Here @ USM, Penang.

And finally, I got it. Well, it was not that I realllllllyyyyyy wanted it lah, but well, let’s just say it’s worth the effort 😉

It has been a week of orientation, which I believe, USM is graceful enough compared to the rest of the local universities.

Yeah okay, the first three days was torture, walking 30 minutes from my hostel to the hall (because no bus and my hostel’s new), and back for each session. By the time reach there, sweating to the kau kau max. Gila. Walk back to hostel at night also sweat gila.

Early early morning, using tungsten function. And no, that's not my hostel, but what's outside my window. Haha. I'm lucky cos the jejantas to enter campus so nearby.. And there's a 24 hour mamak-ish shop nearby too!

Then we only had like 3-5 hours of sleep for that torture period, and super long and boring talks throughout the whole day. I slept through half the talks. Especially PTPTN, which I didn’t apply for.

The cool guy.

But, but, but, there was one exception! A talk on the vision and purpose of USM, spoke by Mohamed Fairus (if not mistaken), who had a British slang. He gave a very good introduction, basically about branding – and how USM is a brand of its own, just like Coke.

On the second day of orientation, which was a Sunday, we had to meet at 5.45 am for kuliah moral. Which means, we had to wake up at like 5.20 am?

Allah Akhbar!

And for all it’s worth, we ended up listening to the Malay prayers in the same hall for 30 minutes.. Thereafter, the guy from Pusat Pengajian Islam spoke some.. How we all need God thingy.

Desasiswa Restu, their cheer was goood!

One of the days we had a walkathon.. Basically each desasiswa (hall) will walk to the stadium for cheer competition. After a few nights of practice, no, my hall didn’t win. Hahha.

After the third day or so, better stuff, less packed schedule. More rest time and sleep. Real stuff comes in, like Hari Bersama Pusat Pengajian, Pendaftaran Kursus, etc. Even so, at night there were forums and dialogs, which only the one on Keroharian: Ilmu dan Kebijaksanaan one was interesting. But sadly, there was no Christian panel in the midst of a Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim panel. Oh well.

Come the fifth and sixth day, there’s no program! Haha. But that depends on when your Kem Pimpin Siswa (some 3 day 2 night outdoor-ish camp) is on. If you’re in Siri 1, then too bad, no rest. The others well… will be able to go Tesco! Hahha.

Overall, it’s a balance. Of torture, then relax. Haha.

And I miss my baby, DSLR. Have been using the Canon digital camera, and my shots are blur prob cos I shake? Gah.

Tahannn tahannn.. for two more months!


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