,
a whole day filled with “uni life is different.. you need to change your attitude..” kinda stuff.

But anyway, at one of the talks, the fella’s English was bad.
Even the slides of the Power Point had grammar mistakes!
Dunno where to hide my face..

Probably behind the big plastic sign which says, “USM University Apex”?


spot 3 cats?

2. Cats everywhere in my hostel!
Can’t stand them.
They aren’t afraid of anyone, no matter how much you try to scare them or ‘shoo’ them away!
And that’s a big big problem, cos they come digging the rubbish bins..
Not to forget, spilling the rubbish all over the floor..

My roomie said the cat came in our room when she entered the room!
@!%@$&*# CATS!

to my room

3. I don’t know how or why the corridors are so dark even during the day.
And it’s kinda confusing, cos there’s 4 wings..
Or maybe it’s just me and my blurness.. hahha

wash wash wash and build muscles!

4. I’ve been washing me clothes by hand..
And yes, I miss the comforts of home! Lol.
Once in two or three days have to wash.. cos I don’t wanna sakit tangan or something the next day (wash too much in one short) hahh..

seat reserved for OKU

5. Bus service is pretty good.. so far..
I mean, after all we pay RM60 for it per semester!

Anyway, some buses have reserved seats in front for Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU) / handicapped people, but the funny thing is that the steps up the bus is the same like any other bus. Farniee..

Aright, aside from that, 4 of us went to Queensbay Mall yesterday evening!

Miki, Powpow, Mei Cheng, Tienhui

My first time there, just a 10 minute bus ride from Sungai Dua, bus 304/308.
Mostly branded shops there, but we went to Jusco and when we were going out, we saw 70% sale!
Lol. So cheap wei. Haha.

Yeap! Life’s been interesting! =)

USM and all it’s worth.

I know I kinda like owe some posts about USM, the processes I went through to be here.

Well, why owe?

Cos I went to Google-kan stuff to find out about all these, and got links to people’s blogs.. Not many people blog about these stuff though.

So the next few posts will be about USM! Yippees! =)

Here @ USM, Penang.

And finally, I got it. Well, it was not that I realllllllyyyyyy wanted it lah, but well, let’s just say it’s worth the effort 😉

It has been a week of orientation, which I believe, USM is graceful enough compared to the rest of the local universities.

Yeah okay, the first three days was torture, walking 30 minutes from my hostel to the hall (because no bus and my hostel’s new), and back for each session. By the time reach there, sweating to the kau kau max. Gila. Walk back to hostel at night also sweat gila.

Early early morning, using tungsten function. And no, that's not my hostel, but what's outside my window. Haha. I'm lucky cos the jejantas to enter campus so nearby.. And there's a 24 hour mamak-ish shop nearby too!

Then we only had like 3-5 hours of sleep for that torture period, and super long and boring talks throughout the whole day. I slept through half the talks. Especially PTPTN, which I didn’t apply for.

The cool guy.

But, but, but, there was one exception! A talk on the vision and purpose of USM, spoke by Mohamed Fairus (if not mistaken), who had a British slang. He gave a very good introduction, basically about branding – and how USM is a brand of its own, just like Coke.

On the second day of orientation, which was a Sunday, we had to meet at 5.45 am for kuliah moral. Which means, we had to wake up at like 5.20 am?

Allah Akhbar!

And for all it’s worth, we ended up listening to the Malay prayers in the same hall for 30 minutes.. Thereafter, the guy from Pusat Pengajian Islam spoke some.. How we all need God thingy.

Desasiswa Restu, their cheer was goood!

One of the days we had a walkathon.. Basically each desasiswa (hall) will walk to the stadium for cheer competition. After a few nights of practice, no, my hall didn’t win. Hahha.

After the third day or so, better stuff, less packed schedule. More rest time and sleep. Real stuff comes in, like Hari Bersama Pusat Pengajian, Pendaftaran Kursus, etc. Even so, at night there were forums and dialogs, which only the one on Keroharian: Ilmu dan Kebijaksanaan one was interesting. But sadly, there was no Christian panel in the midst of a Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim panel. Oh well.

Come the fifth and sixth day, there’s no program! Haha. But that depends on when your Kem Pimpin Siswa (some 3 day 2 night outdoor-ish camp) is on. If you’re in Siri 1, then too bad, no rest. The others well… will be able to go Tesco! Hahha.

Overall, it’s a balance. Of torture, then relax. Haha.

And I miss my baby, DSLR. Have been using the Canon digital camera, and my shots are blur prob cos I shake? Gah.

Tahannn tahannn.. for two more months!

USM Interview

For my application I put 3 pilihan (Communications, Graphic Communications, Interior Design), and all 3 courses had an interview.

So I received an SMS (which is usually really really late) saying that I’m called for the interview, and was asked to go check it out online. And when I did, I got all 3 choices, because it wrote all 3 interview sessions (where and when).

Of course I didn’t go for all 3 interviews, haha. Gila ah, they were all on different days. Somemore all the way up to Penang from Kluang, Johor. Hahha.

Proof that I was there! Haha. It was after the interview 🙂

But anyway, I Google-kan some interview tips and questions that they can ask, and just mentally prepare myself. There’s lots and lots of online tips and advice available, seriously.

Well, did they help? I would say yes, to some extend. Actually, the few months of applying for scholarships also helped, because I had to write a few 200 word essays on why I choose my course of study, what’s my future career plan, etc. That helped me to sort things out, know exactly in detail what I want and how I am to go about achieving it. So really know the what, why and how on your course of study and aspirations. Don’t tergagap-gagap on that one!

During the interview, they also asked world and nation issues, and also questions about USM, so read up!

Personally, I learnt 2 things through this interview:

1. Don’t be overwhelmed by the question I don’t know the answer to.
Try to reverse it like tell them that you don’t know, but you know some other thing about that topic.
E.g. I didn’t know what was the USM motto, but I told them I visited their faculty website and I know that Communications has been around since yada yada yada..
If really cannot think of an answer, then don’t just say “I don’t know” (which I did)..
Instead say “I don’t know, but I’ll find out”, stuff like that.

2. Don’t say or ask stupid things.
Lolz. But you wouldn’t really know how stupid they are until after that. Haha.
But seriously, don’t ask questions like, “Can I speak in Malay? Cos it’s easier for me to speak..”, when the question is posted to you in English!*
Or give sweeping statements like, “Information in the internet is not true..”
Surely kena kau kau one!
And no, I didn’t ask or say such stuff, but there were people who did!

*If question is posted in English, answer in English, if Malay, the same goes.

Oh well, that’s my take on this interview.
It’s always a good great experience to go for interviews =)


What does it stand for?

Malaysian University Selection Inventory! Yayys!


No need to so kan-chong prepare for it, cos it’s just like doing some online personality test. No IQ questions, just statements that require you to choose between yes or no kinda thing, concerning your strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, integrity, etc.

There’s about 300 something questions (all in Malay), some really laughable loh. Like do you have a timetable? Of course I put yes lah, I have one, but whether I follow it, that’s another thing! Lols.

Well, I thought I sort of like failed this test, cos for one section (divided into 4 sections) I put a lot lot lot of tidak benar about myself. I don’t like gardening, taking care of pets, typing, etc.

And when I told Dad that, he went,

“Aiya, why you didn’t put benar? Sometimes it’s the concept behind it that they’re asking..”

“But I really don’t like doing them leh!” I replied.

Then I asked Catherine if she put benar to all those that I didn’t, and she said yes.

Speechless. Haha.

But I got the call for the interview anyway, gah, jangan risau.. just be yourself when doing the test. But pandai-pandai sendiri lah, some are obvious statements related to the course.